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We are an organization of Shuffleboard Clubs, formed into seven Districts, which promote all aspects of the game of shuffleboard.  We assist in the formation and organization of new clubs, facilitate and direct statewide tournaments and encourage inter and intra club contests.  The association also maintains and encourages the use of the Association's State and District Official Shuffleboard Rules and Regulations.

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Glenn Monroe

I've found that being FSA President is like a double edge sword. At times you have to deal with problems or concerns as they arise. But there are times, when as President,  you see greater things that are happening in shuffleboard.
It is my great pleasure to acknowledge and congratulate Earl Ball with a momentous accomplishment in achieving his 1,000th point. Earl is not only a great shuffler, but one I consider a friend and a professor of shuffle knowledge. I consider Earl a great member of "Team Shuffleboard " as he does more than just win and earn 1,000 points, he promotes shuffleboard and cares deeply for the sport we all so love. 
I find it kind of fitting that with all the great men partners he had over the years, it took one remarkable lady to push him over the top. Ruth Brown, another great shuffler, promoter of Shuffleboard, and good friend, was Earl's partner at the Lakeland Mixed Doubles FSA State Tournament. 
We are a shuffleboard family and when a family member hurts we all feel it, but today it's a day of celebration for Earl and we too feel his joy in this accomplishment and wish him more successes in which we hope are many more years of Shuffleboard. 
I am so impressed that you set your sights and goals high, and made every effort to achieve that goal.
Dave Kudro FSA President

Next Meeting:  January 15, 2018 at Sebring