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CORRECTION: Be advised that the dates and formats the North Carolina National tournaments are correct on the Hendersonville page of the Preview (page 106). The formats on the National page (110) for that National tournament are incorrect.
NOTICE: The venue for the 2018 Masters has changed to the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club.
Congratulations to Ray Buck, Nancy Sclafani, Dave Kudro, Linda Marshman and Tara Goldman for earning their 200th Pro Point!
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There will be NO lunches served at Tropical Haven this season.
Recent Deaths
New TnMation Version 10
New Financial Report Forms are now available under 'FORMS'
A New Instant Pro Affirmation Form is now available under 'FORMS'
New Immediate Pros (IP) or St. Ams (IS):  (IM - Immediate * DF - Deferred to next Oct.1)
Ethelene Nash - IS-DF; Pauline Murphy - IP; Sharon Henderson - IS-DF; Dorothy Gearsbeck - IP-DF; Rip Vanginkel - IP-DF; Cheryl Putnam - IP-DF; Serge Plouffe - IS-DF; Francine Belanger; Connie Crawford - IP-DF; Cindy Slaughterbeck - IP-DF; Loretta Wadden - IP-DF; Dave Dean - IP-DF; Mark Goetzinger - IS-DF; Erik Hahman - IP; Roy Briegel - IP-DF; Gary Johnson - IP

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