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Bulletin Board updated  Saturday, November 16, 2019


Notice: The Sebring Recreation Club has arranged for camper parking for the Orange Blossom, P14A. Parking will be on the street opposite to club parking lot for December 30, 31 and, if necessary, January 2.
Note: FSA Financial Reports and Tournament fees are now to be sent to:

Joyce Smith
FSA Treasurer
5441 Manatee Bay Lane
Fort Myers, FL 33905
The Northern District has a new website: ndshuffleboard.org
The F.S.A. welcomes two new officers: 3rd Vice President Colleen Austin and Treasurer Joyce Smith. During the transition, Tournament Financial Reports will continue to be sent to Jeannie Andrews. Notification will be made here when that is to change.
Bradenton Shuffleboard Club adds lunch availability to their tournaments. Beginning with P05, Rocco's Pizza Spaghetti Grill will provide pizza slices for sale on site. In addition, all items on thier menu will be available on request from their menu. Click on their logo to see the menu.

Sebring Hotel Offer (10/8)

New Hall of Fame members pending installation:

Michael Seyfer
Larry Mardis
Marilyn Everett
Steve Biaggi
Dean Myklejord
Marietta Cobb

Click here for HOF Banquet and hotel information.
Ten-Day Notices for Rule Changes Due January 3, 2020
By-Law Changes Due October 2, 2019
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Submissions - 10

New submissions to The Shuffler should be sent to: shufflernews@gmail.com
Tie Breaking Rule
FSA Incident Report
F.S.A. President's comments.
Non-Walking Singles Appeals
Recent Member Deaths (11/16)
Commentary on Volunteers  (please post on your local Bulletin Board)
Grouping of Byes on Charts
Change of Club Affiliation: Any member desiring to change club affiliation after having played in a District or State tournament that season must notify the concerned club and the FSA Keeper of Records in writing.
     A. Preview Ad Submission Guidelines added under FORMS
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