Ten Day Notices


updated  Saturday, March 09, 2024

New Ten-day Notices for By-Law changes are due 10-days before the 2025 October meeting.

New Ten-Day Notices for rule changes are due 10-days before the 2027 Winter meeting.

There is no specifiec form for a Ten-Day Notice. Just include the following in an email:

Date Submitted
Your District
Your Name
Your email address
The Rule Number You want changed
What You want the rule Changed to
The Reason you want it changed

 and send to: shuffler.records.gam@gmail.com.

All submissions must address only one issue or rule unless the suggested change would require alteration of another rule to be valid.


 Approved changes will take effect on the following October 1.

Click on Notice Number to view or print the current Ten Day Notices.

Reference No. Subject Matter Board Vote
By-Law 1 Voting Rights Passed
Rules 1 State Am Points Passed
Rules 2 Forfiture Failed
Rules 3 Masters Money Distribution Passed
Rules 4 Masters Prize Money Passed
Rules 5 100 Point Consolation Failed
Rules 6 Non-Shooting Disc Touching a Line Passed
Rules 7 Banked Lifetime Points for Amateurs Failed
Rules 8 Presidential Expenses Rescinded
Rules 9 Scheduling of Tournaments Failed
Rules 10 1/2 Point for 4th in Consolation Passed
Rules 11 12 Players Required for Walking Singles Passed
Rules 12 NWS if Less Than 8 Teams Failed
Rules 13 Rotate President's Trophy Match Failed
Rules 14 Mingles Failed
Rules 15 State Am Points Failed
Rules 16 President's Trophy Match Failed

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