Ten Day Notices


Requests for Rule changes are to be submitted to the FSA Webmaster no later than ten days prior to the Winter Meeting.
The next deadline will be January 4, 2018.
Sample Notice

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ByLaw-1 By-Law Section 3, E(a)
Rules-1 Rule C-10 - 5 point penalty
Rules-2 Article 10 (e) - No wins, no points
Rules-3 Rule C-10 - Live disc moved in NWS
Rules-4 Rule C-15b - Disc rebounds touching live disc
Rules-5 Rule C. 20a - Rebounding disc touches live disc
Rules-6 Rule: C-20b - Rebounding disc
Rules-7 Art. 8(k):  Tournament of Champions
Rules-8 Art. 10 (e): National Points
Rules-9 Art. 10 (e): Red Lines & National Consolation Points
Rules-10 Standing Rule 11(A)1 - Hall of Fame Points
Rules-11 Standing Rule 11(C)3 - 3 or more candidates - Withdrawn by author
Rules-12 Article 7(a) - Grouping of Byes
Rules-13 Standing Rule 11(A) - Hall of Fame Players
Rules-14 Standing Rule 11(A) - New Award for 350 Points - Withdrawn by author
Rules-15 Rule C.3.e - NWS Frames
Rules-16 Article 10(e) - Points to be Awarded
Rules-17 Rule C.1 & C.2.c - Third Game - Withdrawn by author

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