Ten Day Notices


The Ten-Day notices are due by January 3, 2020.
The reference number and subject matter will be listed below.
Ten-Day Notices will be brought to a vote by the Board on March 14, 2020
Approved changes will take effect on October 1, 2020.

Click on Notice Number to view or print the current Ten Day Notices.

Reference No. Subject Matter Board Vote
By-Law 1 Vote to Accept Agenda Passed
By-Law 2 Election of Officials Failed
Rule 1 Start/End Time  
Rule 2 Play Beyond Last Call  
Rule 3 Mixed Tournaments  
Rule 4 Entry Fee  
Rule 5 Hall of Fame  
Rule 6 Women's Walking Singles  
Rule 7 Point - 4th in Consolation  
Rule 8 Walking Singles  
Rule 9 Centerfold Tournament Points  
Rule 10 Any Doubles  
Rule 11 100 Point Game - Odd Bye  
Rule 12 Forfeits  
Rule 13 Centerfold Tournament Points  
Rule 14 Byes in Small Charts  

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