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Open Scheduler Printable Schedule rev. 1/5/2024
(open to all players)
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Tour No Dates Host Club Type Lunch
P01A Oct 2-4
Lee County
Dbls M/L N
P01B Oct 2-4 Zephyrhills (Gus Bondi Memorial) Dbls M/L Y
P02A/B Oct 9-11
Hawthorne / Sebring
Dbls M/L N/Y
P03A/B Oct 16-18
Sebring / Leesburg
Dbls M/L Y/Y
P04A/B Oct 23-25
Lee County / Betmar
Dbls M/L N/Y
P05A Oct 30-Nov 1
Bradenton (Jim Miller Memorial)
Nat'l Sngls M/L - W/NW N
P05B Oct 30-Nov 1 St Cloud Dbls M/L Y
P06A/B Nov 6-8
Hawthorne / Clearwater
Dbls M/L N/N
P07A Nov 13-15
Dbls M/L N
P07B Nov 13-15 Tropical Haven Mixed Doubles Y
P08A/B Nov 20-22
Lakeland / Lee County
Dbls M/L N/N
P09A Nov 27-29
Dbls M/L N
P09B Nov 27-29 Briny Breezes M-Dbls / L-NWS Y
P10 Dec 4-6
Lakeland - (FSA President's Trophy)
Mixed Dbls N
P11A/B Dec 11-13
Bradenton / Betmar
Dbls M/L N/Y
P12A/B Dec 18-20
Ft. Pierce / Clearwater
Dbls M/L N/N
P13A/B Dec 26-28 Tues.
Bradenton / St Cloud
Dbls M/L N/Y
P14A/B Jan 2-4 Tues.
Sebring (Ruth Brown Memorial) / Clearwater
Dbls M/L Y/N
P15A/B Jan 8-10
St Cloud / Clearwater
Dbls M/L Y/N
P16 Jan 15-17
Tropical Haven - HOF/FSA Mtg
FSA Sngls M/L W/NW Y
P17A Jan 22-24
Trailer Estates - (National Doubles)
Dbls M/L N
P17B Jan 22-24 Zephyrhills Dbls M/L Y
P18A Jan 29-31
Dbls M/L Y
P18B Jan 29-31
Lee County
Mixed Dbls N
P19 Feb 5-7
FSA M/L Dbls Y
P20A/B Feb 12-14
Trailer Estates (Zachary Rayl Memorial) / Leesburg
Dbls M/L N/Y
P21A Feb 19-21 Bradenton (Jim Bailey Memorial) Dbls M/L N
P21B Feb 19-21
Tropical Haven
Dbls M/L Y
P22A/B Feb 26-28
Leesburg / St. Petersburg
Dbls M/L Y/N
P23A/B Mar 4-6
Wickham Park / Betmar
Mixed Dbls/Dbls M/L N/Y
P24A/B Mar 11-13
Clearwater / Avon Park
Dbls M/L N/Y
P25A/B Mar 18-20
Lakeland / Lee County
Dbls M/L N/N
P26 Mar 25-27
Century Village East - TOC (must qulaify)
Sngls  - M/L  W/NW Y
P27 Apr 1-4
Trailer Estates - Masters - (must qualify)
Singles - M/L Y