THE FLORIDA SHUFFLEBOARD HALL OF FAME was inaugurated in 1960, through the efforts of Jack McNulty, assisted by Mark Brashares, a top team of doubles champions for a number of years, to reward those players whose long record of playing and whose’ outstanding record of winnings made their names synonymous with shuffleboard. It was also to reward those who have served the game so well by their long and outstanding performances, by dedicating their time and services to the Improvement of the great game of Shuffleboard in Florida and a willingness to give back to it a little of the wealth of talent they possess and some of the wisdom they have gained through years of  association with the game and its problems.

    The names of some of these illustrious mem­bers were in the shuffleboard headlines 40 or more years ago when shuffleboard was an In­fant with growing pains and badly needed guiding hands to nurse it successfully In the growing years. Some whose names were so prominent at that time are now deceased— Florence Spink outstanding as a player, a fine lady and a great sport— Dwight Hubbard, Grover Flint, Archibald Fraser, Joseph Heiser, to name a few. Their records are too long to detail at length in this article, but I might mention one or two illustrations.

        Joseph Heiser, a charter member of the Orlando Club in 1929. President of the club 2 years; President of the Northern District for 2 separate terms; 6 years as Delegate to State, Delegate to National Association; 1st Vice President State Association; served State Board of Governors for 10 years; published “The Shuffler” for the Orlando Club and the Northern District till his death in Janu­ary, 1960. Of those living whose record of service goes back so many years, the name of Pierce Gahan comes to mind. He was Recreation Director for the city of St. Petersburg for many years; was acting chairman of the group gathered to consider formation of the State Shuffleboard Association in 1928, at St. Petersburg Club; 1st Tournament Director of State Association, a position he held till 1962. Chairman of State and National Rules Committees for many years; elected President of National Association in 1931, holding the office until he requested retirement In 1958. These are examples of service that have been repeated by other members of The Hall of Fame, whose records have been outstanding over the years.

     One of the great assets of the Association is the Florida Shuffleboard “Preview.” This is your magazine, a magazine that has meant so much to the shufflers and to the State Associa­tion since its first publication in 1952. This is the brainchild of I. McKay Pinkney, another Hall of Fame member We are greatly indebted to him for it. It was during his administration as State President that this publication was started, and’ it has continued to grow from that first publication of 24 pages to its present 112-page edition, through the efforts of so many State Officers.

     The Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame can be looked upon as a sort of Shuffleboard Mem­ory Lane where those interested may find the names of players and officers of the Florida Shuffleboard Association whose records will re­main as a challenge to others to excel in play and service in future years.

     ERNEST E. CARTER, Past President

     Florida Shuffleboard Association                                                                                                           (back to roster)   


 1960 to 1969  -  scroll down
1960 HOF Awards

these men and women for being the first members of the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.

They were chosen by a Hall of Fame Committee at Sebring, Florida, October 31, 1959, and presented to the Association at a Banquet during our State Meeting in Little River, February 3, 1960.

 Grover Flint *
 Olive McArthur *
 Florence Spink *
 Pierce Gahan *
 Dwight Hubbard *                                                                                                                                           


 1961  HOF Awards
These are new members elected to the Hall of Fame by the committee at Kissimmee, Florida, October 29, 1960, and presented to the association at the banquet and State Meeting at Lake Wales on February 2, 1961.

    Their dedicated efforts in behalf of shuffleboard, or their fine sportsmanship and outstanding play are the qualities which have     made their names synonymous with the game of thuffleboard.

McKay Pinkney
Joseph M. Heiser
Jack McNulty
Henry Badum
Archibald R. Fraser                                                                                                                                                  (back to roster)   


1962 HOF Awards
These are new members elected to the Hall of Fame, by the committee at Sebring, Florida, October 27, 1961, and presented to the association at the ban­quet and State Meeting at St. Petersburg on Febru­ary 2, 1962.

Their dedicated efforts in behalf of shuffleboard, or their fine sportsmanship and outstanding play are the qualities which have made their names synony­mous with the game of shuffleboard.

T. S. Jamison
Tom Sarandis
Mary Scalise                                                                                                                                                          


1963 HOF Awards
We wish to present to our Association’s Shufflers, these members of  The Florida Shuffleboard Hall Of Fame. Three of these were elected for membership at the meeting of the State Association at Sebring, November 3, 1962. Namely, Mae Hall, Earl Chandler and Arthur T. Baldwin. Alice and Juanita Kays were elected to receive The Hall Of Fame Special Award for outstanding team play.

J. H. Woodall and U. Michael Slater became members under the rule of eligibility for membership for having served a full tenure of three years as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.Their dedicated efforts in behalf of shuffleboard or their fine Sports­manship and outstanding play or a combination of both are the qualities which have made their names synonymous with the game of Shuffleboard.

J. H. WOODALL   -  Past president Florida Shuffleboard Ass’n
ALICE & JUANITA KAYS  -  Special Award For Outstanding Team Play
U. MICHAEL SLATER Past President Florida Shuffleboard Ass’
-------missing -----------------
F.A. Norton  -  past president
H.A. Peterson - past president                                                                                                                           (back to roster)   


1964 HOF Awards
1963-64 members of the Florida Shuffleboard Association elected to our Hall of Fame.Four of these were elected to membership at the meeting of the Florida Shuffleboard Ass’n held at Sebring October 26, 1963. They were Webster Smith, Amy Close, Carl Spillman and Marie Troutman.
At our Annual Banquet held at Hollywood on February 3, 1963, Ernest E. Carter, who was retiring after three most successful years as the president of our State Organization, was surprised by being one of the receivers of our highest awards. It having been a custom to award the retiring president a year after completing three years service.
Our Special Award is one given posthumously in memory and in honor to James J. Traynor. “Jim” had long served our association in many cap­acities, all of them trying to make our world a more pleasant one and a better place to live.

Ernest E. Carter Past President Florida Shuffleboard Ass’n
JAMES TRAYNOR  Special Award
Amy Close SMITH
Carl Spillman                                                                                                                                           


1965 HOF Awards
1964-65 members of The Florida Shuffleboard Association elected to our HALL OF FAME.
At the annual meeting of the Florida Shuffleboard Association held in West Palm Beach on February 2, 1965 plaques were awarded Frank Henderson, Charles Campbell and Pat Hill. (The ones to both Frank Henderson and Charles Campbell being posthumously.)
A Special Award was presented to Col. P.C. Bullard honoring him for his many years of faithful and useful service to the Association.
COL. P. C. BULLARD - special                                                                                                                              (back to roster)   


1966 HOF Awards
The 1965-1966 members of the Florida Shuffleboard Association elected the following to the HALL OF FAME. And at the annual meeting of the Association held in Hollywood on February 1st, 1966, plaques were awarded to Janet Smith, Esther Kinsella and Roger Bowiby. The Special Award was presented to George Merz honoring him for his many years of faithful and useful service to our Association.
GEORGE MERZ - special    


 1967 HOF Awards
At the Annual Banquet, held in Winter Haven on February 1, 1967, Hall of Fame plaques were awarded to three distinguished shufflers, Mark G. Brashares, Farrell M. Bruner and Edna Robbins.
The Award of the Year was awarded to Lee P. Streeter for his long and outstanding service to shuffleboard.
Evan McKeehan, our exceed­ingly competent State President for the last three years, received this highest acclaim for having given such meritorious service during his regime, a well-de­served tribute.
LEE P. STREETER - special
EDNA ROBBINS                      


1968 HOF Awards
At the Annual Banquet, held in St. Petersburg on January 31, 1968, Hall of Fame plaques were awarded to three distinguished shufflers, Arthur L. Johnson, Bernard Todd and Larry Schoch.
Four of our Past Presidents who had not served three years were finally admitted to this cloistered precinct through a change in our laws.
Hugh Harrison and George L. Swasey (Mr. Swasey recently passed away) were presented with the Hall of Fame Plaques.
E. F. Wolfrom and J. M. Bowden, long deceased and without known close relatives, were entered posthumously into the Hall of Fame Records.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dunbar were presented with the Special Award for having rendered meritorious services to shuffleboard for numerous years and for having contributed generously in other ways.                                                                 (back to roster)   


1969 HOF Awards
He has been active in Shuffleboard for the past 27 years in the Administrative field Ernie is the holder of the longest record of Administrative work in the history of Shuffleboard. He has been the West Coast District and Mirror Lake Tournament Director for the past 16 years Assistant State Tournament Director for 10 years State Tournament Director for 6 years; National Tournament Director for 6 years and Third Vice President of F.S.A. At present he is First Vice President of F.S.A., Co-Chairman of Constitution and By Laws Second Vice President of the National Association and Chairman of National Rules Committee.
His many years of Administrative work has earned him the highest award this Association can bestow on a member of this organization. Ernie, your devotion for many years has helped to make Shuffle-board a better game today.

An active shuffler since 1954 with a total of 110 placements in State and National Tournaments He has been on the Roll of Champions 9 times since 1957, and has placed 6 times in the Masters Round Robin Singles. In 196566 he broke a two man eight year monopoly of the Roll of Champions, taking top spot. We salute a truly remarkable gentleman of the shuffle world.

Known to his Associates as “Herb” during his 22 years as a player and State and National Administrator, he has to his credit 21 placements in State and National wins. He served 3 years as President of Little River S.C. and 3 years as First Vice President; President of the Southeast Coast District 3 years; First Vice President of National 3 years; National Rules Committee 3 years, and at present is a Delegate of F.S.A. from the Southeast Coast District, and has recently been elected as President of the National Shuffleboard Association.Herb well deserves this highest honor that can be bestowed on a person with this record of unselfish devotion, so others may enjoy the game of shuffleboard.

Miriam started Tournament play in 1965, and has one of the most outstanding records of any nominee presented to the Hall of Fame for Special Award. She was known in her four years of play as the best board cleaner in the history of Shuffleboard, also the only lady to win t h e Nationals three years in a row. She achieved 25 placements in State, National and Champion of Champions, eleven being First Place wins.       


1970 to 1979 - scroll down
1970 - 1977 HOF Awards  -  (no biographies)                                                                                             (back to roster)   


 1978 HOF Awards 

From the Southeast Coast District, Little River Club, Miami. Has been playing the game of shuffleboard for over 25 years. Won her first Statewide tournament in the 1952-53 season. Has a total of 41 placements, 28 in doubles and 13 in singles for a total of 253 points. Played in the Master’s 3 times.

From West Coast District, Clearwater Club. Started her shuffleboard playing in the amateur division. Won her first Statewide pro tournament in the 1963-64 season. Has a total of 48 placements, 30 in doubles and 18 in singles for a total of 268 points. Played n the Master’s 3 times.

AUSTIN SUTTON - pres & player
From Southwest Coast District, Trailer Estates Club, Bradenton. His devotion to his many obligations in the 3 years he served as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Assn. entitled him to this high honor. His term of office was filled with a lot of decision making which he did well. With his leadership the F.S.A. is a better organization.

From the West Coast District, Mirror Lake Club, St. Petersburg. Involved in the game of shufleboard for over 20 years. Her record keeping in 4 scrap books with articles dating back to 1924 with news clippings, pictures and written in winners of tournaments in the early years, was a great help to the State in bringing their re_cord books on winners of tournaments up to date.

From Northern District, Peabody Club, Daytona Beach. Started shuffleboard playing in the amateur division and winning her first placement in the Pro division in the 1968-69 season. Has a total of 58 placements, 44 in the doubles and 14 in the singles for a total of 298 points. Played in the Master’s 6 times.    


 1979 HOF Awards

From the West Coast District - Mirror Lake Club. Started playing the game in the 50’s and became Gulfport’s Tournament Director in 1959. Served as State Director for 3 years, West Coast District since 1970. Also, Director of the largest club in the world. Mirror Lake, since 1972. A gentlemen at all times, and is respected by all the players.          

From the West Coast District - Mirror Lake Club. Started playing the game in Deland and won his first placement in a State-Wide Tournament by placing in the “Presidents Trophy” Mixed Doubles in the 1949-50 season. Has a total of 36 doubles nd 14 single placements for a total of 259 points. Played in the Masters once. Oldest person to ever enter the Hall of Fame. (back to roster)   


1980  to 1989 - scroll down
1980 HOF Awards 

Carl worked hard before he retired and when he became interested in the game of shuffleboard this hard work carried over from his early days. Carl served his club district and state in many offices. He enters the Hall of Fame as the 19th State President to serve the Florida Shuffleboard Association. He served for two years. A friend to all and served his office well.

Lefty started his shuffling back in Detroit where he became a top player at Palmer Park in the early 1950's His first win in the state of Florida was 3rd place in the Winter National Singles open division in the 1958-59 season. Lefty is the only man player to enter the Hall of Fame that has placed in more single tournaments than doubles. A true sportsman and gentleman.

Walt became Interested in the game in the 1960's Played as an amateur and as a pro. Walt took on the lob of listing all the players points when the state took over the point system. He is now keeping these records up to date with a title of Keeper of Records. Served as State tournament Director for 3 seasons and a job he still holds.

Jason started playing the game in the early 1960's. He gives credit to his game to some of the old Pro players at Lakeland. He won his first Pro Tournament in the 1962-63 season where he placed 3rd in the Winter National Doubles. Win or lose, he is always having fun, which shows for good sportsmanship.

Art started playing in the Amateur Division and won his first Pro tournament in the 1965-66 season by placing 4th in the Winter National Doubles. A good worker as he is always willing to referee when asked. Sportsmanship is part of Art's game. Truly a fine gentleman on and off the courts.                                                                                                                         (back to roster)   


1981 HOF Awards

Trailer Estates Club - Southwest Coast District
Mildred started her shuffling with the Palmetto Club as a amateur. She placed in her first Pro tournament in the 1965-66 season by winning 4th place in the Winter Nationals with her husband Art. Mildred is a willing worker by keeping score or refereeing at her home Club or when away. Win or lose, Mildred is always wearing a smile.

Mirror Lake Club - West Coast District
Therese started her shuffling at the Little River Club. Moved from Amateur to Pro’s in a couple of years. Joined Mirror Lake Club in 1971 and started playing in the Pro division. In the 1971-72 season she placed 3rd in the Full Moon Singles for her first Pro win. Therese can be seen refereeing when not playing at most tournaments. Always has a good word for her fellow shufflers and is liked on and off the courts.      


1982 HOF Awards 

Mirror Lake Club - West Coast District
Lou started his shuffleboard career in the Central East Coast District in 1960. Moved to the West Coast District and the St. Petersburg area in 1966. He served his Club (Mirror Lake) as a Vice President in 1969-70-72-73. He then became President of the Club in 1974 and 1975. His District he served as National Delegate in 1970. President in 1971-72-73. He served the State Association as 2nd Vice President in 1974-75-76. 1st Vice President in 1977-78. Then as President for the 1979-80-81 seasons. Lou was and is one of the best promoters of the game of shuffleboard. Lou is known throughout the state as he at_tended most every State-Wide tournament while he served his 3 years as State President. Liked by all for his humor and wit. The Hall of Fame honors him as the 20th President to serve the Florida Shuffleboard Association.

Pinerest Mobile Park - West Coast District
Henry was owner and manager of Pinerest Mobile Park. In 1940 he built Pinerest’s first shuffleboard court when a tenant in the park gave him $100.00 to build the court. After the war Henry became interested in the State-Wide tournaments. However, his first placement was in 1952 when he placed 1st in the Summer Nationals at Traverse City. His first win in Florida was in 1953 when he placed 4th in the Winter Nationals at Bradenton. He placed in 74 tournaments, 61 in doubles and 13 in singles. Also, played in the Masters 5 times. Henry is the only player to enter the Hall of Fame that has won 60 placements in doubles with the same partner. A good sportsman and truly a fine gentleman on and off the courts. This in turn has made him many shuffleboard friends. The Hall of Fame is proud to have Henry as one of it’s members.                                                                                         (back to roster)   


1983 HOF Awards

Kate has a total of 242 points. She started playing as an Amateur in Avon Park, won the State Amateur Championship in December 1 971, was still an Amateur when the National event started in Century Village on the 18th of February 1972 in which she placed first. Eligible to play in Masters four times.

Adele Pearson was introduced to the game of shuffleboard in Winter Park, Florida in 1949. She didn’t get serious about the game until 1958 and entered several Amateur Tournaments. She soon became a Pro. By coming in third at “Peabody” with her husband, Bob, as a partner. In November 1962, she came in 1st in the Kow Kapital Tournament in Kissimmee, Florida for her first win. After her husband retired, Adele entered almost every Statewide Tournament and her many wins and placements, plus good sportsmanship qualities, resulted in her induction into the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

St. Petersburg
Al has been active in shuffleboard since 1959 when he joined the Mirror Lake Club. Has been a hard worker for his Club and has done some playing of the game, but mostly his time has been with the referees and scorekeepers. He took charge of this duty for his Club in 1963. In 1968 he was appointed by the President of the District to serve as an assistant to the tournament director in all District as well as Statewide Tournaments held in the West Coast District. In 1971 he was appointed again to serve his District in this job, with the title of Chief Referee. A job he still holds with the same title. Al is fair in his calls on close discs and decisions he makes, when they have to be made are always just and fair. When others cannot get a referee or scorekeeper for a court, Al always seems to come up with someone. His hard work and fair calls have made him many friends in the shuffleboard tournaments. The West Coast District is proud of the hard work Al has done and is doing.      


1984 HOF Awards

Charles McGee
Charles joined the Little River, Miami Shuffleboard Club in 1970 and was successful in capturing the Singles Championship at Little River in 1971. He played his first State tournament in Lakeland in 1972 and immediately became a pro with his third-place win in the Full Moon Singles. Since 1 972 he has played in all but 9 State tournaments, which has made for 11 enjoyable years of retirement. His most memorable tournaments are his 5-year Orlando wins with partner Lyle Wood, his 3-year Deland wins with partner Ken Worden, his 2 President’s Trophy wins with partners Theresa Charboneau and Mary Moore, and the Florida State Singles and Doubles wins in 1982, with Doubles partner Arnold Lundahl. He has also had the pleasure of playing in 8 Dunbar Masters. Charles recommends Shuffleboard to everyone as a stepping stone toward a longer and happier life.  (back to roster)   


 1985 HOF Awards 

Bradenton Shuffleboard Club — Southwest District Nylva started her shuffleboard play at the Bradenton Club in the middle 1960’s. Her first placement as a Pro came in the 1970-71 season when she placed 2nd in the Orlando Invitational Singles. Nylva has played in three Master tournaments. She has placed in 55 tournaments through the 1984 season. Her 1st place wins show only seven, but her record shows 24 2nd place wins. We also found that in Doubles, Nylva has placed with 18 different partners. A friend on and off the courts with all her fellow players, Nylva is always willing to give a helping hand when needed. We say, “Good luck in your shuffleboard play, Nylva,” and we are happy to have you as a member of the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.


Lakeland Shuffleboard Club — Central District Ken starting playing in the Amateur Division and moved up rather fast after a few Amateur wins. His first placement as a Pro was 4th place in the Nationals in 1973. In his 3rd season as a Pro he received enough points to play in the Masters in 1973. In 12 years as a Pro, Ken has played in the Masters eight times. 64 placements were made in these years of play, with a total of 24 first placements. These records are through the 1984 season. Ken also served his District as a Vice Presi_dent to the Florida Shuffleboard Association and is now their President. Sportsmanship is always part of shuffleboard and we can truly say that Ken rates high in this category. Always a good word to his fellow players, referees, and score keepers, he never leaves a tournament without thanking the Tournament Director. We are proud to have you, Ken, as a member of the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

Vero Beach Shuffleboard Club — Northern District
George became interested in the game of shuffleboard when he moved to Florida in 1957 and joined the Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club. He served the Central District as President of several Mobile Home Shuffleboard Clubs. In 1971 he was elected as 1st Vice President of the Central District, an office he held for three years. 1974, moving up to President of the Central District, again holding the position for three years. 1977-78 saw George as President of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club and also as 2nd Vice President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association. In 1979 George moved to Vero Beach in the Northern District. He served 1980 as President of the Vero Beach Shuffleboard Club, and 1979-80-81 as 1st Vice President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.1982-83-84, George served as the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s 21st President.

When we speak the name President, George Jackson has held this title for more years than any one in the Hall of Fame. So, Mr. Past President, we are proud to have you as a member of our Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

Bradenton Shuffleboard Club — Southwest District Name was omitted in the Preview last year.                          (back to roster)   


1986 HOF Awards 

BETTY BERGER - Central East Coast District
Ft. Pierce Shuffleboard Club
Betty started her shuffleboard playing in the Amateurs in the early 1970’s. In the 1973-74 season Betty won 1St place in the Florida State Amateur Doubles. This in turn got Betty interested in tournament play. The following year she entered the Florida State Pro Doubles being played at Boynton Beach. Betty placed 3rd in that tournament, making her an instant Pro. In her 3rd season as a Pro, Betty received enough points to be eligible to play in the Master’s where she won 5th place. She has played in the Master’s six times. Betty has placed in 59 tournaments through the 1985-86 season, with a total of 14 first placements. Betty is generally wearing a smile and is a willing worker in helping to keep score. We welcome you, Betty, as a member of the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

VIRGINIA WORDEN - Central District
Lakeland Shuffleboard Club
Virginia became interested in the game of shuffleboard in the early 1970’s after retiring and moving to Florida for the winter. months. She played in the Amateur Doubles with her husband Ken. Virginia tells that Ken started to play golf and she talked him out of the game so they could play the game of shuffleboard in Michigan. Virginia moved to Pro on points and shuffleboard as a team. In the summer months they play  placed 4th in the Don Grace Tournament as her first placement as a Pro. Virginia has placed in 60 tournaments through the 1984-85 season; 6 first-place wins in singles and 11 first placements in doubles. Always willing to help out as a scorekeeper and willing worker in her home club, she always has a good word to all the players, win or lose. We are happy, Virginia, that you have been inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.                                             (back to roster)   


1987 HOF Awards 

Sunset Mobile Park Shuffleboard Club
Howard was a great promoter of the game of shuffleboard, a game he really enjoyed. He served his District as 1st Vice President in 1976 and again in 1977. He then was elected President of the District, a position he held for three years 1978-79-80. In 1981 Howard served as Alternate State Delegate. He then was elected by the Florida State Shuffleboard Association as their 2nd Vice President in 1982; he was then elected in 1983 and again in 1984 as their 1st Vice President. At the Annual meeting held in Lakeland, Howard was elected as President to the Florida State Association for the 1985-86 season. He was again elected to President at the Annual meeting at Clearwater, but had to resign between the time he was elected and the March meeting. The year that Howard served as President of the F.S.A. he made a lot of friends and was liked by all. His plaque was presented to him October 28th, just one half hour before he passed away. We are saddened by the loss of this great man, but happy to have him as a member of the Florida State Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.          

DAVID L. SPENCER - special
Clearwater Shuffleboard - West Coast district
Dave joined the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club in 1970. He was elected to Club treasurer in 1971; served on the Board of Directors in 1972; elected as Club President in 1973 and served two years. He served again on the Board of Directors in 1977; elected to serve as Treasurer in 1978. Dave was elected as State Delegate from the West Coast District in 1975 and held this office for three years. While a State Delegate he served on the Tournament Regulations Committee in 1975-78; was Chairman of this committee in 1977. Dave served as Alternate Delegate for two years. He served his District as District Tournament Director from 1980 thru 1982, and was appointed State Tournament Director in 1982-83-84-85-86. He directed many tournaments in the District and has also been asked to direct many State-wide tournaments outside his District. Dave has made a lot of friends over his short term as State Director. He always has the time for those that want to know how to interpret the rules.   He is fair in every way in his calls and never breaks the rules set up by the State Association. We are happy to have you, Dave, as a member of the State Shuffleboard Hall of Fame Special Award.

Clearwater Shuffleboard Club - West Coast District
Helen began her shuffleboard playing in the late 60’s when she played as an Amateur, winning several tournaments in the Amateur division. Her first Pro placement was in the 1972-73 season, when she placed 4th in the General Telephone Company Singles tournament. Winning in singles as first Pro placement got Helen off to a good start and she was ready to take on any and everyone. Her record shows that she placed in 52 tournaments 11 of these were in the singles, 3 placements in the FSA. Singles, and once in the F.S.A. Doubles. She had 12 1st places, 102nd places, 19 3rd places, and 11 4th places. Helen also played in the MASTERS three times. Helen is a willing worker in her Club and is always willing to keep score when playing outside her Club. Helen, we are happy to have you as a member of the Florida State Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.                                               (back to roster)   


 1988 HOF Awards 

JOHN “Jack” CLUGSTONE           special
Ft. Pierce SB Club — Central East Coast District
Jack Clugstone got started in shuffleboard when he joined the Ft Pierce Shuffleboard Club in 1970. In 1971, he was elected to serve the club as President, an office he held for three years. He then served for two years on the Executive Board. In 1972, Jack was elected from the CECD as their State Alternate Delegate, an office he held for two years. In 1975, he was elected President of the District, an office he held for three years. Jack organized the Northern League and became the first active Pro in the CECD. He was also instrumental in getting the first Statewide Tournament to the District - the Indian River Doubles. He again served on the FSA Board from his District as State Delegate in 1978-79-80. Because of Jack’s almost constant encouragement, urging, promotional spirit, and support of the game of shuffleboard in the District and State during the ten years of his activity,  he saw the CECD prosper. Declining health caused Jack to discontinue his shuffleboard activities in 1982. He is a very worthy candidate to the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame SPECIAL AWARD.       

Hollywood M.P. — West Coast District
Hans Streib started playing shutfieboard in the Amateur Division. In the 1975-76 season, we see that he won a first place as a District Amateur. His second win was playing n a State Amateur and Pro District tournament, again winning first place. He then entered the Tom Bouldin Pro Doubles Tournament and came in third. This made Hans an instant Pro. In one year he moved from District to State Amateur and then to instant Pro. His second year he placed once in Doubles and twice in Singles, with one of the Singles being the Florida the State playing in the Open Division. In Hans' third year he was off and running and had enough points to play in the Masters, which he did for the next three years. Hans has a record that has yet to be beaten by any other man player, by winning 18 and losing but 3 games in the Masters. His record shows: 16 Singles placements and 26 Doubles; three first place wins in the Masters and a seventh. Hans is a kitchen player and this is really his game. You will see him down on the board whether he is ahead or behind. Win or lose, he is wearing a smile and you can see he is enjoying himself and the game. We are happy to have Hans Streib as a member of the Florida State Shuffleboard HALL OF FAME.                                           (back to roster)   


1989 HOF Awards 

Ish joins the exclusive ranks of Hall of Fame members in tribute to his three years as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association and numerous years as Vice President. In addition to his dedication to progress in shuffleboard as the organization’s No. 1 officer, lsh has made many additional contributions to our game, among them his three years as President of the Northern District and also as Vice President in that district. lsh has always executed the duties of his office with knowledgeable expertise and was a capable and energetic worker for his home club, his district, and the parent organization as well. lsh also supplemented his administrative talents as a player and can boast of winning first place in the State-sponsored Pro Singles (Closed Division) at Ft. Pierce, as well as other placements in additional tournaments. Always a good sport, and ever a com­petitor, Ish can truly be said to have been a credit to the sport of shuffleboard. Nor were his contributions limited to Florida, as Ish was a key figure in North Carolina shuffleboard for many years. Ish Crawford is a welcomed addition to our honored membership in the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

‘Charlie” is a member of the Mt. Dora Club in the Northern District since the late ‘60. His first win in the Pro Division was at Mid-Florida Lakes, a 2nd in the doubles. Later he placed first in the President’s Trophy Mixed Doubles at Peabody, Daytona. He won twice more the following year, a 4th and a 1st in the Florida State Open Singles. First place was no stranger to Charlie from that time on, as he was a dominant figure on the Florida Pro scene. This included Masters competition. By the conclusion of the 1986-87 season he had amassed a total of 345 points! His most phenomenal season was in 1983-84 when he totalled 68 points and the most awesome was the fact that ALL of his wins (9 of them) were for 1st place! Four of them were in doubles and five were in singles, and he closed out the season with 1st place in the Masters as well. Charlie achieved a coveted Masters’ berth five times, winning that event twice and placing high the other times. He has limited his court appearances in recent years because of problems with exposure to our hot Florida sun. Hope­fully, we’ll see more of Charlie in seasons to come.

Frank started his shuffleboard career in the early 70’s in the Southeast Coast District. He quickly established himself as an opponent to be reckoned with on the courts. In 1973 he won a third place at Ft. Myers to become an Instant Pro. In his fifteen years as a Pro player, Frank has been on the Roll of Champions evety single year! He has been a Masters player three times and has placed a total of 57 times in tournaments through the 1987-88 season, with a total of 17 first-place finishes. One of his most rewarding victories was first place in the ‘88 Masters at Ft. Pierce, his present home club. Frank won first place in the State Pro Singles for two consecutive years, 1988 and 1989. Living on the east coast entailed endless miles of driving to and from tournaments and often leaving home at 4 a.m. to attend was not uncommon. Fog, rain, and traffic were frequent deterrents, but his desire and dedication to the game was paramount. Frank maintains that he has been the pleased recipient of years of enjoyment and satisfaction playing and competing in tournaments, with the rewards far exceeding the many hardships. Exclusive of the 1988-89 season, Frank had a total of 233 points when nominated and he has added to that total since.

Mary has been involved in shuffleboard since the mid-60’s. She was a constant winner in local League play and thus became interested in tournament play. She became an Instant Pro at Clearwater in the Fun ‘N Sun event in 1971, taking 3rd place. Between 1971 and 1986, her playing record includes eleven 1st places, eighteen 2nds, thirteen 3rds, and eight 4ths in tournament place. Mary was in the Masters 4 times, tying for 1st place twice and tying for 3rd place the other two times. She has served her home clubs well. While at Clearwater, Mary was very active, teaching the game, by writing shuffleboard articles for the Clearwater Sun and the St. Petersburg Times, and also as a Club Officer. She served as the Club Secretary and also as Treasurer. Since moving to Lakeland, she has again become involved. Mary has been Treasurer of that club and is currently Assis­tant Treasurer. Her point total on Florida’s all-time list is 243, which qualified her for Hall of Fame honors. Mary Moore always brought along her genial smile and friendly nature when in shuffleboard com­petition, and was ever a worthy and welcome opponent!

Just about everyone who is involved in tournament shuffleboard play knows R. H. “Dick” Robyl He’s directed hundreds of tournaments since 1976 and has been the Southwest Coast Disrtict Tournament Direc­tor since 1983. Dick is noted for his firm, fair, and expedient handling of al the events he conducts. One of his lesser known talents is Dick’s expertise as a player. He completed on the tournament circuit for 18 years, and the all-time point list shows he earned 172 for his efforts. Doubtless he would have easily reached the coveted 200 point level had he continued on as a player instead of turning his attention to the handling of tournaments. However, he did achieve a total of 42 Main Event placements, a fair share of which were singles. He was appointed as State Tournament Direc­tor in 1988 upon the retirement of Dave Spencer, and currently has been named to continue on in this capa­city as one of the State Co-Directors by President Wes Marousch. In the Southwest Coast District, Dick succeeded Walt Wollemon, carrying on the tradition of great tournament personnel in that district. Dick Roby has devoted much time and effort toward furthering the best interests of Florida shuffleboard.

The Lentsch’s have been active in shuffling for many, many years. As players, Winnie has 72 points and Rollie has 75 points, which attests to their prowess on the courts as tournament players. However, their main claim to fame in shuffleboard is as tournament spon­sors. They sponsored their first event in 1977, with the Lentsch’s All-Star Tournament, which included the same point allotments as the National event it replaced. Winnie and Rollie brought the President’s Mixed Doubles Trophy Tournament to Clearwater in 1978-9, adding an amateur division to it. For the 1981-82 season they also garnered the Tournament of Cham­pions to their Clearwater Club from Winter Park. The Lentsch’s have been sponsoring Center Spread tour­naments for the past 11 years. In addition to their tournament sponsorships, both have been active in their club’s affairs. Rollie served as Clearwater’s Vice President and later as the club’s President. He was also State Delegate for the West Coast District as well. Winnie has also been very active in the club’s affairs. She has served in many capacities, the most signifi­cant being in the club’s kitchen for all tournaments hosted there for many years. Both Winnie and Rollie Lentsch deserve this honor of Hall of Fame Special Award.
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1990 to 1999 - scroll down
1990 HOF Awards 

Jane continues to be one of the dominating players on the Ladies’ Pro circuit. Up to the present time she has amassed the amazing total of 413 points! Jane has won just about every major tournament and/or champion­ship, including the F.SA. Masters, with her latest achievement being 1st Place in the 1990 Masters, held at Lake Worth. Friendliness and congeniality are Jane’s trademark, and she always has a “story” to relate to cheer her many, many friends. Jane has the youth to be in contention for a long time to come, and has the potential of being one of the greatest lady shufflers of all time. There is very little doubt but that Jane ‘belongs” in our shuffleboard Hall of Fame!

Probably one of the most well known and well liked players on the Pro circuit, Bob is well-deserving of Hall of Fame honors. Not only has he excelled as a player (accumulating 291 points during his Pro career), but Bob has also been one of our most dedicated contributors to our State program. He has been very active in administration, having served both in the District and in the State, including several years as State Vice President, Chairman of the Rules Committee, and briefly as President of our State Association. Bob also is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on rules and as such has been a great help to our State board. His long career in shuffleboard is a classic example of dedication and sportsmanship.

Herb is another welcome addition to our roster of Hall of Fame players. His point total to date is an impressive 264 points on the all-time point list. In addition to a spectacular playing record, Herb has contributed greatly to our sport by his involvement. He often provides our opening ceremony invocation and on numerous occa­sions has honored us by singing our National Anthem to the accompaniment of his guitar. Herb has been a Masters participant several times, tying for 1st Place in 1989 at Braden­ton. Herb has been a credit to our sport, has always exhibited good sportsmanship and everyone will agree that he is most certainly a worthy opponent to face on the courts. Ill health forced him to withdraw from the 1990 Masters at Lake Worth at the start of the 7th round. We all wish him a rapid, complete recovery!   

Probably no one is better known in shuffleboard than Willie Wolf, but behind the scenes is another member of the Wolf family who has contributed significantly to our shuffleboard pro­gram. She is Arlie Wolf, who has been an asset to our sport for as long as Willie has. Arlie started her shuffle­board career in 1966 and for many years played in Pro events when accompanying Willie. When not playing, she busied herself keeping score, both in District and State events. She also canvassed for Preview ads for over 20 yeas and served as an assistant Preview Editor several times. Arlie has also been a good Tournament Director in the West Coast District. Doubtless, she is worthy of the SPECIAL AWARD because of her dedicated involvement in shuffleboard for well over 25 years.                                                                                                                                                                        (back to roster)   


1991 HOF Awards

BOB JONES qualified for membership in our Hall of Fame in the 1989-1990 season by amass­ing 209 points in his career. Friendly, congenial Bob is one of the finest gentlemen players on the Pro circuit and should be no stranger to anyone who participates in state events. Pro­bably the finest tribute to Bob comes from his very frequent partner, Charley Bone, who played with him in more than 140 tournaments over a 7-year period. Charley says their agreement was that each match consisted of two games, one at the head and the other at the foot. Over their long “partnership” never a harsh word was spoken. Charley adds that Bob “wasted” his youth on the pool tables and croquet courts, or he’d have been an even more formidable shuf­fleboard opponent. Congratulations, Bob! Welcome to the select circle of the World’s Greatest Shufflers!

If you know KATHY MATH ER, you know that she is determined, knowledgeable, competitive, sometimes feisty, and one who wants to win and doesn’t like to lose. A winner never does! Kathy is a real shuffler, interested and willing to work for her club, her district, and always ready to play if time permits. She and her husband, Lee, always make a good team whether on the courts, playing cards, or serving as they did as Presi­dent and Secretary-Treasurer of the Northern District for three years. She is a good referee and has conducted referee schools. Kathy is now 2nd Vice President of her district and, in less than 15 years, she is one of ten active ladies with over 200 points, has played in the State Masters three times, has been one of the top 15 ladies for three times, won in District Masters, and won the Florida State Doubles with Pauline Kinney. Kathy has earned her place in the Hall of Fame.

GEORGE COFRIN passed the “200 Point Milestone” in Florida shuffleboard by earning 8 points during the 1989-90 season. Though he hasn’t been a regular competitor the past few years, he is one of the most well known players on the Pro circuit. Originally dubbed “Nature Boy” because of his penchant for playing shoeless, and sometimes shirtless, George soon learned that shuffleboard protocol dictated, “No shoes, no shirt — no shuffling!” But the nickname has stuck with him. George has been a “total” shuffler who has competed not only in Florida but in Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, and elsewhere. And he’s been a winner wherever he played! George Cofrin’s total of 209 Points qualify him as a worthy recipient of Hall of Fame honors! We extend our congratulations to him.

TYLER and KAY MacMASTER are our 5th “couple” recipients of the F.S.A. Special Award. Both have been remarkably active in shuffleboard on the County, District, and State levels. Tyler has served as both District and State Tournament Director, as State Delegate, and has chaired numerous committees. Kay has served as District Secretary-Treasurer several times and has been an able assistant to Tyler in most of his shuffleboard endeavors. Most noteworthy is the MacMasters’ five-year sponsorship of our F.S.A. Masters Tournament, being responsible for having it played in the five districts besides the West Coast for the first time ever. They also sponsored the Roll of Champions medals for the past six years. Worthy “Special Award” recipients, Tyler claims they have “retired.” We doubt it but wish them both well and congratulations in any event!

LEONARD GEROME needs no introduction to anyone who has played at Clearwater, or most any place in the West Coast District. He’s been directing tournaments there since the early ‘70s and has taught many shufflers his directing techniques as well. He is now in his 11th year as State Delegate on the F.S.A. Board. He has chaired the Tophy Com­mittee, the Hall of Fame Committee (his current task), and has served his club, his district, and the state efficiently and diligently. Leonard has the distinction of serving under five District Presidents and six State Presidents to date, and is still going strong. He is a most worthy recipient of our FSASpecial Award. P.S. Leonard’s able assistant in directing WCD tournaments is his devoted wife, Mary.        (back to roster)   


1992 HOF Awards 

West Coast District
- St. Petersburg Club
Jerry Anderson started playing the game when in his 20’s. He had his first placement in a State-Wide tournament in the 1950-51 season, winning 4th in the Gasparilla Singles. Jerry has placed in 24 singles and 14 doubles events. He placed 3rd in the Masters in 1970. He is the only active player still playing who played on the “All American Team.” Jerry has a total of 230 points and still hopes to add onto these points. He has an orchestra and plays for dances most every night of the week. This keeps him from playing the game of shuffleboard too far away from St. Petersburg, for if he does he can’t get back in time to play for his dance assignments. Jerry has been overlooked for many years as a candidate for the Florida State Hall of Fame, and we congratulate him for being elected as a member of a select group known as the Florida State Hall of Fame.

Central District
- Lakeland Club
Vicky Klym became an instant pro in the 1981-82 season when she placed 3rd in the Holiday House Doubles Tournament at DeLand. She has been a very consistent shuffleboard player in both the District and State tournaments. Vicky has been an outstanding and respected player in the Cen­tral District. She has always shown good sportsmanship on and off the courts. You will generally see Vicky wearing a smile. She has accumulated a total of 243 points in the eleven years as a pro and she has played in the Masters six times, being eligible in 1990 but due to illness did not play. Vicky has received five gold, three silver, and two bronze medals in her eleventh years as a pro. A big welcome to Vicky for being inducted into the Florida State Hall of Fame.

West Coast District
- St. Petersburg Club
Rosaire Biron began shuffling in 1978 at Daytona Beach and became an instant pro at the Yuletide Singles at St. Petersburg in the 1980-81 season. He has accumulated 475 points in the eleven years as a pro (he did not play the 1990-91 season) and is actively pursuing more. He was eligible for the Masters in all eleven years, won four 1st and three 2nds. He has won twelve 1st place singles, of which three were National Opens and three F.S.A. Opens, plus 28 Doubles 1st places. Devoted to promoting the game, Rosaire served as St. Petersburg Club Vice President, in which capacity he spent many weeks marking and numbering almost 100 sets of discs and improving them for tourna­ment and fun play. His decisions on the Board were always in accord with the interests of shuffleboard players. Rosaire is considered a welcome addition to the grow­ing number of players and executives who comprise the Florida State Hall of Fame.                                                                                                              (back to roster)   


Sam Allen, Owner of the Allen A. Shuffleboard Company has been working with shufflers for many years. In fact, he took over the business from his Dad when he retired. Sam is always working on something to make the equipment better and in turn, make the game more enjoyable to play. ARCO discs is one of his accomplishments. In the State Hall of Fame at Sebring you can see the many sets Sam had molded before he came up with the discs that are now used worldwide. The Swivel Cue Head is another great achievement we can give Sam credit for, Fiberglass cues, larger runners on cue heads and the fiberglass joined cue are some more of his accomplishments. We or shufflers owe Sam Allen a great Thank you for making the game we enjoy more enjoyable with his great ideas. Welcome Sam, to the Florida State Hall of Fame 

West Coast District
- Clearwater Club
Ada started playing shuffleboard in 1944 in Raymond, Maine, when becoming a sports counselor at a woman’s camp. In 1945-46-47. she ran three to four tournaments at the camp each summer She joined the Clear-water Club n 1977 and served on different committees. In 1981 she started to assist in District and State tournaments as a Director and ran some tournaments in different leagues. In 1983 she elected as West Coast State Alternate Delegate, a position she still holds. She served the State on the Public Relation Committee and became Chairperson of this Committee in 1984. again a position she still holds. Ada is known best for her writing in the many papers that cover the sport of shuffleboard. She has been doing this faithfully for many years. Ada is a promoter of the sport of shuffleboard in her play and in the columns she writes. We give her a special welcome for being inducted into the Florida Hall of Fame.

Central District
- St. Cloud Club
Bill joined the St. Cloud Club in 1965. He was elected President of that Club in 1977 and served in this capacity for seven years In his first year as Club President he got the city interested in renovating the Club rooms and making new offices and installing new lights for the courts. all completed in 1979 A dedication ceremony was held which in­cluded members, officials of the Club, and city officials. He was elected to the Central District as 3rd Vice President for 1979-81, elected 2nd Vice President 1981-83, then 1st Vice President 1983-86 from 1986-89 he served the Central District as their President. Bill was then instrumental in getting the State to hold State-Wide Tournaments at the St. Cloud Club. In 1985, the Central District appointed him as District Tournament Director. an appointment he still holds. The State appointed him State Tournament Director in 1989. and this position he still holds. Welcome, Bill, to the Florida State Hall of Fame.

Wesley Marousch began shuffling some twenty years ago and was elected the Central East Coast 11th District President for the 1982-83 season. He served this position for three years. In the 1985-86 seasons, Wes was elected to serve as Third Vice President and served in this position for three years. He was then elected as President of the F.S.A. for the 1989-90 season, and here again he served for three years. During Wes’s term in office, the following things took place: His first year in office saw the Southwest Coast District being split and the Southern District formed. This added two more on the State Board for a total of eighteen. In 1990-91 the cost of putting out the PREVIEW had gone up where the cost of the ads were not covering the cost. Here the 50 cents per player was added to all players playing in a Center Spread tournament, and this money was to help defray the cost of the PREVIEW. District was also given the option of adding the 50 cents to their District tournaments to raise extra revenue for their District. Deleting the over-the-backstop rule was approved at the Annual Meeting in 1991-92, with the provision that it may be replaced with a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board at any time.   Wes served the State well and had good cooperation from his Board. We give our 25th President of the F.S.A. a special welcome to the Florida State Hall of Fame.                      (back to roster)   


1993 HOF Awards 

HOWARD CLUGSTONE began playing shuffleboard over 20 years ago. He has continued playing, as well as providing outstanding administrative and promotional service for the Central East Coast District and the Florida Shuffleboard Association. He served on the District Board from 1983 to 1988, including three years as President. Since then he has served as District Tournament Director and State Delegate. He served as Second Vice President and was on the Rules Committee of the F.S.A. Board during the 1992-1993 season. Howard is not slowing down — he completed in 16 statewide and 17 district tournaments during the 1991-1992 season. Not revealed in Howard’s playing record are the many hours that he has devoted to the training of persons involved in the operation of tournaments, both as referees and as tournament directors. Howard’s chart schools have been well attended and appreciated by players. Howard Clugstone is a true gentleman on the court. His calm play is an inspiration to the new player who comes in contact with him in a tournament. Howard qualifies in all categories for this Hall of Fame Special Award. He is a great administrator with a great love for the game, and for those who play it. Welcome, Howard, to the Hall of Fame. 

RITA CRONKHITE became an instant Pro in December, 1982, when she placed 2nd at the City of Palms Tournament in Ft. Myers. During the next 10 years she accumulated 236 points and placed 1st 17 times. In 1989 she won the National Singles at St. Petersburg, an accomplishment made all the more im­pressive by the fact that she won every match in two straight. Plagued by very poor vision at the time, she made up for this handicap through superb strategy, concentration, and deliberate methodical play. As an Amateur, Rita was Captain of the Petti­coat League in Trailer Estates. Through the years she has con­tinued to support the Southwest District by active participation in tournaments, and she rarely misses a state tournament. She spends her summers playing in Michigan, Ohio, Las Vegas, and Canada. She played in the 1985 International in Ocean City, N.J., and the 1988 International in Yokohama, Japan. In 1991 she won the Australian Invitational Tournament. Rita’s accomplishments on the Florida scene support her claim to the title of a World-Class Shuffleboard Player. She has won five gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. She has proved her championship status in five Masters Tournaments. Rita’s skill on the court is matched only by her good sportsman­ship and willingness to help others.

The Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame is proud to welcome Rita Cronkhite to this elite community of excellence.

MARY ELDRIDGE first started playing shuffleboard at Sebring in December, 1964. After moving to St. Petersburg in May, 1965, she continued to play as an Amateur. She became a Pro in November, 1966, when she won 4th place in the Mae Barber Singles. In 1968 she and Mae Hall won the National Doubles. Mary’s first singles win came in the 1969 Masters. She played three tournaments the next year before moving back north. She resumed playing again in 1971, but retired from play in 1976. She returned to Florida in January, 1991, and has proved to be a true legend in the making. She has amassed an amazing 488 points on the Roll of Champions! She has won 1st place in singles 16 times and 1st place in doubles 20 times. She has played in the Masters nine times — winning the championship five times!
Mary Eldridge is an excellent representative of the players as 2nd Vice President of the FSA. Her love of the game, will­ingness to help others, fine sportsmanship on and off the court, and her shuffleboard expertise made her a top choice for that position. These same qualities are the reason she is now included in the best of the best — the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
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1994 HOF Awards 

BETTY DeHART was well on the way to being an outstanding shuffleboard player until personal circumstances warranted her retirement from active play. However, she has continued to be one of our strongest advocates of the game, and has remained active in a supportive role. Betty is the first to comfort those who are ill or who have suffered the loss of a loved one. She has regularly purchased cards and obtained the signatures and notes from all of us who have good intentions but sometimes fail to follow through. She is the first one to let others know she cares and is there if needed. This has not been a designated responsibility, but rather, one of love.

Betty could usually be found keeping score, or doing anything that was helpful to those of us fortunate enough to play in tournaments. She tends to minimize her own playing skill, but is the first to give the novice player encouragement. She has a quiet way of teaching without the appearance of teaching. After talking with her, players walk away feeling better about their game, and often more knowl­edgeable. A very private person, Betty has never been one to talk about herself. Her primary concern is the welfare of others, on and off the courts. It is with great pride that we welcome this lovely lady, Betty DeHart, into the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.

RUSS DeHART moved to Florida in 1980 and began playing shuffleboard a year later. From the onset, Russ appeared to have a “Natural Ability” and he moved easily to State Amateur status and then Pro in 1983. Plagued with vertigo, severe back problems, and other health concerns, his participation in tournaments was restricted for a few years. However, he easily qualified for his first Masters in 1988. Sub­sequently, he played in the 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992 Masters tournaments; and he earned 218 points before heving to retire from active play.

During Russ’ brief tenure as an active player, he played a few of the summer Ohio tournaments. He placed in six National singles and doubles at Lakeside before his back pain became too severe to continue. Russ believes he was extremely fortunate because of the excellent partners he played with in Ohio and Florida. He is sorely missed by those partners, who consider themselves lucky to have played with him. Russ and his wife, Betty, were part of the special comraderie that evolves among tournament players who follow the circuit. Those close relationships are missed by them ... and by all who enjoyed their companionship.

GRACE is the word that best describes Russ. Always gracious in his dealings with others, on and off the courts, he may also have been one of shuffleboard’s most graceful players. His smooth approach, delivery, and follow-through were a study in elegance.

CONGRATULATIONS, Russo You are an outstanding representative of the F.S.A. Hall of Fame.

When THELMA SPRINGER became a Pro in 1983, it was difficult for her to find partners as the was relatively unknown on the Pro circuit. She and her husband, Jim, were the only Pro players from the Lake Placid Shuffleboard Club. However, it wasn’t long before her outstanding ability was recognized and she was in demand as a partner, and seen as an awesome threat by opponents. Few players have Thelma’s uncanny knack for winning a “lost” game when it appears to be “all over but the shouting.” Witnesses are often amazed to see this tenacious lady persevere to victory where defeat appears inevitable. Equally surprising is her apparent determination to ignore the elements and human frailty. Rain, sleet, wind, and unbearable heat go unnoticed. While a match is in progress, she appears immune to exhaustion or physical ills. She simply refuses to acknowledge the presence of such distractions — therefore, they don’t exist. This enigma called Thelma even seems to extend this mind-set to her appearance, which is always picture perfect regardless of circumstances. Thelma has an impressive record of 17 first-place wins in singles and 15 in doubles. She won the Tournament of Champions twice; the National Singles twice; the National Doubles twice; and the Florida State Doubles once. She was champion of the Pro Ladies Divi­sion in 1991. She qualified for the Masters three times, and played twice. To date, she has acquired 236 Pro points. Thelma won the Michigan State Singles twice and the Doubles three times. She was top woman player in Ohio nine of the last ten years. She was inducted into the National Hall of Fame in 1993. In short, she is the epitome of the word WINNER. CONGRATULATIONS, Thelma, on your nomination and induction into the F.S.A. Hall of Fame!

DICK WHITAKER began playing shuffleboard as a District Amateur in 1981-82. All his wins were in the main events: four first places; two seconds; one third; and four fourths. As a State Amateur he placed second three times, third once, and fourth once.Possessed with remarkable skill, he has accumulated 240 points as a Pro with relative ease. Generally speaking, if Dick enters a tournament, he usually makes it to the winner’s circle. At the time of his nomination to the Hall of Fame, his career revealed 46 first-place wins, 25 seconds, 12 thirds, and 16 fourth places. Although Dick credits his frequent partner, Russ DeHart, with much of his success, he is a very formidable player in his own right. Few players are willing to risk a game of wits in board play with Dick, as his skill is complemented with the cunning of an expert chess player. Students of board strategy are in constant attendance when Dick is on the courts. Potential partners are plentiful as knowl­edgeable players would far rather play with him than against him! Dick and his wife, Pat, won in mixed doubles in 1985-86. He has qualified for the Masters six times and played four. He has placed on the Roll of Champions several years. His skill is recognized throughout the state, and his name is widely known to shufflers.

We SALUTE Dick for his accomplishments and welcome him into the prestigious membership of the Florida Shuffleboard Asso­ciation Hall of Fame.                                                                                                                                           (back to roster)   


1995 HOF Awards 

VINCE LAFFERTY began shuffling 15 years ago. He is still a very active player and has accumulated 48 points in the Florida State tour­naments. Down through the years he has taught shuffleboard, as well as conducted Referees School. He has been a great promoter of the game for many years. Vince has always been willing to tackle any job — sweeping courts, waxing discs, refereeing, etc. He has served in the official capacity as President of Lakeland Shuffleboard Club, 1983-86, and then again in 1993-94. He also served as Vice President for 1988-91. He served as 2nd Vice President of the Central District Shuffleboard Association, 1983-86. He served as Vice President of the Florida State Association, 1990-92. He was the New Jersey Shuffleboard Association’s 3rd Vice President in 1984 and its President in 1985-87. He was also Tournament Director for 1991-93. He accumulated 283 points in the New Jersey tournaments. Ocean City, N.J. hosted the International Shuffleboard Tournament while Vince was President of the New Jersey Association.

CONGRATULATIONS, Vince, on your nomination and induction into the F.S.A. Hall of Fame!

GLEN PELTIER became an Instant Pro on October 31, 1984, at the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club. Hall of Fame candidates must have accumulated at least 200 points; Glen easily surpassed that requirement by amassing an amazing total of 500 points at the time of his induction on February 20, 1995, at Lake Worth. He ended the 1994-95 season with 72 points (70 in Main events and 2 in Consolation), easily leading the Gold Medal winners as a very popular champion. Thus, he will begin the 1995-96 playing season with a total of 521 lifetime points! Glen played his first Masters tournament in 1986 and has continued playing in the F.S.A.’s most prestigious event every year since that time. He has won the Masters four times — his most recent win in the 1995 Masters. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face and is considered by many players as Shuffleboard’s Ambassador of Good Sportsmanship. During Glen’s Pro career, he has missed only one state tournament, and he also plays in most West Coast District tournaments. When he isn’t playing the sport he loves, he teaches individuals and groups, or is involved in projects related to the game. An ultimate champion, Glen eagerly shares his wealth of knowledge with players who are anxious to improve their game. He says that shuffleboard has given him so much happiness that he feels a great debt of gratitude and will do anything he can for the sport he loves.

The shuffleboard community is proud to add the name of Glen Peltier to the roster of Champions in the F.S.A.’s Hall of Fame.

ELEANOR BROUGHAL maintains a special style on or off the shuffleboard courts and is held in high esteem by the Orange City Shuffle­board Club of the Northern District and to all shufflers as well. Eleanor presents herself in a unique way and remains poised in a cool, calm and collected manner. Her losses, as her records indicate, are few. A constant “in self control dignity” best describes her. She began shuffling in the 1982-83 season, winning three and a half points to State Amateur, No stopping this outstanding lady of deter­mination in refinement! In 1983-84 she gathered 4 points to the status of Pro with successful ease. In 1985-86 she earned 25 points, and in 1986-87 she earned 24 points. She captured 45 points in 1987-88, and held title with most points won for the Ladies in one sea­son. However, in each year that followed, her shuffleboard accuracy racked up 151 points to a 245-point total, and these points were earned within eight years. The record shows Eleanor played in the Masters for SEVEN years, took first place TWICE, and won the Florida State Singles THREE times! There is this to add to Eleanor’s record of wins — she held position as one of the Top Ten players for EIGHT consecutive years. She is a “sharp ‘n accurate” shuffler who, on or off the courts, promotes shuffling through encouraging words and a smile. We all are overwhelmed at her record, which stands for itself.

CONGRATULATIONS, Eleanor! This honor of being elected to the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame you have well deserved. Thanks, and Great Shuffling!                                                                                                      (back to roster)   


1996 HOF Awards 

HOWARD RAYLE began shuffling 25 years ago at Lakeside, Ohio. He has continued playing as well as holding down many adminis­trative duties. In Florida, he has accumulated 114 points and played in the Masters in 1989. He was Vice President of the Ohio Shuf­fleboard Association from 1978 to 1982, and was President from 1982 to 1986. He was President of the Southwest District Florida Shuf­fleboard Association from 1991 to 1994, and served on the Florida State Board from 1991 to 1994, most recently serving on the Constitution & By-Laws Committee. In 1993, he was Chairman of the Hospitality & Banquet Committee. In 1993, Howard was elected 4th Vice President of the International Shuffleboard Association and was re-elected for another two-year term in 1995. In 1993, he was installed as President of the National Shuffleboard Association, Inc. and still holds that position

Howard is one of three people in Ohio who has been inducted into the Ohio Hall of Fame both as a Player and again in the Exec­utive Award. He was also inducted into the National Hall of Fame in the Player Award in 1991. He is still a competitor in playing the game and attends most state tournaments. His biggest aim is to promote shuffleboard wherever he goes.

Congratulations, Howard, on your nomination into the F.S.A. Hall of Fame.

JUNIOR KINNEY made Instant Pro in October, 1984, at the Bradenton SBC. He played in most of the state tournaments for the following 10 years, playing in four Masters and two Interna­tional tournaments. He has been on the State Board and an offi­cer for the Clearwater SBC a number of years, spending numer­ous hours there. He enjoys meeting new shufflers and makes everyone welcome at the club. He and his wife, Pauline, will be inducted in to the Ohio Hall of Fame at the Banquet in 1996 at Carey, Ohio. Junior has 228 points to this date in Florida. He is very grateful to have shuffleboard as part of his life.

Shuffleboard is not just a game to be played to Junior. He makes it a sport to be enjoyed by countless people.

Junior Kinney has opened the doors of the Clearwater Club not only for the State and District tournaments, but to the count­less Leagues in the area. The Clearwater Club has been a bus­tle of activity every day with Daily Tournament play.

Only the members of the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club knows how hard PAULINE KINNEY has worked, or the pleasure she has brought to her club — countless hours over many years working and managing the kitchen, arranging several dinners and the entertainment each year. She is always upbeat in her attitude, and puts smiles on many faces. On the courts, Pauline is known as a fast, accurate shooter, always capable of beating the best. She has always played with new players and is constantly encouraging them. She is con­sidered the perfect partner, never critical and always offering encouragement.

Pauline became Instant Pro in 1984 in Clearwater. She qual­ified for the Masters five times, but only played in two. She has won the Florida State Doubles, and Doubles and Singles in the National. Pauline has 269 points to this date. Both she and her husband, Junior, will be officially placed in the Ohio Hall of Fame in June, 1996, and they deem it a great honor.

SKIP McCOY will be remembered as the PLAYERS’ PRESIDENT His early experiences as a park and league player were enjoyable, but were often marred by disruptions caused by poor interpretation of game rules. His enthusiasm began to wane until he became involved in State-sanctioned tournaments, and he discovered shuffleboard is governed by universally accepted written rules (FSA Rules & Regulations). He soon realized that unpleasant behavior erupted when the rules were altered or disregarded. As his skills increased, so did his determination to see the sport he loved become so enjoyable that its popularity would continue to grow. He urged players to know the rules, put their suggestions and concerns in writing, and urge their state representatives to discuss them with the FSA Board.

In June, 1988, Skip was one of six novice players from the Bonita Springs area who met Wes Marousch at a tournament in Spring­field, Ohio. Discussion centered around the FSA Board’s efforts to split the old Southwest District. Skip said, “We can do that.” A year later, the Southern District was a reality! This “mover and shaker” has attended every Board meeting since Oct., 1988. When he became FSA President in March, 1993, he was well prepared for the task. He carefully selected his Executive Board and Advisory Commit­tee and his confidence in them was rewarded. An ardent advocate of “keep it simple,” he insisted common sense and unbiased deci­sions, based on what was best for the players, should prevail. All communications from players received consideration, and voting was based on what was best for the game — not the individual. As his last official act, Skip signed a contract with the City of Sebring to house a shuffleboard museum at the Sebring Tourist Club.

When Skip McCoy became President, he often heard, “There goes your game.” Nothing could be further from the truth. His wins during his final year as President include: the Eastern National Doubles; President’s Trophy; Florida State Open Singles; Tournament of Champions; both the Southern District and State Masters; and he led the Roll of Champions with 61 points. He has accumulated 219 points since becoming an Instant Pro in February, 1990. He played in the ‘92, ‘93, ‘95, and ‘96 Masters, and qualified in ‘94.

An OUTSTANDING player, Skip McCoy has also been an OUTSTANDING President. Congratulations, Skip, on your induction into the FSA’s Hall of Fame — and on a job WELL DONE!

MARY LOU BUECHE - PLAYERS - West Coast District
On Feb. 5, 1996, MARY LOU BUECHE of the West Coast’s Clearwater SBC was inducted into the F.S.A.’s fellowship of the Hall of Fame. Mary Lou is most deserving of this recognition of excellence, not only as an outstanding shuffleboard player, but as an outstanding individual as well. She approaches the challenge of a difficult match with the same child-like qualities of excitement and enthu­siasm as she appears to approach everything that life has in store for her. Because of these qualities, Mary Lou wil be forever young.

Mary Lou (Elliott) Bueché’s shuffleboard career began at the Port Charlotte Club in 1982. She became a Pro in 1985, and by the end of the 1995-96 season, she had accumulated a total of 240 lifetime points. She was champion of the Ladies’ Division in 1994-95 with 53 points, and she ha~ played in the Masters four times. She has been a USA team member in three International tournaments. She has also placed first four times in National tournaments. The summer months find her and her husband, Richard, actively participating in shuf­fleboard in North Carolina, both in their local community and at Hendersonville. Mary Lou met her husband at a Hawthorne tournament in 1990. Two years later they were married on the shuffleboard courts at Clearwater! Mary Lou has been good for shuffleboard and, obvi­ously, shuffleboard has been good to her. Congratulations, Mary Lou, and welcome to the F.S.A.’s Hall of Fame.                                                                                                                                          (back to roster)   


1997 HOF Awards 

McCOY first played shuffleboard in Jan., 1988. Friends convinced her to play in the Valentine’s Day Singles Tournament in Naples. Knowling little about the sport, she expected nothing and was amazed when a charting error resulted in a surprising win in Consolation. That first trophy marked the beginning of a lifestyle that left little time for previous interests. The McCoys played the Ohio circuit that summer, and Pat made instant Pro. Competi­tion consisted of the top Florida Pros. She insists she learned to play shuffleboard while losing rather than winning. She ended the summer by winning the North American Singles in Michigan. In Ohio, Pat, Skip, and four Bonita Springs friends talked at length with Wes Marousch about the FSA’s frustrated efforts to split Florida’s Southwest District. The Southern District’s first official season was 1989-90, but it grew from a long year of very hard work that consumed the lives of the McCoys and their co-founders Wes and State Tournament Director Dick Roby offered constant support and guid­ance during the ‘88-’90 season. Pat agreed to be the FSA Treasurer, as well as fundraiser and Publicity Director for the emerging District. She was elected Trea­surer of the District’s empty coffers in December and wrote weekly newspaper articles about State and SW District tournaments and the progress of the Southern District. Both Pat and Skip won the SW District Amateur Masters in 1989. The Southern District’s first year was a huge success. Pat won the State Amateur Singles in ‘90 and the McCoys each won the new District’s Pro/Am Masters that year. Pat also became a Tournament Director, while train­ing others, and continued her weekly articles as “Auntie Pat.” She has represented the District as a National Delegate, Record Keeper, and State Delegate. She missed only one FSA Board Meeting in 8 years, and was a Board member for 7 years. She was the FSA Treasurer from March, 1993 til Oct., 1996, and was co-Editor of the FSA Preview for four years. She became a Florida Pro in ‘90191 and has earned 135 points to date. She has played the Florida Masters twice and played for the USA in the 1995 International. Pat’s wins include National Singles and Doubles, Fla. State Doubles Cham­pion, the President’s Trophy and the North American Singles in ‘88 and ‘96. Pat has given nine years of hard work to shuffleboard, but believes she has been well compensated in great fun and wonderful friendships. In 1993, Pat was voted into the Southern District’s Hall of Fame. She dedicated that award to all the individuals who gave tirelessly of themselves to make the Southern District so successful. She insists that no one accomplishes anything worth­while without the help and constant support of a great many hard-working and talented people. Now she has been elected to receive the FSA’s prestigious Special Award, and modestly accepts the honor in sincere gratitude to all those who ask so little and give so much.

Congratulations, Pat McCoy, on your induction into the FSA’s Hall of Fame!

CHARLES GRIFFIN started coming to Florida every winter in 1960; however, he didn’t try shuffleboard until Feb., 1985. He then gave up golf and made Instant Pro March 24, 1986 at the Fun & Sun in Clearwater. He also met his wife, Shirley, while playing in tournaments. He has held the positions of Delegate and Historian for the FSA, and is always willing to explain strategy and help anyone with their game.

Charlie has 11 first place finishes — four of them are Full Moon Singles at Lakeland. He has qualified for the Masters four times, and won seven FSA Medals. He also was won the National Singles, National Dou­bles, Florida State Doubles, and the Las Vegas Singles in 1993.

Charlie has collected and donated many items for the FSA Museum in Sebring, Florida. Congratulations, Charles Griffin, Jr., on your induction into the Hall of Fame Players 1997!

CHRIS STUTZMANN’s first contact with shuffleboard was in 1982. He made State Amateur in the 1983-84 season. In the next season, 1984-85, he made Instant Pro in Gulfport, winning the Doubles Tournament. He placed in 41 tournaments to accumulate 200 points toward the FSA Hall of Fame (in the 1995-96 season) which is an average of 4.8 points per tournament. Out of that 200 points, almost half (98) are in Singles. Out of the 41 tournaments, he placed first in more than 1/3 of them - 16 times. In the 41 tournaments, he placed 12 times in Singles, half of them firsts (6). In the 29 doubles tournaments, he played with 17 different partners, three of them ladies. He won the U.S. National Singles Championship in 1991 in St. Petersburg, the Tournament of Champions twice in a row (1993 & 1994). Chris played three times in the Florida Masters, and played three times in the International. Chris served 2 years as Vice Pres­ident of the West Coast District. In 1984, he organized the Ontario Shuf­fleboard Association and stayed 10 years as its President.

Congratulations, Chris Stutzmann, on your induction into the Hall of Fame Players in 1997!                     (back to roster)   


1998 HOF Awards 

BOB CRAIG - Special Award
BOB CRAIG started in shuffleboard in 1985, turned Pro in 1992. He has served as Vice President and Director of the Clearwater Club. He also served as President and Delegate of the West Coast District, then to the FSA Board as 2nd and 3rd Vice Presidents. He has also held the position of Chairman of the Hall of Frame and Trophy Committees since 1993. He assists Herb Thomas in preparing the PREVIEW, and has done tournament directing, posting charts, and spends many hours canvassing for PREVIEW ads, which helps promote the game of shuffleboard. Bob spends prime summertime hours overseeing shuffleboard play at the Clearwater Club, with his committee, for about 30 handicapped players, with which he has been involved for seven years. Bob was a member of the U.S. Team at the Internationals held in California in 1996.

Bob Craig is devoted to shuffleboard and loves to teach beginners in learning the game. CONGRATULATIONS, Bob, on your nomination and induction into the FSA Hall of Fame.

CATHERINE McCREERY has dedicated a big part of her life to shuf­fleboard and has traveled to Australia, Japan, Zimbabwe and all over Canada, and from coast to coast in the U.S. promoting the game. She made Instant Pro in March. 1978. at the Fun&Sun tournament, Clear­water, placing 4th in the main with partner Bena Comi. Catherine has placed 1St & 2nd ten times, 3rd eleven times, and 4th nine times - all in the main and numerous times in consolation. She played on the Inter­national team for Canada 15 times, in the Florida Masters in 1982 and 1993, placing a tie for 3rd both times. Also she has been on the Flori­da Roll of Champions five times. She won the Florida State Doubles, 1981, with Nyvla Tucker. To add to her winnings, she has accumulated

110 points in Ohio. She served as Canadian National President for 4 years, also as Vice President of the International Shuffleboard Asso­ciation. She is a member of the International Shuffleboard Hall of Fame, also the National Hall of Fame. She has been playing for a num­ber of years, but don’t count her out ... you’re going to see her on the circuit and you’d better be ready if you want to beat her because she is still an excellent player and well deserving of this honor. Congratulations, Catherine, on your induction into the FSA Hall of Fame Player Award.                                                                                         (back to roster)   


1999 HOF Awards 

Residing in El Rey Mobile Home Park, DAVE STOTT started playing shuffleboard in Florida in 1986, having retired in 1982 in Michigan from his occupation as a tool and die maker. He turned Pro in 1988. Taking the game very seriously, he accumulated 267 points in 11 years of play. He played on the International Team in 1990, had an outstanding 92-93 season, and was the leader of the Men’s Roll of Champions Point System. Dave played in 7 Masters, Florida Shuffleboard’s most pres­tigious tournament. He won the Florida State Singles twice, and the Florida State Doubles twice. He also won National Singles and Dou­bles. Dave and Gloria qualified to be inducted into the Florida and National Hall of Fame in the same year, 1999, the first husband-and-wife team to accomplish this honor in the same year!

Congratulations, Dave, on your induction into the Florida and Nation­al Hall of Fame in 1999. Dave thanks all his partners for his success on the courts.

JOAN WHEELER made instant Pro in 1989 at the National Doubles Tournament at Trailer Estates. She has placed 1st 36 times and lost in quarter finals 42 times. Joan played on the winning U.S.A. International Team in 1992 and was undefeat­ed. She has been on the Roll of Champions for the past 8 years and has played in the Florida Masters the past 7 consecutive years and in the S.W. Coast District Masters 7 times. Joan has won the Florida State Singles once, the State Doubles twice, the National tournaments 4 times, Michigan State Doubles 4 times, and the North American Singles once. She has accu­mulated 394 lifetime Points in her shuffling career. The 1996-7 and 1998-9 seasons were Joan’s best, earning her 71 points each year. This is more points than any lady Pro since the 1978-79 season! Joan designed the Award of Excellence cer­tificate which is presented to the Roll of Champions winners and the State Masters players. These have been awarded since 1993. The Bradenton Club logo was also designed by Joan. She has served on the S.W. Coast District Board as the State Delegate or Alternate since 1992.

Congratulations, Joan on your induction into the Hall of Fame!

GLORIA STOTT started playing shuffleboard in 1986 at El Rey Mobile Home Park. She made Pro in Oct. 1988. In her first year as Pro she and Jane Thomas made a strong team. Gloria also credits Pauline Kinney and Vicky Klym for helping her get started as a Pro. She would also like to thank all her partners for their support. She played on the International Team in 1990 and has been eligible for the Masters eight times. Gloria has accu­mulated 359 Points in 11 years.

Congratulations, Gloria, on your induction into the Florida Hall of Fame. This summer. Gloria Stott will be 3ntering into the National Hall of Fame.

HERB THOMAS - Special Award
HERB THOMAS started to shuffle in 1986, caddying for his wife Jane, now deceased. He made State Amateur in 1990, Pro in 1991. Herb was elected 3rd Vice President in 1990, 1st Vice President 1991-93. and President in 1994-1996. He now serves as State Delegate for the West Coast District. Some of his other achievements are: 1991-92, Chairman, Hospitality International Tournament, Clearwater; 1994-5, Chairman, Hos­pitality, Masters Tournament, St. Petersburg, Captain, Associ­ated League W.C., 1999. But his largest job is as Editor of our PREVIEW, for which he apprenticed under the tutelage of “Mr. Shuffleboard” himself, Willie Wolf. Herb took over as Edi­tor in 1993. He enjoys putting in long hours, working with the printer and his associates to make our magazine the “tops” it is today. Herb was inducted to the Hall of Fame Special Award in 1999.

Herb says, what an honor, and thanks to all of you.

Paul Prescott - President’s Award
PAUL PRESCOTT served as FSA President from March 1995 through March 1998. He became interested in shuffleboard while vis­iting his parents, Robert and Edith, both Pros in their own right. He soon became a fanatic. In 1989 he was the 3rd Vice President of the Central District. Paul served in that capacity for 2 years, then as 1st Vice President for an additional 2 years. In 1992 he became Presi­dent of the Central District. Two weeks after he became President, the FSA President, the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents all resigned. At the request of the new FSA President Skip McCoy, Paul became FSA 1st Vice President. Paul Prescott is an accomplished player. He made Instant Pro at Trailer Estates in 1991 when he and Al Bolcato finished 1st. He has accumulated 204 Points in 9 years as a Pro, played in the Masters 3 times, and has been a Medal Winner in the Roll of Champions 7 times. During Paul’s tenure as President, a num­ber of innovations have taken place. He selected individual with var­ious management and leadership skills to perform the administrative duties in the FSA organization, the record keeping and finances were computerized, a FSA Web page was established, and many other innovations that Paul introduced. We congratulate him on his Pres­idents Award, a feat well earned!                                                                                                      
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2000 to 2009 - scroll down

HOF Awards 

SKIP McCOY  -  Player - Little Charlie Creek - Central District
Skip McCoy entered one Pro tournament in the 1989-90 season and placed 2nd in the Florida State Pro Singles at Leesburg - becoming an Instant Pro to be reckoned with. An exceptional board player, he can clear and score with equal ease. Often referred to as the ‘Worlds Finest Player’ he believes skill alone does not make a Champion. Good sportsmanship is essential to deserve the title. Skip has quali­fied for 9 Masters tournaments and played in 8. He has won every major singles and doubles title in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina. and the North American Singles in Michigan. He has earned 434 FL Pro points and is quick to point out that FUN is the name of the game; partners are chosen accordingly. Skip has won 11 National titles and was elected to the National Hall of Fame this year.

Congratulations, Skip. for earning Florida’s most prestigious award — membership in the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Hall of Fame, as Past President in 1996 and as a Player in 2000.

MAURICE BAKER  -  Player - Central District
Maurice Baker became Instant Pro in 1985, winning 1st place with Charles Bone at Hollywood. Maurice won some of the most prestigious tournaments such as the Florida State Singles, Florida State Doubles, and a National Tournament.

Maurice has also won the honor of playing in the Masters several times. He has played on the Canadian International team 4 times. Maurice Baker’s home has been the Central District since 1987, and both he and Muriel have shuffled for 10 summers at Lakeside, Ohio. Congratulations. Maurice, on your membership into the Hall of Fame!

AUSTIN McDONALD -  Player - Central District
Austin McDonald, retired Master Plumber, made Pro in Oct, 1984. He has played out of the Central District from Lakeland and Winter Haven, qualifying for Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg on March 1st, 1999. He has had 137 main event wins in shuf­fleboard, won the U.S. National closed singles, the Florida State doubles, played in the Masters, played in 7 International tournaments, and was on the winning team four years in a row. Austin also won the U.S. International Pro Classic World Cham­pionship doubles in 1988 with partner Russ DeHart. Austin would like to thank the FSA and all the players who make his achievement possible. Congratulations, Austin McDonald, on your induction into the FSA Hall of Fame.                                        (back to roster)   


 2001 HOF Awards 

As a young retiree, wondering what to do with my free time, I saw an article in Free Shuffleboard Lessons at the Lake Worth Shuf­fleboard Club. I thought, here’s my chance to learn what it’s all about. In a short while, I was an avid learner. And it was at Lake Worth that my shuffleboard career started. It was all over Florida and in all kinds of weather that I pushed those discs up and down the courts. I had finally discovered what those “Northerners” found so fascinating about this game.

I believe that I’m the only native-born Floridian to be in the Hall of Fame and one of the very few playing the shuffleboard game. After being around the game almost all of my life, watching from a distance, it was certainly fun, at last, to be able to participate in all the fun games and tournaments - and to make a lot of friends from “Up North.”

Mary Jeffers became a Pro in Oct., 1990; to date, she has 234 points. She was a silver medal winner in 1994-1 995 and a gold medal winner three times (‘96-97, ‘97-’98, ‘98-’99). She played in the State Masters three times. Her best year was 1997, earning 53 points. Mary was Florida State Singles Champion in ‘98-’99 and in ‘96-‘97. CONGRATULATIONS, MARY!

Paul Prescott became interested in shuffleboard in the mid-80s, while visiting his parents, Robert and Edith (both pros who rep­resented the USA to the International Tournament twice). Paul retired from the US Air Force in August 1989, and began to play tournaments in Florida that fall, making State Amateur by the end of the 1989-90 seasons. He made Instant Pro in Feb. of the 990-91 season by finishing first at Trailer Estates with Al Bolcato (another Air Force retiree) as his doubles partner. During the next nine years he accumulated a total of 219 points. He qualified and played in the Masters three times and was either a Gold or Silver medal winner in the Roll of Champions 8 times. He also served as First Vice President and President of the FSA, and was elected to the Hall of Fame as a Past President in 1999.We congratulate Paul Prescott on his induction to the FSA Hall of Fame as a Player, as well as a Past President. Paul wishes to thank all his partners. He could not have achieved this honor without them, he says.

PAT McCOY  -  Player - Little Charlie Creek -Central District
If anyone epitomizes what a Hall of Fame person should be, it is Pat McCoy. Pat not only qualifies on the court, but off the court as well. She is always cordial, fair-minded, and concerned for others and for the game of shuffleboard. Pat started to play shuffleboard in Naples, Jan. 1988. She placed in Consolation in her very first tournament and became a Pro in thel99O-91 season. She was instrumental in helping with the difficult task of splitting the South­west District into two districts: the Southwest and the Southern Dis­tricts. She was also Treasurer, Fund-raiser, Publicity Director, and wrote newspaper articles under the name “Auntie Pat” for the new district. She has represented her district as National Delegate, State Delegate and Record-Keeper. Pat was an FSA Board mem­ber for 7 years and State Treasurer, 89-90, and from 93-96. She has played in 3 State Masters and in 2 Internationals. In 1993 she was voted into the Southern District Hall of Fame. She is already on the FSA Hall of Fame under the Special Awards category for her tireless work on behalf of shuffleboard and has now been voted into the FSA Hall of Fame in the Player category. Pat McCoy is well deserving of both honors.

BILL CLEVER  -  Special Award  - Native of Ohio  -  Patternmaker by Trade
Bill Clever started playing shuffleboard in1974, and won the Ohio State Amateur Singles in 1977. He became a Florida Pro in 1979. He played many summers in Hendersonville. It was there that he would send Tournament Results by E-mail to many of his friends which led to a one-page report on the Web rather than by E-mail. From this single page, the FSA.Web. site became a reality. And known around the world. Bill wishes to thank the many who helped make this web site possible. Even so, though this took a lot of doing, the honor of this award makes it all worthwhile. My thanks to all - Bill Clever.                   (back to roster)   


 2002 HOF Awards 

Jacques Bergeron - Player
Jacques started playing shuffleboard about 13 years ago, when he joined the Holly­wood Shuffleboard Club. In 1992 he start­ed his pro career and the rest, as they            say, is history. Jacques in 10 years as a pro, has amassed more than 525 points, which include a believed to be men’s record 75 points in the 1994 season. Jacques has ranked first in points in a year, in 3 separate seasons and second 3 times. He has qualified for the Masters every year he has been a pro, with the exception of the first year. Jacques has placed in 15 National Tournaments, 13 in the main event and winning 5 of them. He has placed in 12 state sponsored tournaments, 11 in the main event and winning 4 times. Jacques is his district’s keeper of records, and its webmas­ter. He was elected to his district’s Hall of Fame in 1995. For his on the court and off the court accomplishments in shuf­fleboard, Jacques is certainly well qualified for induction into the FSA Hall of Fame. Congratulations Jacques.

Lary Faris - Player
Lary Faris played his first game of shuffle­board in 1936 at Lakeside, Ohio. He was three and a half years old and beat his mother, who gave him 5 points for getting to the first lag line, and 10 for the second. He entered his first tournament when he was five and won his first junior tournament at 11 and first adult tournament at 15. He first played in Florida in 1969, winning the consolation in the National Singles at St. Pete. He became an instant pro by placing 4th at Gulf port in 1974, with partner Howard Hawkins. He began playing regularly in Florida winter tournaments in the 1990-91 season and reached 200 points in November 2000, placing 3rd in the National at Bradenton.

For 13 years Lary has written a weekly column called “Shuffleboard Coach” that has helped many Florida shuffle­board players improve their games and become better play­ers. Many await its publication each Tuesday in several Flori­da Newspapers.

When asked about his top achievements, Lary highlights his 14 National championships (a record number) and his five singles firsts in Florida. He says winning the St. Pete singles two times in a row (1995 & 1996) and going unde­feated in the International in Japan in 1988 are his top play­ing performances. He is proud of being a member of four major shuffleboard Halls of Fame: Ohio, National, International, and now Florida.

When asked what comment he’d like included here, he said, “Be sure to thank all my partners. I’d be nowhere with­out them.

Dale Williams - Player
Dale became a Pro in October of 1991. He has amassed an impressive list of accom­plishments. Among them are sixteen first place wins, two Florida State Singles wins, a Tournament of Champions win, a Nation­al Singles and Doubles win. He has par­ticipated in two Masters Tournaments. Dale has played in the International Tour­nament three times. He served as Central District President for two terms. Dale thanks all of his partners without whom he could not have achieved his 245 points.

Audrey Lafferty - Player
Audrey started playing shuffleboard in Texas in 1978. She came to Lakeland in 1979. She made instant Pro at Deland in 1982. She has amassed 718 points in New Jersey and has represented New Jersey twice at the International Tourna­ment in 1983 and in 1986. She won the National Doubles at Lakeside, Ohio in 1985. Audrey played in the Florida Masters in 1991. She qualified for the Hall of Fame at Trailer Estates in January of 2001. Audrey would like to thank all players who helped her achieve this honor.

Carl Eby - Player
Carl started playing shuffleboard in a small park in Naples in 1985. Moved to Estero at Riverwoods in 1988. This is when he and his good friend Dick Miles ventured to Punta Gorda to play in their first tournament, the Southwest Coast District tournament, where they came home with a FIRST PLACE. That was the beginning of many more tournaments. Carl has the great honor of being the first player in the Southern District to be inducted into the Southern District Hall of Fame as a player. he played in every District Masters from the time the Southern District was formed until 1997.

Carl enjoyed playing with a lot of different players in the State. It wasn’t necessary for him to always play with the top players. His partners were varied and many, as he always liked to have fun along with playing well. He was a silver medal winner in the Florida State Roll of Champions in 1993-94. A gold metal winner in 1994-95. sil­ver metal winner in 1995-96, gold metal winner in 1997-98. Played in the Florida State Masters in 1995, 1996, and 1998. He was also on the winning USA National Team in 1995. Won the National Open Singles at Lakeside, Ohio in 1993, 1995, and 2000. Carl and his partner were Florida State Doubles Champions in 1994 and 1995. He and his partner also won the National Doubles Champions in Bradenton in 1998 and 1999.

Carl has always been cordial, fair-minded, and shows great sportsmanship towards the game he loves so much. We congratu­late Carl Eby on his induction to the FSA Hall of Fame as a Player, as well as Past President.

Carl would like to thank all of his partners for the privilege of play­ing with them, and thank the FSA for all the work that goes into keeping this great organization running.

Maureen Sanders - Special Award
Maureen Sanders has been active in shuffle­board for many years. She made Pro in 1980 and has 55 lifetime points. She was successful in capturing the Florida State singles held in Leesburg in 1983. Maureen has also played in three internationals. She served as State Del­egate in her district from 1985 to 1992 and was the assistant tournament director for sev­eral years. Maureen has given up many oppor­tunities to play in order to run tournaments so others could play and enjoy the sport. She and her husband Cliff have sponsored the Central District Pro masters for the past 12 years and helped sponsor the State Masters being held in Betmar in April 2001.

Carl Eby - President’s Award
Carl Eby served as FSA President in 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 before having to resign due to health problems. Carl continues to be on the Advisory Board of the FSA. Carl was in the Fast Food Restaurant business from the age of 20 and continued in business for 35 years. However, in the winters the Restaurants were closed and he spent time here in Florida where be came to love the game of shuffle­board. Carl was always willing to help in all the organizations he was a member and this was no different. he became 3rd Vice President of the southern District in 1990-91, 2nd Vice president in 1991-92, and first Vice president in 1992-93 and 1993-94, and made out the District Tournament schedules for these two years. Became President of District in 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97. Served a total of Seven years on the District, he also took on the job of first Vice President of the FSA in 1996-97, con­tinuing this position in 1997-98, and 1998-99. These three years he made out both the State Amateur and Pro Tournament Sched­ules for the season. While doing all of this he also became a very accomplished player. We congratulate Carl on his President’s Award, a feat well earned.  THANK YOU!                                                                                      (back to roster)   


2003 HOF Awards 

Ann Hersom - Player
Ann started playing shuffleboard in 1988 at Golf Lakes Shuffleboard Club in Braden­ton, FL. Her first big win was in 1991; she won the Southwest Coast District Mas­ters setting a record of 19 wins. In 1993 she became a pro and went on to accumulate over 200 points in 5 years. She played in the State Pro Masters 6 times. Ann has accumulated almost 200 more points since then.

She served as secretary for the Southwest Coast District for 3 years and served as the State Treasurer for one and a half years. She is now the Keeper of Records for the State Shuffleboard Assn. Ann is the State’s Webmaster and also hosts the Shuffleboard E-Mailers Website.

Ann has played on the International Team 5 times and served as Captain 2 years. She was very proud to be induct­ed into the National Hall of Fame at Lakeside, Ohio in 2001. Being inducted into the State Hall of Fame is a dream for which she worked very hard to attain. She wished to thank all her partners for putting up with her “lefty” hand playing. She says, “Without my partners I would not be entertaining the joys of being a Hall of Famer. Thank you each and everyone.

Kathy Thede - Player
Kathy started playing shuffleboard at Win­ter Gardent, FL - K.O.A. campground in 1980. In 1985 she moved to Port Richey, FL. joined the New Port Richey shuffle­board club and started playing in tourna­ments. Traveling to Clearwater quite often she and Don decided to move closer. They chose Colonial Village in Largo as their residence in 1989. Having a number of pros in the park sure helped a lot. She made Instant Pro in March of 1990. Some of her accomplishments are:
•  1st National Singles - plus several other singles in 1st Place.
•  Placed 1st in Masters in 1997.
•  Finished in Mixed doubles at Winter Haven for 5 years.  — 2 being 1st Place Main & a second in Main.
•  Earned 3 Silver and 1 Gold medal.
•  Total points earned - 228
A thank you to all the partners who helped me achieve this honor. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Bob Douthit - Player
Bob Douthit, “Shuffle Bob”, has been play­ing Shuffleboard for 25 years. He made instant Pro while on vacation 10 years ago and won 1st Place in the first tour­nament after he retired. Bob is a member of the National “Hall of Fame” having won six National Championships. He is also in the Ohio “Hall of Fame” as the all time points leader with 1053. Bob has earned 251 points in Florida having won numerous state tourna­ments including the Florida State Doubles Championship. He qualified for the “Masters” four times and played twice. He also made the Roll of Champions six times. Bob wishes to thank all of his playing partners.

Ann Wedel - Player
Ann Wedel before starting shuffleboard enjoyed pitching horseshoes. She is a Michigan Ladies State champion 3 times, Ladies Class B world champion and is in the Michigan Horseshoe Hall of Fame. She started playing shuffleboard in a RV park in Bradenton, FL in league play and was told about district tournaments. Her and Walt thought they would see what this was all about. They enjoyed the competition and heard about State tournaments so gave that a whirl too. In 1989 she made instant pro. She has won the Southwest Coast District Masters 2 times and tied once. Won the Florida State singles once and placed in several other state tournaments. She qualified to play in the Florida State Masters 3 times and won 1st place once. She has played in National tournaments in Ohio and Florida with 5 single and 4 double 1st place wins and has placed in several other National tournaments as well. She has played on the USA Ladies team in 4 International tournaments. She was inducted into the National Hall of Fame in July of 2002 in Lakeside, Ohio.

She has won the Michigan State Singles and Doubles and is the Michigan State Secretary. She enjoys promoting and the competition of Shuffleboard. Ann wants to thank all her partners for helping her to receive this great honor.

Marjorie Taylor
Marjorie started playing shuffleboard in Park City Fort Lauderdale Fl in 1984 S.E.C.D She made instant pro in Hollywood Doubles in 1991. She has amassed many awards in Ontario, Canada. Have won the National Doubles in Trailer Estates Have represented Canadas team for 10 years in International Tournaments with the eight years World Champions out of Marjorie Taylor out of ten. She was first lady president in Chatham Horizon Club, Ontario, Canada. She represents the first lady to achieve this honor of the Florida State Hall of Fame out of Southeast Coast Division. She played in the Florida State Masters in 1999, 2000 & 2001 and was Co-Champion in 2001. She qualified for S.E.C.D. HOF in 1999. She qualified for the Florida State Hall of fame at Holly­wood Doubles in 2001.

Marjorie would like to thank all players who helped her achieve this honor in a gracious manner. She would also like to thanks the FSA for the work that goes into keeping this great organization running.

Myrna Eby - Player
Myrna started playing shuffleboard in a small park in Naples in 1985. Moved to Riverwoods in 1988 and played in the newly formed Southern District where she served as Treasurer for 10 years, and played in every District Master through 1999, and qualified in 2000, but declined. Myrna became a pro in 1992 and got her 200 points in 1999. She was inducted into the Southern District Hall of Fame as a player in January 2001. Myrna was the first lady to receive this honor in the Southern District with 37 main event wins. To receive this award you must have 35 main event wins in the District. She qualified to play in 5 State Masters and chose to play in 2. Myrna won in 2 Florida State Doubles and 2 National singles, along with one North American Singles. She played at Lakeside, Ohio, in the International in 1995.

Myrna has always been a fun loving person, fair-minded and always show sportsmanship and courtesy on and off the court. We congratulate Myrna Eby on her induction to the F.S.A. Hall of Fame as a player. Myrna would like to thank all of her partners for being so kind to play with her, and thank the F.S.A. for all the work that keeps going into this organization for the great game of shuffleboard.

Joan Cook - Player
Joan made pro in 1992. She has placed 1st 33 times and has played in four internationals winning three championships. She is a seven times National Champion and a four times State Champion. She won the Ohio State singles in Ohio in 1996 and the Ohio State Doubles in 1997.

Joan has played in the Florida State Mas­ters seven times winning in 1998 and she was co-winner in 2003. She has won the District Masters four years in a row and was twice F.S.A. Roll of Champion winner. Her best season was 2001-2002 earning her 76 points. She accumulated over 200 points in the past three years and would like to thank all of her great partners for without them she could not have achieved her 465 points. She was secretary in her district and was on the auditing committee for the past two years. She would like to thank the F.S.A. for all the work that goes into this organization.

Ruby Bladorn - Player
When Ruby went after something she always accomplished it. Once she achieved her goal she set her sights on her next challenge. Ruby played in the first tournament that was held in Las Vegas at the Sands Resort. She was Florida State champion in the senior’s division two times. Once in 1994-1995 and again in 1996-1997. Ruby played in the Florida State Masters four times and was co-winner once. With Joan Cook as Ruby’s partner they earned 101 points. Ruby made pro in October 1991. She made her 200 points at City Island with Joan Cook at the other end. This was done on her birthday October 28, 1998. Ruby was a “N.S.A.” Champion.

She was co-president for six years at the Red Coconut Trail­er Park of Fort Myers Beach, Florida.
Ruby served as president of the Eight League Parks for six years.
She was president of the Lake Shore Mobile Home Park in Sebring, Florida for seven years until the time she had to quit due to health reasons.
She helped teach the game of shuffleboard to the players at the red coconut.“If you can remember me as I remember you..., My new friends are silver, but my old friends are gold.”

Richard Buchanan -  Player
Richard “Buck” Buchanan grew up and worked in Hermitage, PA. He was a high school athlete and married the Homecoming Queen. He retired and came to Florida to fish, but found he liked shuffleboard and has had an outstanding career. He won his first Florida points in 1992 and reached 200 in just 7 years. He has 17 Florida  firsts and was high point man in 1999 with 61. He has 3 Gold medals and 3 Silver and has played in four “Masters”. He was the Florida state amateur champion in 1991 and has won two state championships in the pros. He has won 6 national titles, has 14 national placements and is 10th on the all time National point list. In international play he has represented the USA 3 times and was undefeated in 1995 and has won 31 of 33 matches.

He served for 2 years as District President, 3 years as National President, and is currently International President. Buck is now a member of four shuffleboard halls of fame: Ohio, National special award and player award, International and now Florida. Buck made points with 33 different players and thanks them all for helping him accomplish this goal.

Don Bladhorn - Special Award
Don Bladhorn was a great shuffleboard player and showed true sportsmanship. He made pro in 1990. Don won the Florida State Men’s Senior Singles in 1995-1996. He won the Florida State Doubles with Glen Peltier in the 1995-1996 season. He played in the Masters twice. Don played in the first tournament held in Las Vegas at the Sands Resort. Don served as co-president of the Red Coconut Trailer Park at Fort Myers Beach for six years.

Don loved the game of shuffleboard. You would find him not only teaching people the skills of the game but also the proper eti­quette of the game. Don not only loved the sport but the friends he made along the way. He leaves you with a smile!

Ed Johnson - Special Award
Being Keeper of Records (KOR) for the F.S.A. for even one season is a tough, time-consum­ing volunteer job. Ed was our KOR for five full seasons from 1994 through 2000. He devel­oped the first fully computerized database to handle all FSA records and devised the current system of entering records into the Preview. Now it is much easier to research the player status lists to determine when players made state am and pro and if/when they made instant pro. He helped develop and then designed the current F.S.A. formats for our “Bye Chart” and our “Prize Money” table. Ed started fun shuffling in 1990 when he first moved to Florida and started tournament shuffling during the 1991-1992 season. He made state am that first season and made pro the following season. In 1992, he placed first in the Central District “Reiny Schleier” amateur singles championship tournament. Ed and his wife Donna played as members of the U.S. team in the International in Japan (1999) and in Australia (2001). They run a popular open-to-all shuffleboard program, three days a week, for six months each summer at Wood Brook Estates in Lakeland, Florida. Ed has been so busy in volunteer positions involving his managerial skills and computer expertise that he has played very little tournament shuf­fleboard at the state level since 1998.

---------- missing --------------
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2004 HOF Awards 

Kay Buchanan - Player
Kay won the amateur doubles in 1992, made pro in 1993 and has accumulated 201 points as of 2003. She has won the Tournament of Champions in the non-walking division and has six-ist place wins. She is in the Ohio Hall of Fame and is 12th in the all-time points for Ohio. She has won a National singles and is currently in 22nd place in the all-time point list. Kay has accomplished this by shuffling with 23 different players.

Kay thanks all the people that have shuffled with her and everyone that has helped her attain this goal.

Lee Jordan - Player
Lee, a retired lawyer-businessman from Montana shuffled as an amateur for a lit­tle over one season, made instant pro by winning the sixth state tournament of the next season, then won his first pro Masters a few months later; and the state point race the next season. His often-interrupted shuffling career emphasized “going on the board early and often”, reluctantly “clearing the board” only if a large lead was acquired; a tactic made successful by showing up at tournaments with very strong stoical partners.

This strategy enabled him to acquire the points necessary for the Hall of Fame after about six seasons of shuffling. His fondest memories are of the many wonderful people he encountered during his shuffling journey.

Ellen Davis
From the beginning of Ellen Davis’ Pro career she has been a star player. Her 400 plus points says it all. She has won every major title and is always a threat on the courts. Playing in 8 Masters tournaments, she has won 3 and has been co winner in two others. Her quiet demeanor and pleasant personality have made her a favorite partner on the circuit. Her many wins in Florida, Hendersonville North Carolina and Canada show she is very competitive and a winner. Ellen has often been mentioned to be the “complete” player. The FSA proudly welcomes Ellen Davis into the Hall of Fame.

Richard Minton - Player
Richard started his shuffleboard career as a Park League player. In 1993, he decided he would like to compete in tournaments. He quickly earned his points to become a State Amateur, then in 1994 - 1995, he earned his pro points. In both his first and second years as a Pro he won the National Non-Walking Singles at Bradenton. Richard went on to play in two Master’s Championships and was also selected to play for the USA team in interna­tional competition. Coming into the 2003 -2004 season, Richard has amassed 233 Pro points.
Richard has also served on the board of the St. Petersburg SBC and as President of the Hendersonville, N.C. SBC.
Richard would like to give thanks to all his partners during his HOF career.

Dave Minnich - Hall of Fame Presidents Award
Dave is completing his term of three and a half years as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association and as such has been inducted into the Hall of Fame as a past President but that’s not the whole story. Dave retired to Florida after owning his own business where, if he didn’t make the right decisions he didn’t eat. It wasn’t long after picking up the game of shuffleboard that he got involved as an Executive, which just came naturally to him. He was the park leagueDave is completing his term of three and a half years as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association and as  team’s captain and was soon elected President of the park club. He joined the Clearwater club and was soon on the board of directors where the West Coast District (WCD) noticed him and put him on as a Vice President. A Month later, after the WCD President and Keeper of Records resigned, Dave picked up both jobs with no idea what was involved. Under his three-year leadership the District flourished. One of the many inno­vations Dave implemented was the concept of area tournaments, which got the WCD league-playing amateurs involved in Tournament play without the threat of losing their amateur status, something he is most proud of to this day. Near the end of his term as WCD President, the Florida Shuffleboard Association asked him to come aboard as 2nd VP, which he did, while maintaining his job as Keeper of Records for his District. The next year he moved up to 1st VP and served a year and a half before the President resigned for health reasons. Dave took over in a difficult period because so many great Shufflers were becoming eligible for the Hall of Fame and the rules wouldn’t let them all be inducted at the same time. But. under Dave’s leadership the rules were changed and he inducted 27 very deserving people during his three and a half year term. Dave’s ability to run efficient meetings without harsh words between partici­pants is legendary and yet not the most amazing thing about the man. The most amazing thing is his ability to play Shuffleboard with a constant buzz of business and problems going on around him. Dave is a fierce competitor and outstanding player as attested by his ability to qualify for his 5th straight Masters and his accumulation of over 200 points for which he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a player next season. Congratulations Dave and thank you and Sue for all you’ve done for all of us

.Mike Vassolotti - Player
Mike started his Shuffleboard career on the East Coast and had a very successful career as an amateur, setting an all time record for amateur “Masters” points with his partner. He won the Amateur “Masters” and the State Amateur Doubles. After becoming a “Pro” Mike moved to the west coast to better enable himself to play the pro circuit. He found imme­diate success as a pro qualifying for the “Masters” in his first season. Mike has quali­fied for the “Masters” in each of his seven seasons. He has been the Champion or Co-Champion four times and elected not to play twice. Mike got to 200 points in just four seasons, faster than any­one in modern times ever has. He also reached 300 & 400 points faster than anyone else. Along the way he has won four National Championships, three “Roll of Champion” Champi­onships, The Florida State Doubles and the Tournament of Champions. Mike says good partners made it all possible and he wishes to thank them all.                                                      (back to roster)   


2005 HOF Awards

Earl Ball - Player
Earl qualified for the “Hall of Fame” in just five seasons! To win and place in all those tournaments Earl had to have fine partners. Earl wishes to thank them all. Earl had a distinguished Amateur career punctuated by two North Carolina State Championships and the Florida Central District Amateur “Masters” Championship. He ar a became an instant Pro in 1999. He and his partner, also, won the 1st National Championship of the new Millennium, Earl added the Tournament of Champions Crown, scored 42 points for the season and qualified for the “Masters” which he’s done each season since. He holds one FSA “Masters” Co Championship. He also is the third player to qualify for the Central District HOF and holds two Central District Pro “Masters” Championships. He has four National Championships to include the rare mix of Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles Championships along with the distinction of going undefeated in the International Games held at Clearwater.

Earl promotes and teaches the game with passion, be it at the Club or Worldwide! He has held offices at the Club, District and State level, writes articles for the newspapers and the World Wide Web. The Florida Shuffleboard Association welcomes Earl to the “Hall of Fame”.

Dave Minnich - Player
Dave began his saga humbly as a park player after stumbling over a group of friendly shufflers on his home park courts Since that time he has never looked back and has become the embodiment of Mr Shuffleboard in Florida In the nine years he has been shuffling as a Pro Dave quickly became the shuffler sought out for guid­ance and consultation. In earning the points nec­essary to qualify in the Player category, Dave amassed well over 240 points. During his quest, Dave partnered with over 67 different shufflers, placing among the top eight tournament finishers over 46 times and, counting his excellence at the Singles game, placed among the top eight finishers over 53 times. He has 13 main event firsts and has qualified to play in five FSA masters tournaments. Dave is truly unique in his style of play and expert analysis of every situation in a game, rarely making a mistake in his tactics or strategy, all the while being the complete gentleman. Dave is not only a recognized expert among Pro shufflers in Florida, he has been a top 8 finisher in 22 National tournaments, most recent­ly as the 2004 Eastern National Doubles Champion with his partner. He has also played in an International tournament, where he tied for the best record on the USA Men’s team. Dave is also unique in other ways, having freely given back to shuffleboard more than he has received. This is evidenced by his induction into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2004 as a Past President of the FSA [See adjacent write up] and his stints as Keeper of Records and President of the West Coast District. He is especially known for the sage advice about shuffleboard strategy and tactics and, if asked, about life in general. Dave consid­ers his positive influence and help to numerous up and coming shuf­flers among his greatest accomplishments.

Congratulations Dave, on a most deserved accomplishment in earning your selection into the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Hall of Fame in the Player Category.

Mary Button - Player
Mary was introduced to shuffleboard while on vacation in Daytona Beach and found that she really enjoyed the game. She pur­sued shuffleboard in Ontario, Canada and in Florida. She became a Canadian expert in 1992 and played as an amateur in Florida 1993-1995. Mary became a pro in Florida in October 1995 and went on to win the Florida State singles championship twice and the national doubles championship twice. Mary has played in three Master’s tournaments. One of the amazing things about Mary qualifying for the FSA Hall of Fame is that she has amassed her 212 points with very little traveling. Mary plays mostly close to Clearwater tournaments

Mary has played on the Canadian National Shuffleboard team in the International games for ten years and in 1998, in Goderich, Canada, she won all her games in that years International games--an amazing feat.

Mary was also inducted into the Canadian Shuffleboard Hall of Fame in 2004.
Mary would like to thank her partners, her opponents and the FSA for giving her the opportunity to attain this honor. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

Diana Morrison - Player
Diana made the FSA Hall of Fame in less than 5 years. She won a silver medal the first year and 5 gold medals since. She has played in 5 State Masters. She has won 2 Florida State Doubles and 2 Florida State Singles Championships. She has also won 7 National Championships.

Her highlights are as follows:
Diana Morrison •      Making Pro with the great Skip McCoy as her partner.
•       Being partners with Pat McCoy when Pat made her 200 points.
•       Being partners with Ginny Czewski and Marion Lohbusch when Ginny and Marion won their National Pins.
•       Being partners with Annie Mazzola (Deland) when Annie earned her first pro points.
her biggest thrill came in a Mixed Doubles tournament in Winter Haven with 85 teams when she won 1st place - Main event with her best friend, Lofty Haskim. Diana had an amazing run of success in Hendersonville last summer. She took 1st place in the North Carolina singles and doubles and took 1st place in the Eastern National Singles and Doubles. She has won the Eastern National Singles 4 times in the last 6 years. Diana plays out of Lakeland, Ft. and wishes to thank all of her partners for helping her achieve her goal

Buzz & Betty Downing - Special Award
Buzz and Betty Downing have spent many years dedicating their retirement years to Shuffleboard. Buzz and Betty are from Golf Lakes in the SWCD and have been running Tournaments for over 19 years. Buzz and Betty run District, State, and National Tournaments for the State of Florida. They also run Tournaments at Lakeside, Ohio and the State of Michigan. They are very busy folks. They both recently have taken on extra jobs. They held Tournament Directors Schools at St. Pete and Clearwater.

They are both a “Book of Knowledge” when it comes to the rules of Shuffleboard. They both try to convey this knowledge to all as they run the tournaments. Buzz says, “Rules are to be fol­lowed to insure a well run tournament.” Buzz and Betty have helped many a new beginner with tips, rules, and encouragements. You can find them both at all the tournaments even when they are not working.
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2006 HOF Awards


2007 HOF Awards 

Nicole Archambault - Player
Nicole became a Pro in 1994 and played in her first District Masters. She finished first. This was in the Northern District. Nicole and her hus­band moved to Central District. In the following 12 years Nicole won 1st  place 7 times, 2nd place 3 times and 3rd place twice. Nicole played on the Canadian Ladies team in the ISA in Hendersonville in 1997 and in Lakeside in 2006. In March 2005, she was the first lady inducted into Central District Hall of Fame. We are honoring Nicole tonight for accumulat­ing 200 points in Florida State tournaments. Her list of wins is long; Nat. Walking Singles - Bradenton -1998 & 2000, St. Pro Open Singles - Bradenton — 1998, Co-champion State Masters - Sebring — 1999 and the Florida State Doubles - 2004 - with Diana Morrison. Congratulations Nicole, this is a well deserved honor.

Rev. John Brown - Player
Rev. Brown’s shuffleboard career started in 1946 when he began shuf­fling under the tutelage of Uncle Hansel Brown, who later was one of the founders of the Florida Hall of Fame. John began playing seriously in the Winter National Doubles tour­nament in Florida in 1994 and two years later won the 1996 National Men’s Amateur Non-Walking Singles held at Winter Haven. That same year he earned his Pro status and has never looked back. In the late 1990’s he twice won the Canadian Open Doubles in Ontario. Then, in the mid 2000’s, John won the sum­mer National USA Doubles twice. In 2006 and 2007 he won back to back Men’s Walking Florida Tournament of Champions. John continues as a shuf­fleboard instructor and has written a shuffleboard col­umn for the Bradenton Herald for the past ten years. Also he has appreciated the opportunity to play 5 times on Team U.S.A. He enjoys the game and great­ly appreciates all of the partners he has had.

Grant Boshart - Player
Grant qualified for the “Hall of Fame” in just five seasons. He became an instant Pro playing with Mary Button in the “Presidents Cup” mixed doubles. He went on to win 24 Championships in that first 200 points including (3) National Singles Championships as well as the “Roll of Champions”. He realized his 200th point by winning the Championship in Hollywood with Earl Ball on the other end. Grant has also been inducted into the Ontario Shuffleboard “Hall of Fame” and has won the Canadian National Singles and Doubles as well as the Ontario Singles and Doubles. Grant wishes to thank Karl Matchett for introducing him to the no two pro district tournaments giving him a chance to show his potential leading to all the great partners that helped him accomplish his goal of the “Hall of Fame”. Thank you to all of my partners.

Roberta Day - Player
After retirement in late 1992, Roberta and Ralph decided to visit Central Florida where her mother resided. They liked the area and made it their winter home. In 1994, Roberta’s Aunt, Ginny Brewster, introduced her to the game of shuffle­board. She joined the Winter Haven Club and was on her way. Roberta won the Central District Masters as an Amateur and followed up the next year winning as a State Amateur. She has played in the Central District Pro Masters numerous times winning first place once. She also has many National Championships including singles and doubles. Throudh the 2005-2006 Season, Roberta has qualified for the Florida State Masters the last five seasons and played in four of them, coming in second three times. Her goal now is to win the coveted first place and join the ranks of the players that have already achieved that honor. Without the support of her many partners, especially her number one partner, her husband Ralph, these goals would never have been met. Roberta has also given her time as assistant tournament director in the Central District, is currently serving on the Central District Executive Board as first Vice-President and will move up to become the first woman president of the Central District.

Shirley Griffin - Player
Shirley began her shuffleboard experience playing in park leagues in Largo Fl She joined the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club and was a mem ber for almost ten years Her play there led to playing amateur state tournaments and she became instant pro with her partner Anna Stutzmann at City Island in 1987. She played in four Masters Tournaments and played in four International tournaments, two in Canada, one in Lakeside, OH, and one in Clearwater. She also is in the top ten in points in the National Shuffleboard Assn. Shirley and her husband Charles, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997, spent their summers traveling in their motor home to play tournaments in Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ontario and Las Vegas, where she came in second in the ladies singles. She retired for two years then returned to the game in 2005 and accumulated the remaining six points she needed to enter the Hall of Fame. Shirley thanks all those who helped her attain her points.

Ann Hersom - Special Award
In 1987 Ann and her husband Ed moved to Florida. Ann has been burning up the courts ever since. Ann gained her Pro status in 1993 and then started teach­ing others the game. The Southwest Coast District had good fortune when in 1994 Ann became involved at the District Board Level and became the Secretary and served for 5 years. In 1999 Ann became the State Treasurer and served for one year. 2000 dawned and the job of State KOR and Webmaster was her next challenge. She held the job until 2004 when she became the State Treasurer again, and holds until this day. Ann never believes in just doing one job, as well as working at the State level Ann gave her talents to the SWCD as their KOR and Webmaster. Somehow Ann found time to play Shuffleboard and in 2001 was inducted into the National Hall of Fame, In 2003 Ann was inducted into the State HOF and on top of that managed to find the time to play 5 years at the International level. During Ann’s illustrious career she played in the Pro Masters 6 years in a row. To this day Ann is a for­midable opponent on the courts She will always be involved with the sport that she loves whether working behind the scenes or promoting the great game of shuffleboard. Ann well deserves her second induction into the Hall of Fame in the coveted Special Awards Category. 

Myrna Eby - Special Award
Myrna started shuffling many years ago and proceeded to get involved with the new district being formed. She served as treasurer of the Southern District for ten years. Also learned how to be a tournament director and did this over many years, along with helping in other Districts and even on the State Level. She followed Carl, her husband to the State Board when he became President and was secretary of State for six years. She always put the interest of shuffleboard ahead of personal thoughts. Her interests lead her to conduct some small tournaments in Southern District to get new amateurs involved in the sport. Myrna would like to thank the people with whom she served under for all of their help and understanding while she was in office. “It takes a lot of people to make an organization of this size to work, and I am truly thank ful for the District and State Boards. Thanks again for this great honor.”

Clarence Wright - Special Award - Past President
Clarence, from a small town in the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, served two years in the Korean War after graduation from high school. After discharge, he worked in the build­ing trades until his forced retirement due to health, triple by-pass and hip replacement. He came to Florida in January 1987 to be able to walk without ice and snow. Clarence watched people playing shuffleboard but was not inter­ested at first. His friends kept after him and he decided he would try it and that was only the beginning. He joined the Frostproof club in 1988 and became treasurer in 1989. He loved the challenge of the game and joined the Avon Park club for the competition. He served one year on the board of directors at Avon Park after which he moved to Sebring in 1991, where he still resides. In 1995 Clarence became President of the Summer League, which was played in only three locations. During his term he reorganized the league as it is today. Because the Central District Officers were not willing to move up in positions the nominating committee decided it was time for new blood and asked Clarence to become President. After much thought and discussion with his wife Shirley he agreed. He served his full three year term with all new board members and the help of past presidents. After his three years as Central District president he was elected State delegate, a position he also held for three years. During his third year Clarence agreed to step in as the State 1st Vice President and one year later he was elected FSA President. With the help of all the board members he served the full three years. Clarence’s wife Shirley said that is enough and he agreed; but, Avon Park was having trouble with membership declining and Clarence was asked to take the job as president of the Avon Park Senior Activities Club. After much discussion with his wife Shirley, he accepted that position, which he holds today.                                                                                                                                                                   (back to roster)   


2008 HOF Awards 

Jim Bailey - Player
Jim grew up in a small farming community in upstate New York. Following graduation, he spent 4 years in the Marine Corps and after an honorable discharge began working for Kodak. Retiring after a career of 30 years, Jim and his wife Ninfa started wintering in Palmetto, Fl, close to his folks. In 1996, a good friend, Dan Sullivan, asked Jim to play shuffleboard in the senior games. Jim knew nothing about this type of competition but said he would give it a try, winning the gold medal and qualifying to represent Florida in the National Senior Games. He and Dan, who also qualified, played in those games, held in Tucson, AZ, where Jim won the gold in singles and he and Dan won the Bronze in doubles. Jim was hooked!

Jim joined the Bradenton SBC where he took his licks while learning the sport of shuffleboard. Thanks to Walt Wedel and Sam Barnett (his tutors) Jim was on his way to the HOF. Over the years, Jim has given back to shuffleboard in many ways. He is on numerous shuffleboard organization boards and actively participates in National shuffleboard matters. Jim is currently the FSA President and 1st Vice President of the NATIONAL Shuffleboard Association.

Jim wants to thank all his partners, for without them he would not be in this prestigious circle.

Stan Williamson - Player
Stan Williamson is the 1st male from the Northern District to be inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Association “Hall of fame”. To become a ‘Hall of Fame” player you must have fine partrners and Stan wishes to thank all of those partners, especially, Earl Ball, his friend and partner in many of those tournaments. One of the games great players; he is the games greatest shot maker and premier entertainer. He has played in three State “Masters” and was co champion twice and is a two time National Champion. Stan has won no less than 10 Northern District “Masters” Championships and holds the all time record for points scored in a season at 65. He is also one of only 10 players to ever win all of his matches in an International Championship Tournament. He had accumulated 237 points at the time of his induction.

Mel Erb - Player
Mel grew up in Sugarbush, Ohio. After completing school he worked locally for 5 years then decided to strike out on his own. He started and ran a very successful painting and roofing business for a number of years after which he followed his heart and began a charter fishing operation on Lake Erie, becoming a successful Charter Captain. He and his wife Ann began spending their winters in Florida where he was introduced to shuffleboard, playing in his first tournament in 1996. After successfully competing in shuffleboard tournaments for only two years he won His District Masters in 1998 and since that time has become an avid shuffler, making Pro in 2000. He continued his outstanding shuffleboard efforts, wining the State Masters in 2001 and tying for first in 2005. Mel earned his 200 lifetime Master points in only seven years, reaching that plateau while shuffling in a tournament at his home club, Bradenton SBC.

Mel would like to thank all the friends he has made and his partners, for without their help he would not be in the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Hall of Fame.

Wilbur Estes  - Special Award
Wilbur’s nomination is to the “SPECIAL” Category:
Some definitions of SPECIAL: Unusual: superior; held in esteem; distinct, Indeed Wilbur has been seen as each of these and others during his long career serving the FSA. Wilbur has in the past and continues to this day to demonstrate the courage to address matters related to Shuffleboard in a forthright manner. Some may question this direct approach but one aspect of Wilbur’s behavior which is unquestionable is his dedication AND, his devotion to the Sport of Shuffleboard. Wilbur came to the rescue of the FSA so to speak: the Keeper of Records (KOR) of the day had just resigned and Wilbur was asked to take on the task. He had the foresight to recognize that the computer was the key to the success of the maintenance of accurate records needed to support the FSA. To make this statement in 2007 seems self evident, even redundant, however: in the early 1990s it was seen as a less than a progressive step by many Shufflers. Wilbur, with the help of his wife Pearle, demonstrated the strength of his conviction and spent untold hours in making the change from a manual time consuming paper oriented task to a system, although modified & substantially improved, continues to this day. The significance of the change to the computer cannot be overestimated. Wilbur took on the KOR duties and demonstrated the vision to make the FSA a more efficient and more effective organization. One other contribution by Wilbur: When Wilbur became The “Keeper of Records’ (KOR) the KOR had no “Voice” and no “Vote” on the FSA Board. He believed that this was an injustice and spoke eloquently to allow the KOR to have both a voice and a vote. During his tenure of office as KOR Wilbur defined the duties of the position. something which had not been done up to this time. Wilbur’s term of office may not have been long, but he certainly had a positive impact on the office that continues to this dayl  (back to roster)   


2009 HOF Awards 

Darden and Jackie Nelms - Special Award
After retiring in 1995, Jackie and Darden emigrated from Annapolis, MD to Dunedin, FL to be with their children and Jackie’s aging parents. They quickly established themselves and began shuffling out of Clearwater SBC, becoming Pros in 1998.

In 1999, Darden became the FSA Keeper of Records [KOR]. He instituted the FSA Number system which improved accuracy of shuffler records. Due to personal reasons he resigned after only one season. He was reappointed KOR in 2003, a position he held for the next six years. As KOR he updated and modernized FSA tournament and shuffler records and streamlined the administration of KOR duties. Darden also held the position of West Coast District [WCD] Webmaster from 2001 to 2006 and WCD KOR from 2002 to 2007.

In 2003, Darden was asked to design and implement a new website for the FSA. As the FSA Webmaster, a position he held for six years, he modernized the site allowing users to search all shuffler records as well as tournament results from 1997 to the present. He also helped each FSA District establish individual, independent, websites. Throughout this period Jackie provided invaluable assistance with the implementation and administration of the FSA records systems and was instrumental in the new website concept and design.

In 2004, Darden was appointed FSA Preview Editor, a position he held through publication of the 2008-2009 issue. With Jackie’s help he implemented procedures which have lead to a “paperless” publication process. This eliminated the expensive retyping of material, reducing errors and print setup costs. Additionally, printing costs were further reduced by obtaining bids from local printing companies.  These innovations resulted in a 48% reduction in publication costs from a high of $17,000 in 2003 to just over $10,000 in 2008, a period when costs for just about everything else rose. For the 2005 Preview, Jackie was instrumental in the design of a new cover concept honoring FSA shufflers and Districts. Since then these concepts can be seen on full color Preview covers.

These results would not have been possible without the help, cooperation and assistance of the District Coordinators, Presidents, KORs and Tournament Directors. Working with these outstanding unsung shufflers, who give so much of their time and effort in support of the FSA, has always been a rewarding pleasure.  We would like to thank each of them for their help in achieving these goals.

Edna Triplett - Player
Edna moved to Daytona Beach in 1995 from VA. She was introduced to shuffleboard in 1996 and joined City Island Shuffle Club.  Edna made pro in 2000; she has competed in 10 District Masters and 3 State Masters.  She has 5 silver pins and 2 gold.  Edna played on the US International team in Coolangatta, NSW Australia in 2008 and in Clearwater, FL in 2002.  She has also enjoyed traveling the world on goodwill tours.
Edna is a State Champion winning the ladies singles in 2002 at Hawthorne and a two time National champion winning the ladies singles in Hendersonville 2004 as well as The Mixed. Edna went over the top, that is gained her 200th point, at Ft. Pierce while playing with Marion Lohbusch who also made her 200th point.  It will always be a special memory for both.
Edna has achieved this milestone, HOF entrance, through love of the game; always willing to travel;  good health and the encouragement of many special friends and last but not least,  having had the privilege of playing with a lot of very talented people. She wants to thank them all. She feels truly blessed.

I retired to Melbourne, FL in 1991 to live at Port O Call.  Because of some persistent neighbours who were shufflers I began to play shuffleboard in 1996 AND made State Am in 1997.  

I played many summer tournaments in the Central District, liked the area and the competition and decided to move.  After looking into the Central District, Paul Prescott told us about Hawthorne.  This is how we ended up here.  My next step was to begin playing in State Am tournaments.   While playing with Earl Ball during the State Am Tournament in Hawthorne, we placed first.  Diana Morrison and I met and started playing in the State Am Tournaments. I made Pro in 1999 while competing in a Northern District Tournament of Champions.  Diana Morrison and I went on to play in the State Pro Doubles.  Wins included 1st in the Nationals; 1st in the Florida State Doubles, and qualified and played in the Masters my first year as a Pro.  In that event, I tied for 5th place.  I subsequently played in 2 more Masters and qualified in the 2007-2008 season. 

Among my highlights was playing for the US Team at the International Event in Clearwater, FL in 2002.   

Edna Triplett became a regular partner and during the 2007-2008 season while competing at Fort Pierce in March of 2008, we achieved the magic point level of 200.  The win at Fort Pierce was special to me as this was the District, Central East Coast District, where it all began. 

To be the very first player from Hawthorne to receive this award is a special honor for me.

A special thanks to my husband for his constant support.  And thanks to my many partners and all the extra support they gave me during the 2007-2008 season. 

BEN COY - Player
Ben was brought up in the little town of Columbia City, IN just 15 miles west of Fort Wayne.  He graduated in June, turned 18 in December, and joined the US Air Force.  He stayed 20 years, and then retired at the age of 38.  He then retired again from the US Post Office, moved to Florida, and after fishing a few years, was introduced to shuffleboard. 

In 1991-92 Ben won the Amateur Masters due to the efforts of his very good friend Jiggs Harlock.  Ben also has 2 1st Place finishes, one in the National Singles, one in the National Doubles.  He also served 3 years on the State Board.

Ben would like to thank Carl and Richard Eby; Mike Vassalotti, Max Clodfelter, Bill Bartrum, Dave Minnich, Walt Wedel, Earle Dunn, John Brown and Dick Whittaker.  With Dick they won 1st place, the win that gave Ben his 200 points!!  Ben would also like to thank his lovely wife Rita, herself a two time Hall of Famer. 

Ben would like to leave you with this thought: “May you live a long and healthy life, and may “God” bless you.   2009-01-01.  

I moved to Florida on December, 1, 1999. The community of Spanish Lakes Fairways is where I live.  Spanish Lakes Fairways is a very active community with its own Golf Course, Tennis courts, Softball field, Horseshoe. Bocce, Shuffleboard Courts, Pool tables and many other activities to keep any retiree busy. All of 2000 and half of 2001 I played all the above with the exception of Tennis and Shuffleboard.

In the summer of 2001 several of my Pool shooting friends suggested that we all join the Shuffleboard Club and play in their Tuesday morning League which would begin in October; I asked why would they want to play that game? The answer I got was that Shuffleboard would allow Husband and Wife to play as a team together.  Ok said I, as I had been looking for more activities my wife and I could do together.

The 2001-02 season began and though my wife didn’t enjoy the Shuffleboard much; we played every Tuesday morning and we lost every match but one (1)!!!

 In January of that year our community hosted a District Singles Tournament.  I played and finished 2nd.

Several weeks later I was informed that by finishing 2nd in that tournament I was eligible to play in the Districts “ Medalist” tournament which was held at Fort Pierce.  As I had not played outside of our Community I decided to give it a shot.  I lost the first match and went into the consolation bracket.  I was so upset with myself for playing so badly that first match that I decided that if I could do No Better than that I would quit the Game.  Quite frankly, “I THREW ALL CAUTION TO THE WIND AND I WENT FOR IT”

I won the Consolation bracket. The Medal I won that day is still the most cherished to me and when I feel the game is not worth the effort after a Day of bad Playing I remember the feeling I had when I won that Medal.

The next season 2002-2003 I not only continued to play in the Tuesday morning League, but I played on our community traveling league held on Wednesdays and I played in all of the District Tournaments as well. 

Early that season I jumped into a State Tournament and was quickly knocked out by Glen Peltier and Jacques Bergeron.  I knew then that in order to play with these guys I had to practice more, and I did.  From that day forward I played or practiced every single day until the next State tournament which was held in Trailer Haven.  I finished 2nd to Mike Vassalotti and George Shaver and became eligible for instant Pro which I opted to take the following October.  I went on to win the Amateur Masters that year, most Points and the Medalist. I truly was smitten by the Game.

 I’ve never lost sight that the game is to be fun and I still play it that way although I am considered to be intense during play.

Every year since, I have earned enough points to make the State Masters and the day I don’t, I will not play in the masters just because another decides to Not Play.

 I caught the Fever of Shuffleboard in those early years and now to be inducted into The Hall Of Fame is clearly an Honor I had only dreamt of.

George Shaver started playing Shuffleboard in the mid 90’s beginning in the park and then moving into the Indian River League.  Along the way he discovered the Central East Coast District Tournaments and found he enjoyed the competition.  His game made steady progress as he moved up through the ranks to become a Pro.  He has played several CECD “Masters” tournaments and won or was Co-Champion at least four times.  He started playing at the State Pro level at the turn of the Century and became one of the States top traveling Pros.  He played in a couple of State Pro “Masters” and was Co-Champion at Oakside in Zephyrhills in 2006.  George has always been a big help on the traveling Pro circuit; he’s always first to grab a broom to help the local Club people get ready for a tournament and has bailed out many a Tournament Director by jumping in and helping with anything that needed to be done.  George has earned the honor of being inducted into the “Hall of Fame” and even though he won’t be there he will be so honored by Glen Peltier.

Pat Whitaker - Player
Pat and Dick moved from Michigan to the Bradenton area in 1978 to be near her mother and father, avid shufflers, who lived in Paradise Bay Estates, Bradenton. The first time Pat put a cue in her hand she was hooked on the game.

She and her mother teamed up in the Amateur division. It was a very unique experience as Pat and her mother both qualified for the District Masters in 1982-83. After Pat became pro and played for a few years, it was time to go back to work. She put her love of shuffleboard and the time she spent with friends on the courts on the back burner. As the time passed, Pat looked forward to her retirement, starting to play again and most importantly, making new friends and renewing old friendships. Pat was champion of the Pro State Masters in 1985, and came in 2nd in 1986 and 8th in 2007. Along with her State accomplishments she has accumulated six National championships.

Pat wants to thank all of her partners for helping her fulfill her dreams of making the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
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HOF Awards 

Sue Minnich – Player Award
Sue and husband Dave started coming to Florida on a part-time basis in 1989. They still owned Hallmark Card gift shops in PA and didn’t retire until 1992. Sue played in a beginner’s league until 1995 when Nancy Emrick (a first-year pro) persuaded Sue to play no-2-pro tournaments with her. Sue found she really enjoyed the game and the comreadship with other players so she continued to play tournaments.

She became a pro in 1997 and she and Dave travelled to most of the State tournaments. Along the way she made many new friends. The shuffleboard community became her family away from home, as it is for many shufflers. Sue placed in 98 State tournaments with 31 different partners and friends. There are other friends she never had the opportunity to play with. She earned 101 national points with 4 national championships, including 1 national singles, and 3 national doubles titles with 3 different partners. In 1998 Sue was selected to play for the USA team in Goderich, Ont. Sue and Dave have 4 children and 8 grandchildren, all in PA.

Sue would like to thank the FSA for making this honor possible, and to thank all her partners – the 31 she placed with plus others she almost placed with.

And a special thanks to husband Dave who introduced her to this game of shuffleboard, taught her, encouraged har, and supported her throughout her shuffleboard career.

Cecile Messier – Player Award
Joe and Cecile make their home in Carriage Village in North Ft. Myers.  Cecile was interested in tennis before taking up shuffleboard.   In 1993 she joined Lee County Shuffle Club, played in amateur tournaments in 1994, made State Amateur in 1995 and Pro in 1996.

Cecile and Joe traveled to every Pro tournament in their motor home.   In the morning you would see Cecile coming from the motor home with cue in hand, ready to do battle.  If you were her opponent, you knew you had a tiger by the tail and if you were her partner she would give it her all.  Cecile never made excuses if she got beat, “oh I got a bad court or the discs were bad”; she would say, “It wasn’t meant to be.  We will give it our best next time.”

Cecile has played at USA National tournaments through out the USA, and has been a member of the Ladies USA team for 12 consecutive years competing in ISA tournaments.  She has attended ISA tournaments and/or Inaugurals in Japan, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Denmark and of course the USA.  She played in the 1st USA East-West games held in Hemet, CA.

She was ISA secretary for 3½ years and USA national secretary for 2 years.  Cecile is a member of the ISA Hall of Fame, and USA National Hall of Fame.  She has been a very busy gal not only playing the game of shuffleboard but promoting the game as well.  She has worked hard and traveled many a miles to accumulate the 200 points needed for this great honor.

It is my honor and privilege to present to you, my good friend and partner, Cecile Messier, for induction into the FSA Hall of Fame.  

Congratulations  Cecile!!  Induction by Ann Wedel. 2010 01 18.

Lorraine Pollock – Special Award
Lorraine Pollock and her husband Bill first came  to  Florida  in  1989.  She  began   playing  in tournaments in 1993 and had become pro in 1996. By 1997 Lorraine had been certified as a tournament director and now is the head tournament director for Central District. Lorraine has been a Central District board member for 10 years, including eight years as treasurer, in addition to many years of service to her home club, Avon Park.      
In 2003 Lorraine audited the books for the Florida Shuffleboard Association and continued until March, 2009.  In October, 2004 Lorraine became the secretary of the FSA and has maintained this post with quiet distinction to this day.                 .
While this list of contributions to shuffleboard  and the FSA in particular is impressive and worthy of recognition, it does not fully describe her value to the organization.                    .   

As I have observed Lorraine perform her many posts over the past several years, I have seen that she is not only knowledgeable, efficient and accurate, but she is unfailingly kind, cheerful and cooperative. While I am sure that we can all name individuals who possess the first three qualities, it is very rare indeed to find someone who exhibits all of the qualities. It is the demonstration of all of these traits that make Lorraine such a valuable member of the FSA.  It is with great pleasure and honour that I present Lorraine Pollock for induction into the FSA Hall of Fame in the Special Awards category.

                Glenn Monroe

Jim Bailey – President’s Award 

  Tonight we are here to honor Jim Bailey who has served us well as the President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.  Jim is already in the FSA Hall of Fame, Players category.  But tonight we are going to honor Jim for his off the courts deeds!  Jim has given back to our game by serving in many capacities. 

I asked Jim if he would be interested in running for the FSA Board as 3rd VP. You should know that Jim was already on 3 Boards in the District!!  After much soul searching, Jim agreed.   It wasn’t long until Jim moved up to 1st VP where he served for 3 years.  It was here that Jim really honed his skill.  He was in charge of the Tournament Scheduling, the Rules Committee,  and assisting then President Clarence Wright.

During Jim’s Presidency, he and I became very good friends.  I was honored that Jim chose me to be his sounding board during his tenure.  One of the things I suggested to Jim was to not make all the decisions himself, the full Board should make as many decisions as possible, not him. In everything he did, the Board was apprised and was part of the decision process.  This advice I would give to every President. 

Keep in mind that Jim not only served on the State Board, he was also serving on the BSC Board, the District Board, KOR for the District and the National Board when I think of it. This guy was a working machine. 

In all seriousness now, Jim could not possibly have done these deeds, or accomplished what he did without his wonderful wife Ninfa. 

It is now my honor and privilege to present to you for induction into the FSA HOF as Past President, my friend Jim Bailey. 

Dave Minnich:  2010-01-18.

2011 HOF Awards                                                                                                                                                       (back to roster)   

Landy Adkins - Player Award

Landy is from London, Ont., Canada. She married George in 1979. They owned a consulting business for 7 years before retiring to Florida in 1994. She became a U.S. Citizen on August 26, 1999. Landy's shuffleboard contributions include: 1st VP of Ohio for 6 years and on the Port Charlotte Board for 7 years. She served on the Southern District Board for 5 years. Presently, Landy is 3rd VP on the FSA Board and is the Nat. Rep. for the Florida State Board. She wants to thank George for all his support and encouragement.

Ruth Brown - Player Award

Ruth and husband, Larry, came to Florida in 1988. They settled in at Pioneer Creek in Bowling Green. She started playing tournaments in 1992 and made Pro in 1996. She started the State Pro circuit during the 2002-2003 season and qualified for the State Masters in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Ruth won the National Doubles Tournament in 2007 and qualified for the FSA Hall of Fame at Lakeland. They live in Quincy, Illinois in the summer and have 5 children, 11 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.

Betty Lovens  - Player Award

Betty moved to Florida in 1997 and quickly took up shuffleboard. In the 1998-1999 season, she took first place in the SW District Amateur Master's Tournament. Betty started competing in state tournaments and played in 3 State Masters in 2003, 2005 and 2006. She has had many wonderful partners; especially her sister, Marty Reiter. Betty's husband, Jack, gets a special thanks for chauffering her to tournaments all over Florida. She has served off the courts as SW District Treasurer and VP of the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club.

Paul Miller  - Player Award

Paul started playing shuffleboard at age 25 at a neighbor's court 3-4 times a week for 6 years. He then built a new house and moved away. About 28 years later, he borrowed a stick and played in a National Single's Tournament in Bradenton. Paul came in second to Glen Peltier, becoming an instant Pro. He never played in any amateur tournaments. In the SWC Masters, he won 20 of 21 games. Paul played in 4 State Masters and won first place in 2004. He won several National Singles Tournaments. Thanks to all his partners.

Judy Taylor - Player Award

Judy, as a District Am in 2004, played her first state tournament and became an instant Pro, thanks to Alice Barlow. Judy and husband, Larry, began traveling to state tournaments in 2006. She qualified for several State and District Masters and has had success in the Roll of Champions, winning the coveted gold pin in 2006. Thanks go to Larry, Benny Lopez and Dave Minnich. Special thanks to Ann Wedel for her help that carried Judy to a record setting year in 2010. Many thanks to all her supporters, coaches and partners.

Sheri Weese  - Player Award

Sheri moved from Indiana to Vero Beach in 1981. She worked for Florida Dept. of Agriculture as a fruit and vegetable inspector. She started playing shuffleboard in 1997 and made Pro in 2000. Special thanks to Jeannie Andrews for dragging her all over Florida. Thanks to Pat Knapp, her partner in local state tournaments. Sheri had a wonderful coach and great partners through the years. Most important, she thanks God for blessing her with good health and the special friends that crossed her path in her shuffleboard journey.
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2012 HOF Awards

Arlene Guerrini - Player Award

Arlene is an artist and paints in oils. Early in her marriage, she sold many of her paintings to help support them. Arlene and husband, Bob, came from Pennsylvania to Florida in 1992. They started shuffling in 2001 and became Pros together in two years. Last season, Arlene had her best season earning 53 points for a total of 234 lifetime points. She played in the FSA Masters for the first time and finished third. Thanks to Bob and all her partners.

Mickey Henson  - Player Award

Mickey moved from Michigan to Florida in 1988 with wife, Barbara. He started shuffling on his Mobile Home Park team and then in the Friendship League until 1990. In 1990, Mickey started playing District Tournaments. He turned Pro in 1992 and teamed up with his friend, Wilbert Horn. They played together for 20 years. Mickey won every major tournament except the Florida State Singles. He loves the game and looks forward to playing the best players in Florida. Thanks to all his partners.

Jim L. Miller - Player Award

Jim played his first tournament at Bradenton Shuffle Club in a district tournament in 1998. He became a Pro in 2001. Jim has played and won in numerous District Masters. He has won the Florida State Singles, Walking, in 2006 and 2011. Jim played in the State Masters in 2008, 2010 and 2011. He won the State Masters in 2008. Also, he has won several National Singles. Jim is on the Bradenton Shuffle Club Board and is very active in the work at the club. Thanks to those who encouraged, instructed aid played tournaments with him.

Ellie Prevost - Player Award

Ellie and husband, Ron, started coming to Florida in 1988. They started shuffling and in 1994 they competed in district tournaments earning Pro in 1995. Next came state tournaments, She has placed in 65 tournaments with 26 different partners to earn her 200 points. The most points made with any one partner has been with her husband. The most wins have been with Sue Minnich. Ellie has served as Secretary/Treasurer for the West Coast District. She is currently Secretary/Treasurer for the Associated League at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club. Thanks to Ron and all her partners.

Phil Rebholz - Player Award

Phil is a retired farmer from indiana. He owned a plane and was a pi1ot for many years. Phil came to Florida and took up shuffling. He started playing in the Central East Coast District Tournaments. He was a State Amateur Amateur for one year and then advanced to Pro. Phil served as the President of the CEC District from 1997 to 2000. He received his State Masters jacket in 2004. Phil won first place in the National Singles in Michigan and North Carolina in 2005. He won first place in the National Doubles in Florida 2008. Phil is 1st Vice President of the FSA. Thanks to Linda and all his partners.

Jerry Stannard - Player Award

Jerry made State Am and placed first in the District Am Masters in 2003. In 2004 he qualified for the State Am Masters and made his Pro points in only five tournaments. He placed second in the State Am Singles, second in the National Mixed Doubles and won the State Am Doubles. Jerry entered the Central District Hall of Fame in 2008. He won the State Non Walking Singles in 2005 and 2008. He won the Southern National Walking Singles in 2008 and the Tournament of Champions Walking Singles in 2010. Jerry played in the State Masters the past four years. Thanks to all his partners.

Henry Strong - Player Award

Henry is from, Belle River, Ontario, where he was a hockey player. He and wife, Geraldine, have been married 45 years and came to Florida 16 years ago. Henry started playing shuffleboard when he visited Florida. In 2004, he joined the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, realized he needed to learn more about the game and built a shuffleboard court when he returned to Canada. Henry became a perennial Masters Player and has won the State Singles. He is a USA and Canadian National Champion and a member of the Canadian International team Champions. Thanks to all his partners.

Walt Wedel - Player Award

Walt is retired Michigan farmer. He has been married to Ann for 57 years. They came to Florida about 30 years ago and started shuffling. Walt was a member of the SWC District for many years, a member of the USA-NSA Board for 11 years starting as 3rd VP and moving up to President. He was inducted into the National Hall of Fame as a player in 2004 and a special award as a past president in 2008. Walt has been the Michigan Treasurer for 13 years. He has played in Japan, Brazil, Canada and the USA and attended an inaugural in Germany and Holland. Thanks to Ann and all his partners.

Barbara Henson - Special Award

Barbara moved from Michigan to Florida in 1988 with husband Mickey. She played in the Friendship League for several years, finally giving it up due to health reasons. In 1994, they went to Hendersonville, N.C. to learn to direct tournaments. Lou Haskill taught her the basics and she went on to work with many other tournament directors over the years. She directs tournaments in the West Coast District. Thanks to the people who helped her and supported her nomination for this special award.
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2013 HOF Awards

Jeannie Andrews - Player Award

Jeannie is from Richmond, VA where she was a CPA for Davenport & Company.  She started shuffling in 2007.  Jeannie made Pro the same year playing with Chuck Stansburge.  Chuck encouraged Sheri Weese and her to play State Tournaments.  Jeannie qualified for the FSA Masters that year and every year since.  She won the Masters in 2010 and co-won in 2011 with her good friend, Judy Taylor.  Jeannie wants to thank her partners over the years, especially Sheri Weese with whom she scored 81 of her 200 points.  She is currently the FSA Treasurer and the USA-NSA SE States Regional Director.   

Dorine Bessette - Player Award

Dorine is from Springfield, MA and came to Florida in 1992.  She started playing shuffleboard in 1993 and made Pro in 1996.  Dorine wants to thank Joyce Harless and Jean Smith from her early days of playing.  Also, thanks to her friend, Edna Triplett, who she played with at least the last 5 years and had a good time doing it.  Dorine and her husband, Al, have been married 52 years and have 2 children, 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. 

Glen Peltier - Presidents Award

Glen started his shuffleboard career in 1982.  He was an amateur only one year making instant Pro with Junior Kinney.  Glen thanks Jane O Bird for giving him his first big break when she was a top player.  He has more points than any male that has ever played the game (1250+). Glen has qualified to play in the FSA Masters 25 consecutive seasons. He has held executive positions in the West Coast District, the FSA and the CNSA.  Glen was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame - Player in 1995, the USA-NSA Hall of Fame - Player in 1998 and the CNSA Hall of Fame in 2006.  He wrote  a book with a DVD of "Shuffleboard Stategy" and has a video of "Winning Shuffleboard."  Glen's two goals include being the best player he can be and teaching at all levels trying to introduce new people to the game. 

Ed ONeal - Special Award

Ed moved to Sebring, FL in 1998.  He served as  Avon Park Shuffleboard Club Treasurer during the 2000-2001 season.  Ed made State Amateur in 2001 and Pro in 2003.  He became a Tournament Director in 2001 and currently directs in the Southern District.  Ed developed the Tourn-A-Mation program to run tournaments on a computer.  From 2001-2009, he produced a Central District Calendar and Club Directories for Avon Park, Sebring and Lakeland.  From 2002-2009, he was the Central District Webmaster and KOR.  Ed became the FSA KOR in 2008 and FSA Preview Editor in 2009.  In 2009, he received the Central District Hall of Fame "Special Award."  In 2010, Ed took over the layout and design of the Preview.  He also developed the NSA Record System Software.            
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Judy Ross - Player Award

Judy and husband, Cyril, have been married 49 years and have 3 children, 3 grandchildren and a B&B in Nantucket, MA. They became ‘snow birds’ in 1991 and soon learned to play shuffleboard. In 1996, Judy placed in her first shuffleboard tournament. She has loved the challenge of the game ever since and has been very active in leading, teaching and encouraging others. Judy has qualified for 15 District Masters and has 10 first place finishes. She won the National Amateur Ladies Singles in January, 2003 and became a Pro in October, 2003. Knee injuries and surgeries limited her play until October 2005. Since then,Judy has played in many tournaments and earned her Southern District’s Hall of Fame in 2009. Judy played in the Florida State Masters from 2010 through 2013. Judy would like to thank all her many partners over the years, especially her good friend, Dianna Allen, with whom she won the National Doubles in 2012 and scored 114 points towards her Florida State Hall of Fame.

Ken Offenther - Player Award

Ken Offenther won the World Singles Championship at St. Pete in Oct. 2013 in a field of 88 players. Although he has been a Pro since the early 1990s, he has been playing the state schedule for just 6 years since his retirement. In the SECD, he has played in 15 Pro Masters winning 5 times! In North Carolina with the help of Stan Williamson, he won 2 national tournaments in a 3 day period. Ken has already played in 3 Florida State Masters finishing 2nd in 2010 at Vero Beach after winning his first 10 games. If you ask him his favorite moments in his shuffleboard career, he will first speak of his pride in playing for the US 3 times in the World Singles events and of his participation in Stan McCormacks 100th Anniversary committee where Ken researched, wrote and presented over 50 speeches honoring shuffleboard greats from the past and present. Ken also did the definitive research on the top 50 men and women points totals that will appear in the Preview forever giving us a permanent measurement of our great players! Ken blesses the day he drove thru Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale and rediscovered shuffleboard.

Nicole Huot - Player Award

Nicole and husband, Andre, came to Florida from St. Lazare, Canada in 1992. She was a volunteer for the Canadian-France-American Club (Director for 4 years and Treasurer for 8 years) from 1994-2002. Nicole started shuffling in the community league and eventually started playing in tournaments. She made instant Pro in 2006. Nicole and Andre formed a shuffleboard club in their community of Town Shores and brought them into the West Coast District. She still teaches new shufflers in her community. Nicole served as Secretary-Treasurer for the West Coast District for 3 years. She and Andre started the movement to add a Masters Tournament to the West Coast District and worked diligently to make it happen. Nicole won the 2012 National Singles at Bradenton. She played in the FSA Masters in 2008 and 2009 and qualified but declined to play in 2010, 2012 and 2013. Nicole placed in 68 tournaments with 24 partners to achieve her 200 points.

Shirley McCullough - Player Award

Shirley raised 6 children and all are college graduates. She owned a beauty salon for 35 years and enjoyed talking to her customers. Shirley’s 93 year old sister, Rita, wanted her to make the "FSA Hall of Fame" before she died and she did it. It took 14 years, which might seem like a long time, but went by real fast because she had so much fun. Shirley traveled to Australia and Germany to shuffle and made many nice memories. She lost 2 of her best friend partners, May Becker and Faith Belott. Marlene Colburn, Marilyn Everett and others helped Shirley get her points. She says that shuffleboard is a fun game for seniors because you meet so many nice people. Shirley met her husband, Gene, on the courts and he encourages her. She loves her family and fellow shufflers.

Colleen Austin - Special Award

Colleen and husband, Dave, started shuffling in tournaments in 2002. She was on the LCSC Board for 4 years (3 as Treasurer). Colleen produced LCSC Photo Directories, Southern District Calendars, certificates and photos. She has been the SD Keeper of Records since 2006. Colleen worked with the FSA Hall of Fame Banquet Committees in 2007 and 2011-2014 by doing posters, programs, tickets and displays. She has provided FSA Roll of Champion certificates and Masters programs and certificates. Colleen was the USA-NSA Webmaster and Keeper of Records for 4 years and submitted a logo design which is now in use. She was inducted in the SD Hall of Fame - Special Award in 2011. Colleen was a member of the *100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard in Florida" Committee (designed 2 banners, MVP pin, sticker and calendar) and also received a MVP pin. She did the USA bios/photos for the 32nd World Singles Championship in St. Petersburg in 2013 and made 225 edible tournament logo cupcake toppers. Colleen recently designed a "Gold Medal Winner" pin for the ISA that is now in use. She has formed many friendships in this sport that she loves.
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Diana Allen - Player Award

Dianna is from Ohio and has been married to Sam for 44 years.  They have two great sons, two wonderful daughter-in-laws and five super grandchildren.  They came to Florida in 1997.  Dianna started shuffling and placed first in the District Amateur Masters in 2003.  She became a Pro in 2006.  Dianna has played in 12 consecutive District Masters and five State Masters.  She won her “Once in a Lifetime” NSA Pin in 2010.  Dianna started the Saturday League at Riverwoods and has been the Captain for six years and has served as Vice President.  She has served as the Southern District Secretary for nine years and the USA-NSA Florida Delegate for two years.  Dianna would like to thank all the partners that helped her reach this goal, especially Judy Ross.  She has met so many wonderful people playing shuffleboard; it’s a pleasure to play.  Dianna looks forward to shuffling all summer and hopes to have many more years to play.  Although she never thought she would make it, she feels she has been very blessed to receive this honor.

David Earle - Player Award

David is married to wife, Glenna.  He began shuffling about 14 years ago and was fortunate enough to live in a park where an excellent instructing Pro, Marshall Leigh, took him under his wing.  David was hooked in a very short time.  He started playing in local area tournaments and then in the Central District, as well as some State Tournaments in his second year.  David moved forward quickly and reached Pro status in 2004.  He was Winters Park President for a year before moving to Forest Lake Estates.  David is currently the President of the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, Co-President of the Saltwater Club in Nova Scotia and the Past President of the FSA Central District.  He was Secretary of the International Shuffleboard Association for a year.  David has played in several International events and went 10 and 0 at the Team tournament in Germany.  He has his name on the FSA Singles, Doubles and Masters trophies.  David is a member of the Central District Hall of Fame as both Player and President.  He was given a MVP Pin during the 100 year celebration.

Jerry Everett - Player Award

Jerry hails from northern Maine where he enjoys summer activities at his lakeside cottage.  He and wife, Marilyn, of 40 years have two children and three grandchildren.  Following military service and college, Jerry owned and operated a car wash in Augusta, Maine and sold his business in 1978.  He became a nationally certified alpine instructor and later an Examiner for the certification process, which became a 30 year career in ski teaching/ coaching (some becoming Olympic athletes).  Jerry began playing shuffleboard in 2000-2001 and won the Amateur Masters in 2001.  Later, he played in six consecutive District Masters and three Florida State Masters, which he won in 2014.  From 2006 to the present, Jerry with the help of his wife has trained and maintained a team of referees for the SWC District. Each year these dedicated people referee the Amateur Masters and have refereed two State Masters Tournaments.  He feels fortunate to have had so many great partners who have helped him along the way.  Jerry is honored to be included in the Hall of Fame with such wonderful and famous players.

Joyce Marquis - Player Award

Joyce and her husband, Mike, from New Hampshire have been married for 41 years.  They have two sons and two grandchildren.  They became snowbirds in 2003 and promptly began shuffling in their community.  By 2005, Carlene & George Bowen introduced them to tournament play.  By the middle of the first game they knew they were hooked.  Joyce was the Southwest District Treasurer for six years and State Delegate for three years.  She is now the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club Treasurer.  Besides shuffling, Joyce’s favorite pastimes are kayaking and photographing animals.  Joyce would like to thank all her partners for helping her reach this goal. It has been a fun time in her life.  Thank you to all the people who donate so much to the game.

Glenn Monroe - Special Award

Glenn Monroe is originally from the small town of Caledonia, located in western Michigan, south of Grand Rapids.  He moved to Detroit in 1966 to study at Wayne State University.  He joined the Detroit Police Department in 1970 and retired from there in 1996.  After two years with the University of Detroit-Mercy, where he served as the Deputy Director of Public Safety, he moved to Florida with his wife, Donna.  Soon thereafter, he began playing shuffleboard at the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club.  He spent four years as the club’s president, during which time he was also trained as a tournament director.  He subsequently served eight years on the board of the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Central District (two years as president).  In 2008, he was appointed to the post of F.S.A. State Tournament Director, a post that he continues to proudly hold.  Glenn also serves as Director of Shuffleboard for the Florida Sports Foundation and National Tournament Director for the U.S. National Shuffleboard Association.  He has directed four International tournaments:  United States (2009 & 2013), Germany (2010) and Canada (2011).  Glenn was elected to the Central District Hall of Fame in 2010 and the International Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame in 2013

Phil Rebholz - President's Special Award

Phil is from Indiana and married to wife, Linda.  He began playing shuffleboard in Florida in the 1980’s although he did not play in state tournaments until about 2001.  He has served as President of the Central East Coast District and was inducted into the Indian River League Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.  Phil was awarded his FSA Master’s jacket in 2004.  He won first place in National singles in Battle Creek, Michigan and in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Phil won first place in National doubles in Zephyrhills, Florida.  He was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame as a player in 2012.  Glen Peltier asked Phil to run for second Vice President around 2006 when Jim Bailey was President.  Phil was in charge of tournament scheduling and served on various committees.  He moved to first Vice President and then to President in 2012.

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Colleen Austin - Player Award
Southern District - Lee County

     Colleen was a RN for 29 years. She and husband, Dave, retired and moved to Tamiami Village in North Fort Myers in 2000.
     Colleen played or qualified to play in each Southern District Masters  since becoming a District Am except this season. She became a Pro in 2006. Colleen played in the 2012 FSA Masters and won. She placed 8th in the 2013 World Singles Championship in St. Petersburg. Colleen won the 2015 Florida State Doubles Championship with her partner.
     Colleen was on the LCSC Board for four years (three as Treasurer). She was the Southern District Keeper of Records for eight years. Colleen worked with the FSA Hall of Fame Banquet Committees in 2007 and 2011-2016. She was the USA-NSA Webmaster and Keeper of Records for four years and submitted the logo design that is now used. Colleen was a member of the 2013 "100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard in Florida" Committee (designed two banners and MVP pin) and was awarded a MVP pin. She provided the USA shufflers' bios/photos for the 2013 World Singles Championship Book. Colleen helped design an ISA "Gold Medal Winner" pin this is in use.
     Colleen was indicted in the SD Hall of Fame - Special Award in 2011 and the FSA Hall of Fame - Special Award in 2014.


Helen Biaggi - Player Award
Southern District - Lee County

      Born and raised in a country village in England, Helen immigrated to Canada in 1970 with her husband, Graham and two sons, Adam and Jason. As a snowbirds, she was first introduced to shuffleboard in Fort Myers and started tournament play in 2006. Helen qualified and played her first District Masters in 2007. She has since qualified for the next eight Masters and played in all but one, due to health issues, placing first in a total of three. In 2008, Helen won the Florida State Amateur Singles. Helen made Pro in 2009, playing with Wally Thyssen. With Sue Minnich in 2009, she earned her first Pro point. In January 2010, Helen married Steve Biaggi on the shuffleboard courts at Lee County. In 2011, she attended her first Hall of Fame banquet when her friend, Landy Adkins, invited her and Steve to sit at her table. Little did Helen know that five years later, she would be inducted as a player.
     The following season was an exciting time with 11 main event placements and a total of 53 points, making her eligible to play in her first State Masters. Helen has both qualified and played in four State Pro Masters. Ellen Davis and Helen won the Florida State Doubles in Clearwater in 2012. Two years later, she won the Florida State Doubles again, this time with Nicole Huot. In 2013, Helen won the National Singles at Trailer Estates, receiving a National Pin. A second National came in 2015 in a doubles tournament at Lakeland with partner and good friend, Joan Buck.
     Helen serves on the Southern District Board as Treasurer and has done so since 2011. Helen is grateful for the honor and would like to that all her partners who always made her look good. A special thanks to Landy Adkins, as they earned 45 points together, including her 200th point at Avon Park in 2015.

Stan McCormack - Special Award
Central District

      Stan served in the Canadian Air Force (RCAF) for 12 years. He graduated from Carlton University with a major in Political Science and a minor in Labour Law. Stan served in the Public Service of Canada until the age of 53 and then retired.
     Stan and wife, Lois, celebrated their 60th anniversary last March. They began wintering in Florida in 1995 and became active in shuffleboard in Avon Park. They have shuffled in several ISA Tournaments and been on Inaugurals to Brazil, Germany, Ireland and Russia.
     Stan served as Avon Park Club President from 2001-2003 and 2005-2006. During this time, he worked with Dave Minnich, FSA President, to obtain the first State Tournament for Avon Park and worked with Don Norris, NSA President, to attract the first Amateur NSA Tournament for Avon Park.
     Stan was the Scugog (Blackstock) Ontario Shuffleboard Club President in 2005-2006. He served as CNSA President from 2008-2010 and the Inter Provincial Concept was successfully launched and continues. "" was started in 2002 (terminated in 2010) and launched the first Virtual Hall of Fame. "" was started in April 2012 and continues today with over 2500 articles written.
     Stan was the 2013 "100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard in Florida" Chairman. The objective was to stimulate shuffleboard activity and the committee financed several novice tournaments throughout Florida. He was awarded a MVP Pin for all his work in shuffleboard.
     Stan is a member of the 2007 FSA-Central District Hall of Fame, Special Award; the CNSA Hall of Fame, 2008 President's Award and 2010 Special Award; the ISA Hall of Fame, 2008 The Shuffler Award and 2013 Special Award; and now the 2016 FSA - Special Award. Stan was inducted into the US NSA Hall of Fame, Service Award, in 2016. Without the significant contributions by many other writers, the level of success of would not have been possible. Stan wants to express his sincere appreciation to the FSA Board for this honor bestowed on him.

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Gus Bondi - Player Award
Central District - Zephyrhills

     Gus and Marie have been married for 61 years. He was a draftsman at General Electric until 1958, went into the refuse business for 22 years, sold the company and went back to GE to work in the plastic production plant. Gus retired in 1993 and moved to Florida. He lives in Zephyrhills.
     Gus began shuffling in 1999. He became a Pro in 2003. Gus won his first FSA State tournament in 2004. He won the Central District Pro Masters in 2006. He has shuffled in Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the USA. Gus has shuffled in Arizona, California, Florida, Ohio, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Washington and North Carolina where he won a National Doubles Championship and received a National pin. He played for the USA in two International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) Team Tournaments that won gold in 2006 (Lakeside, Ohio) and in 2010 (Germany) and won silver in 2012 (Seattle, Washington).
     Gus was Vice President and President at the Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club from 2002-2005. He was Treasurer, Vice President and President of the ISA from 2003-2008. Gus was Vice President of the National Shuffleboard Association (NSA) from 2009-2011 and President from 2011-2013.
     Gus has received five bronze and five silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. He was inducted in the Central District Hall of Fame in 2011. Gus received a MVP pin in 2013. He received a USA National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame Player & Past President Award in 2015.

Ray Buck - Player
Southern District - Lee County

     Ray and Joan have been married for 49 years. He was a school administrator, teacher and financial representative in Pennsylvania. Ray came to Cape Coral in 1999.
     Ray started shuffling in 2001 and became a Pro in 2005. He played in the Southern District Masters as a District Am in 2003 and won as a State Am in 2004. Ray played in 11 District Masters as a Pro and won four of them. He played in three FSA State Masters in 2014, 2015 and 2017 and was alternate in the 2012 and 2016 tournaments. Ray placed second in the National Walking Singles at Trailer Estates in 2006. He played for the USA in the ISA Team Tournament in 2012 in Seattle, Washington and won a silver medal.
     Ray was Vice Presidents and President of the Southern District Board from 2003-2016. He is currently the Alternate State Delegate.
     Ray has received two bronze, three silver and one gold FSA Roll of Champions pins. He was inducted in the Southern District Hall of Fame in 2009 as a Player and in 2016 as a Past President.

Marlene Coburn - Player
Southwest Coast - Trailer Estates

     Marlene and Carson have been married for 35 years. They both retired from General Motors in Flint, Michigan in 1984. Marlene moved to Trailer Estates in Bradenton for the winters and spent summers in the Smokey Mountains in Franklin, North Carolina.
     Marlene started shuffling in 1992 and was in the Petticoat League until she became a Pro in 1999. She played in nine Southwest Coast District Masters in a row.      Marlene has received three bronze and one silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. She made the Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame in 2016.

Sharon Upson - Player
Northern District - Hawthorne

     Sharon and Mel were married for 48 years. She was a Secretary most of her working career with her last job at Yoplait, USA as a Secretary and Purchaser.
     Sharon started coming to Florida in 1984, moved to Leesburg in 1987 and became a resident in 1988.
Mel passed away September 19, 2006. Sharon started shuffling and became a State Amateur in March, 1993 and an Instant Pro in November, 1993. She played in 17 Northern District Masters. Sharon played in the FSA State Masters in 2016 and 2017.
     Sharon was the Secretary and Secretary/Treasurer for Leesburg Shuffleboard Club for eight years and was the Treasurer for the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club for five years.
Sharon has received one bronze and three silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. She was inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame in 2011. Sharon is honored to be the second lady from Hawthorne to be inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame.

George Adkins - Special Award
Southern District - Port Charlotte

     George and Landy were married for 37 years. He served in the Air Force and then dedicated 35 years of service to Ford Motor Company. As a Korean War Veteran, George was a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
     George had a passion for shuffleboard. He made Pro in Florida in 2002 and made Expert in Ohio in 2004. George played in many district, FSA, NSA and ISA tournaments.
     George served as Alternate State Delegate, State Delegate, 3rd Vice President, and President of the Southern District Board. He served on the FSA Rules & Regulations Committee for 12 years and the Constitution & By-Laws Committee for 10 years. George served on the Ohio Shuffleboard Association Rules and Constitution Committees. He was the USA NSA Treasurer for the last six years.
     George was inducted into the Southern District Hall of Fame as Past President in 2007. He received the Ohio State Hall of Fame Service Award in 2015. George received the USA National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame Service Award in 2015.
     George passed away on September 16, 2016. He will be missed.

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Glenna Earle - Player
Central District - Zephyrhills

     Glenna and David have been married for 50 years. They are from Nova Scotia, Canada and live in Forest Lake Estates in Zephyrhills. She retired from teaching music in 2001.
     Glenna started shuffling in 2003 and became a Pro in 2008. She has had 13 1st place wins in FSA State Pro Tournaments. Glenna has placed in 75 State Tournaments to reach 200 points. She played in nine Central District Masters, six as a Pro. Glenna played in the 2013 State Pro Masters and came in 3rd place.  She played for Canada in 2008 in the ISA Team Championship in Australia winning a Silver Medal and won a Gold Medal in 2010 in Germany. Glenna won two "Golden Cues" in 2011 at Dieppe, New Brunwick, Canada and in 2013 at St. Petersburg, Florida in the ISA Singles Championship.
     Glenna has received three bronze, one silver and three gold FSA Roll of Champions pins. In 2015, she was inducted in the CNSA Hall of Fame ‑ Player and the ISA Hall of Fame ‑ Player.
     Glenna was the Forest Lake Estates SBC Vice President for five years. She served as David's assistant during his nine years as President of the ZSC. Glenna was Vice President of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association for nine years. She co‑founded the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club of Sackville, Nova Scotia with David in 2010 and serves as Co‑President.

Tara Glodman - Player
Southeast Coast District - Boynton Beach

     Tara and Jay have been married for 25 years. They are from New York and live in Lake Worth. Tara retired from Director of Marketing at London & Leeds Development Corporation (6 years in Washington DC & 3 years in Manhattan).
     Tara became a Pro in 1996. She has played in 22 South East Coast District Masters (20 as a Pro ‑ winning one). Tara won the 1996 State Amateur Singles Tournament.
     Tara has received one bronze and two silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. She was inducted ino the SECD Hall of Fame ‑ Player in 2004.
     Tara has been the SECD Alternate National Delegate and Alternate State Delegate and is now the Sunshine Lady.

Dave Kudro - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

     Dave lived in Ohio and worked for 37 years for the U.S. Postal Service (30 years in Postal Management). After retiring, he moved to Bradenton, Florida in 2012 where he met his significant other, Terri Smith.
     Dave started shuffling in 2009 and became an Instant Pro in 2010. In 2013, he won the Florida National Doubles with Mel Erb and also in 2015 with Jerry Everett.  Dave won the State Doubles in 2014 with Mel Erb and in 2017 with Jim Miller. In 2014, he won the Tournament of Champions Men's Walking Singles. Dave won the Southwest District Masters in 2015. He has played in the FSA State Pro Masters the last five consecutive years. Dave has 20 1st place wins in the State Pro Tournaments.
      Dave has received two silver and four gold FSA Roll of Champions pins.
      Dave has been the FSA 3rd, 2nd, 1st Vice Presidents and is currently the FSA President.

Linda Marshman - Player
Central District - Winters Park

     Linda and Bob have been married 53 years. They have three children, six grandchildren and one great‑grandson. Their two sons are the 6th generation to run the family dairy farm. Their daughter is a kindergarten teacher. Linda taught Physical Education for 25 years. They came to Zephyrhills in 2003 and enjoyed riding their Harley motorcycles until they stated shuffling.
     Linda became a Pro in 2008. She won the Florida State Amateur Singles in 2008. Linda won the 2009 Florida National Singles and she and Nancy Sclafani won the State Doubles the same year. Linda won 1st place in the Tournament of Champions in 2014. She has played in two FSA State Pro Masters placing 8th and 3rd.  Linda won the Florida National Doubles with Joan Cook in 2017. In 2013, Linda and Bob played for the USA in St. Petersburg, FL in the ISA Singles Championship.  In 2014, she went to Norwich, England to help start shuffleboard there.
     Linda has five bronze, two silver and one gold FSA Roll of Champions pins.
     Linda helps teach beginning shuffleboard at ZSC when needed. She has been Treasurer of Winters Park SBC for the last five years. Seven years ago, Linda and Bob started a SBC in Oxford, New York which is still active today.

Nancy Sclafani - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

     Nancy and Michael have been married for 22 years. They are from New York and moved to Zephyrhills in 2003 and in 2010 moved to Ellenton. Nancy retired from Pathmark Supermarkets after 34 years as a Customer Service Manager.
     Nancy started shuffling in 2003 and became a Pro in 2008. She played in the Central District Amateur Masters in 2006 and 2007 and the State Amateur Masters in 2008. Nancy won the State Doubles in 2009 with Linda Marshman. She played in the Southwest Coast District Pro Masters in 2012 through 2016 winning it in 2016. She played in the FSA State Pro Masters in 2013, 2015, and 2016.
     Nancy has one bronze and four gold FSA Roll of Champions pins. She is one point from being inducted into the SWCD Hall of Fame ‑ Player.
     In 2007, Nancy became a member of the original ZSC Board of Directors until 2010. She became the SWCD Keeper of Records in 2012.

Landy Adkins - President's Special Award
Southern District - Port Charlotte

Landy and George were married for 37 years before his passing in 2016. Landy is from Ohio and lives in Port Charlotte. She retired from teaching English.
     Landy became a Pro in 2003.
She played in five Southern District Pro Masters coming in 1st in two. Landy placed 1st in the 2010 FSA State Doubles. She played in or was alternate in 11 FSA State Pro Masters. Landy  won 1st place in the 2006 NSA MI Singles, the 2006 NSA NC Mixed Doubles, the 2009 and 2012 NSA OH NW Singles and the 2012, 2014, and 2015 NSA OH Doubles. She was on the 2010 ISA USA Team 1 (Germany) and the 2016 USA East Team (St. Cloud, FL) that won 1st place. Landy placed 3rd in the 2015 ISA USA Singles (Clearwater, FL). She was also on the 2006 (Lakeside, OH) and 2012 (Seattle, WA) USA Teams. In the 2006 Tournament, she went 11‑0 and is only one of two ladies to go undefeated.
     Landy has four silver and eight gold FSA Roll of Champions pins.
She was inducted into the 2013 SD Hall of Fame ‑ Special Award, the 2009 Ohio Hall of Fame ‑ Shuffler, the 2012 Ohio Hall of Fame ‑ Special Award, the 2011 FSA Hall of Fame ‑ Shuffler and the 2013 NSA Hall of Fame ‑ Shuffler. Landy received a MVP pin during the 2013 Florida 100 year shuffleboard anniversary. Landy is or has been the Port Charlotte SBC Secretary and Vice President, the Southern District Alternate and State Delegate and National Delegate, the Ohio Shuffleboard Association Vice President and President, the FSA Vice Presidents and 1st female President and the USA/NSA Secretary and Vice President.

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Glenda Brake - Player
Central District - Zephyrhills

   Glenda grew up in Newfoundland, Canada, and worked as a School Teacher for half her career and a Telecommunications Manager for the other half.  She and husband, Clar, have been married 43 years. Glenda and Clar both liked curling and so shuffleboard was a natural fit for them.  In 2010, she started playing in Forest Lake Park and eventually joined the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club. Glenda played for a year as an amateur and then started playing in Pro tournaments receiving instant Pro twice in 2012.
   Glenda won the Central District Amateur Reiny Ladies Masters in March, 2012 and won the District Pro Ladies Masters in 2016. She placed first in the District Top 8 Ladies in 2016 and 2017.
   Glenda has played in 3 FSA State Masters and received her white jacket in 2015. She won the State Sponsored N/W Singles in 2016 and the Doubles with Diane Beardsley in 2018.
   Glenda was inducted into the Central District Hall of Fame in March, 2018 receiving a red jacket. She has received 3 gold and 2 silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. To reach 200 points, she placed in 72 FSA State Pro Tournaments achieving 16 first place wins.
   Glenda has played in Canadian and International tournaments at New Brunswick, Norway and England. She is currently the 2nd Vice President of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.

Allen Dronsfield - Player
Northern District - Leesburg

   Allen is from Hawaii and worked as a Welding Contractor for 25 years and then as a Specialized Trucker for 25 years. He lives in The Villages with his wife, Jan, of 3 years.
   Allen started shuffling in 2011 and became a Pro in 2013. He is a member of the Leesburg Shuffleboard Club. Allen has won the Northern District Masters 3 times. He has also won the District Tournament of Champions 3 times. In 2015, Allen came in 3rd in the 34th ISA World Singles Championship. He has played in 4 FSA Pro Masters and won in 2017 and 2018  and received a white jacket.  In 2017, Allen won the FSA State Sponsored Walking Singles.  He won the N04 National Doubles in 2018.
   Allen was inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame in 2016. He has 4 gold FSA Roll of Champions pins and 25 first place wins in FSA State Pro Tournaments.
   Allen was the 2nd Vice President in the Northern District in 2013. He was the President and Court Master at the Leesburg Shuffleboard Club in 2015. Allen is currently the club liaison with the city of Leesburg.
   Allen's other interests include fishing, golfing, surfing, diving & spearfishing, bird hunting, upland game and water fowl, American & International skeet shooting, pool snooker shooting, softball and snow skiing.

Susan McLaughlin - Player
Northern District - Hawthorne

   Susan is from New York and now resides at Hawthorne at Leesburg. She has been married to Gary for 30 years. Susan had a career as a Registered Nurse.
   Susan started shuffling in 2007. She is a member of the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club and became a Pro in 2010. She won the National Amateur Ladies Singles in 2009. Susan played in the Northern District Masters Amateurs Division 2007 through 2010. She played in the Pro Division 20011 through 2015.  Susan played in 3 FSA State Masters in 2012, 2014 and 2016. She has 10 first place wins in FSA State Tournaments.
   Susan was inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame in 2016. She has 3 silver and 3 bronze FSA Roll of Champions pins.
   Susan was the Vice President of the Leesburg Shuffleboard Club in 2009 and was the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club Treasurer in 2014.

Pam Nurnberger - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

    Pam is from Michigan and was a High School Secretary for 26 years. She and husband, Ron, have been married 13 years and live in Bradenton.
   Pam started shuffling in 2010 and became a Pro in 2012. Pam won the Michigan Amateur Doubles in 2011 and twice won the Michigan Ladies Pro Doubles. She won the Southwest Coast District Amateur Masters in 2011 and played in 3 District Open Masters and won in 2014. Pam has been in the District Top 16 Ladies Points 8 times. She won the FSA State Singles in 2017 and 2018. Pam won the 2019 Orange Blossum Tournament. She played in 4 FSA Pro Masters and won in 2018. Pam had the most FSA Masters Points with 75 in 2018. She has 21 first place wins in FSA State Tournaments. Pam has 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze FSA Roll of Champions pins.

Ron Nurnberger - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

   Ron is from Michigan and was a Coach, Teacher, Principal and Superintendent. He and wife, Pam, have been married 13 years and live in Bradenton.
   Ron started shuffling in 2010 and became a Pro in 2012. Ron won the Michigan Amateur Doubles in 2011 and won the Michigan Mens Pro Doubles in 2016.  He played in the Southwest Coast District Amateur Masters in 2011 and played in 4 SWCD Open Mens Masters. Ron has been in the District Top 16 Mens Points 4 times. He won the 2017 Orange Blossum Tournament. Ron played in 3 FSA Pro Masters and once as an alternate. He won the N01 National N/W Singles Tournament in 2018. Ron has 11 first place wins in FSA State Tournaments and has 2 gold and 2 silver FSA Roll of Champions pins.
   Ron is a Past President at Seabreeze Mobile Estates Shuffleboard Club. He is the President of the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club. Ron was President of the Southwest Coast from 2014 - 2017.

Terri Smith - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

   Terri is from Michigan and lives with her life partner, Dave Kudro, in Bradenton. Before retirement, she was a Medical Billing Manager and an Office Manager.
Terri started shuffling in 2008 and became a State Am in 2010 and a Pro in 2011. She won both years in the Northern District Amateur Masters. Terri placed 3rd in the 2013 ISA World Championship (only USA lady in the top 4). She won the Southwest Coast District Pro Masters in 2015. Terri won the 2015 National Singles in Hendersonville, NC. She won the 2017 National Singles and Doubles in Lakeside, OH and the singles in Bradenton, FL. Terri has played in the FSA Pro Masters for the last 4 years and won in 2016 and 2017.
   Terri was first place on the Ohio Roll of Champions with 73 points in 2014. She has 4 gold and 1 bronze FSA Roll of Champions pins. In 2017, Terri placed first on the FSA Roll of Champions with 63 points. She has 16 first place wins in FSA State Tournaments.     

Linda Rebholz - Special Award
Central East Coast District - Ft. Pierce

   Linda has been married to Phil for 17 years. They live in Indiana in the summer and Fort Pierce in the winter. She was a Medical Assistant and then an Administrative Assistant to lawyers and a judge during her career.
Linda has done and is still doing volunteer work throughout her life. She has volunteered for the Council for Children's Services and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Linda is currently volunteering at Parkview Wabash Hospital in Indiana in the summer. She has been on the Boards of the American Red Cross and the local county nursing home. Linda has also sung in her church choir.
   Linda is a substitute shuffleboard player for the Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club traveling team when needed. In 2002, she became the Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club Treasurer. When Linda gave up this position, she received the President's Award for her service. In 2010, Linda started reporting for "The Shuffler" and continues to do so. She has been a FSA Central East Coast District State Delegate. Linda was the FSA Hall of Fame Chairman for the CECD in 2010 and 2017 and the 2017 Masters Chairman. She became the FSA State Secretary in 2010 and continues in that position.

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