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 2010 to 2019  -  F.S.A. HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES

2010 HOF Awards 
Sue Minnich – Player Award
Sue and husband Dave started coming to Florida on a part-time basis in 1989. They still owned Hallmark Card gift shops in PA and didn’t retire until 1992. Sue played in a beginner’s league until 1995 when Nancy Emrick (a first-year pro) persuaded Sue to play no-2-pro tournaments with her. Sue found she really enjoyed the game and the comreadship with other players so she continued to play tournaments. She became a pro in 1997 and she and Dave travelled to most of the State tournaments. Along the way she made many new friends. The shuffleboard community became her family away from home, as it is for many shufflers. Sue placed in 98 State tournaments with 31 different partners and friends. There are other friends she never had the opportunity to play with. She earned 101 national points with 4 national championships, including 1 national singles, and 3 national doubles titles with 3 different partners. In 1998 Sue was selected to play for the USA team in Goderich, Ont. Sue and Dave have 4 children and 8 grandchildren, all in PA. Sue would like to thank the FSA for making this honor possible, and to thank all her partners – the 31 she placed with plus others she almost placed with. And a special thanks to husband Dave who introduced her to this game of shuffleboard, taught her, encouraged har, and supported her throughout her shuffleboard career.
Cecile Messier – Player Award
Southern District - Lee County

Joe and Cecile make their home in Carriage Village in North Ft. Myers.  Cecile was interested in tennis before taking up shuffleboard.   In 1993 she joined Lee County Shuffle Club, played in amateur tournaments in 1994, made State Amateur in 1995 and Pro in 1996. Cecile and Joe traveled to every Pro tournament in their motor home.   In the morning you would see Cecile coming from the motor home with cue in hand, ready to do battle.  If you were her opponent, you knew you had a tiger by the tail and if you were her partner she would give it her all.  Cecile never made excuses if she got beat, “oh I got a bad court or the discs were bad”; she would say, “It wasn’t meant to be.  We will give it our best next time.”  Cecile has played at USA National tournaments through out the USA, and has been a member of the Ladies USA team for 12 consecutive years competing in ISA tournaments.  She has attended ISA tournaments and/or Inaugurals in Japan, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Denmark and of course the USA.  She played in the 1st USA East-West games held in Hemet, CA. She was ISA secretary for 3½ years and USA national secretary for 2 years.  Cecile is a member of the ISA Hall of Fame, and USA National Hall of Fame.  She has been a very busy gal not only playing the game of shuffleboard but promoting the game as well.  She has worked hard and traveled many a miles to accumulate the 200 points needed for this great honor.  It is my honor and privilege to present to you, my good friend and partner, Cecile Messier, for induction into the FSA Hall of Fame.  Congratulations  Cecile!!  Induction by Ann Wedel.
Lorraine Pollock – Special Award
Central District - Avon Park

Lorraine Pollock and her husband Bill first came  to  Florida in 1989.  She  began   playing  in tournaments in 1993 and had become pro in 1996. By 1997 Lorraine had been certified as a tournament director and now is the head tournament director for Central District. Lorraine has been a Central District board member for 10 years, including eight years as treasurer, in addition to many years of service to her home club, Avon Park.  In 2003 Lorraine audited the books for the Florida Shuffleboard Association and continued until March, 2009.  In October, 2004 Lorraine became the secretary of the FSA and has maintained this post with quiet distinction to this day.   While this list of contributions to shuffleboard  and the FSA in particular is impressive and worthy of recognition, it does not fully describe her value to the organization. As I have observed Lorraine perform her many posts over the past several years, I have seen that she is not only knowledgeable, efficient and accurate, but she is unfailingly kind, cheerful and cooperative. While I am sure that we can all name individuals who possess the first three qualities, it is very rare indeed to find someone who exhibits all of the qualities. It is the demonstration of all of these traits that make Lorraine such a valuable member of the FSA.  It is with great pleasure and honour that I present Lorraine Pollock for induction into the FSA Hall of Fame in the Special Awards category.  Glenn Monroe

Jim Bailey – President’s Award
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

Tonight we are here to honor Jim Bailey who has served us well as the President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.  Jim is already in the FSA Hall of Fame, Players category.  But tonight we are going to honor Jim for his off the courts deeds!  Jim has given back to our game by serving in many capacities.  I asked Jim if he would be interested in running for the FSA Board as 3rd VP. You should know that Jim was already on 3 Boards in the District!!  After much soul searching, Jim agreed.   It wasn’t long until Jim moved up to 1st VP where he served for 3 years.  It was here that Jim really honed his skill.  He was in charge of the Tournament Scheduling, the Rules Committee,  and assisting then President Clarence Wright.  During Jim’s Presidency, he and I became very good friends.  I was honored that Jim chose me to be his sounding board during his tenure.  One of the things I suggested to Jim was to not make all the decisions himself, the full Board should make as many decisions as possible, not him. In everything he did, the Board was apprised and was part of the decision process.  This advice I would give to every President. Keep in mind that Jim not only served on the State Board, he was also serving on the BSC Board, the District Board, KOR for the District and the National Board when I think of it. This guy was a working machine. In all seriousness now, Jim could not possibly have done these deeds, or accomplished what he did without his wonderful wife Ninfa. It is now my honor and privilege to present to you for induction into the FSA HOF as Past President, my friend Jim Bailey.  Dave Minnich

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2011 HOF Awards  
Landy Adkins - Player Award
Southern District - Lee County
Landy is from London, Ont., Canada. She married George in 1979. They owned a consulting business for 7 years before retiring to Florida in 1994. She became a U.S. Citizen on August 26, 1999. Landy's shuffleboard contributions include: 1st VP of Ohio for 6 years and on the Port Charlotte Board for 7 years. She served on the Southern District Board for 5 years. Presently, Landy is 3rd VP on the FSA Board and is the Nat. Rep. for the Florida State Board. She wants to thank George for all his support and encouragement.
Ruth Brown - Player Award
Central District - Pioneer Creek
Ruth and husband, Larry, came to Florida in 1988. They settled in at Pioneer Creek in Bowling Green. She started playing tournaments in 1992 and made Pro in 1996. She started the State Pro circuit during the 2002-2003 season and qualified for the State Masters in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Ruth won the National Doubles Tournament in 2007 and qualified for the FSA Hall of Fame at Lakeland. They live in Quincy, Illinois in the summer and have 5 children, 11 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.
Betty Lovens  - Player Award
Southwest Coadt District - Bradenton
Betty moved to Florida in 1997 and quickly took up shuffleboard. In the 1998-1999 season, she took first place in the SW District Amateur Master's Tournament. Betty started competing in state tournaments and played in 3 State Masters in 2003, 2005 and 2006. She has had many wonderful partners; especially her sister, Marty Reiter. Betty's husband, Jack, gets a special thanks for chauffering her to tournaments all over Florida. She has served off the courts as SW District Treasurer and VP of the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club.
Paul Miller  - Player Award
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton
Paul started playing shuffleboard at age 25 at a neighbor's court 3-4 times a week for 6 years. He then built a new house and moved away. About 28 years later, he borrowed a stick and played in a National Single's Tournament in Bradenton. Paul came in second to Glen Peltier, becoming an instant Pro. He never played in any amateur tournaments. In the SWC Masters, he won 20 of 21 games. Paul played in 4 State Masters and won first place in 2004. He won several National Singles Tournaments. Thanks to all his partners.
Judy Taylor - Player Award
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton
Judy, as a District Am in 2004, played her first state tournament and became an instant Pro, thanks to Alice Barlow. Judy and husband, Larry, began traveling to state tournaments in 2006. She qualified for several State and District Masters and has had success in the Roll of Champions, winning the coveted gold pin in 2006. Thanks go to Larry, Benny Lopez and Dave Minnich. Special thanks to Ann Wedel for her help that carried Judy to a record setting year in 2010. Many thanks to all her supporters, coaches and partners.
Sheri Weese  - Player Award
Central East Coast District - Vero Beach
Sheri moved from Indiana to Vero Beach in 1981. She worked for Florida Dept. of Agriculture as a fruit and vegetable inspector. She started playing shuffleboard in 1997 and made Pro in 2000. Special thanks to Jeannie Andrews for dragging her all over Florida. Thanks to Pat Knapp, her partner in local state tournaments. Sheri had a wonderful coach and great partners through the years. Most important, she thanks God for blessing her with good health and the special friends that crossed her path in her shuffleboard journey.
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2012 HOF Awards
Arlene Guerrini - Player Award
West Coast District - Pinellas Park
Arlene is an artist and paints in oils. Early in her marriage, she sold many of her paintings to help support them. Arlene and husband, Bob, came from Pennsylvania to Florida in 1992. They started shuffling in 2001 and became Pros together in two years. Last season, Arlene had her best season earning 53 points for a total of 234 lifetime points. She played in the FSA Masters for the first time and finished third. Thanks to Bob and all her partners.

Mickey Henson  - Player Award
West Coast District - Pinellas Park
Mickey moved from Michigan to Florida in 1988 with wife, Barbara. He started shuffling on his Mobile Home Park team and then in the Friendship League until 1990. In 1990, Mickey started playing District Tournaments. He turned Pro in 1992 and teamed up with his friend, Wilbert Horn. They played together for 20 years. Mickey won every major tournament except the Florida State Singles. He loves the game and looks forward to playing the best players in Florida. Thanks to all his partners.

Jim L. Miller - Player Award
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton
Jim played his first tournament at Bradenton Shuffle Club in a district tournament in 1998. He became a Pro in 2001. Jim has played and won in numerous District Masters. He has won the Florida State Singles, Walking, in 2006 and 2011. Jim played in the State Masters in 2008, 2010 and 2011. He won the State Masters in 2008. Also, he has won several National Singles. Jim is on the Bradenton Shuffle Club Board and is very active in the work at the club. Thanks to those who encouraged, instructed aid played tournaments with him.

Ellie Prevost - Player Award
West Coast District - Clearwater

Ellie and husband, Ron, started coming to Florida in 1988. They started shuffling and in 1994 they competed in district tournaments earning Pro in 1995. Next came state tournaments, She has placed in 65 tournaments with 26 different partners to earn her 200 points. The most points made with any one partner has been with her husband. The most wins have been with Sue Minnich. Ellie has served as Secretary/Treasurer for the West Coast District. She is currently Secretary/Treasurer for the Associated League at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club. Thanks to Ron and all her partners.

Phil Rebholz - Player Award
Central East Coast Division - Ft. Pierce
Phil is a retired farmer from indiana. He owned a plane and was a pi1ot for many years. Phil came to Florida and took up shuffling. He started playing in the Central East Coast District Tournaments. He was a State Amateur Amateur for one year and then advanced to Pro. Phil served as the President of the CEC District from 1997 to 2000. He received his State Masters jacket in 2004. Phil won first place in the National Singles in Michigan and North Carolina in 2005. He won first place in the National Doubles in Florida 2008. Phil is 1st Vice President of the FSA. Thanks to Linda and all his partners.

Jerry Stannard - Player Award
Central District - Winter Haven

Jerry made State Am and placed first in the District Am Masters in 2003. In 2004 he qualified for the State Am Masters and made his Pro points in only five tournaments. He placed second in the State Am Singles, second in the National Mixed Doubles and won the State Am Doubles. Jerry entered the Central District Hall of Fame in 2008. He won the State Non Walking Singles in 2005 and 2008. He won the Southern National Walking Singles in 2008 and the Tournament of Champions Walking Singles in 2010. Jerry played in the State Masters the past four years. Thanks to all his partners.
Henry Strong - Player Award
Central District - Zephyrhills

Henry is from, Belle River, Ontario, where he was a hockey player. He and wife, Geraldine, have been married 45 years and came to Florida 16 years ago. Henry started playing shuffleboard when he visited Florida. In 2004, he joined the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, realized he needed to learn more about the game and built a shuffleboard court when he returned to Canada. Henry became a perennial Masters Player and has won the State Singles. He is a USA and Canadian National Champion and a member of the Canadian International team Champions. Thanks to all his partners.
Walt Wedel - Player Award
Southwest Coast Division - Golf Lakes

Walt is retired Michigan farmer. He has been married to Ann for 57 years. They came to Florida about 30 years ago and started shuffling. Walt was a member of the SWC District for many years, a member of the USA-NSA Board for 11 years starting as 3rd VP and moving up to President. He was inducted into the National Hall of Fame as a player in 2004 and a special award as a past president in 2008. Walt has been the Michigan Treasurer for 13 years. He has played in Japan, Brazil, Canada and the USA and attended an inaugural in Germany and Holland. Thanks to Ann and all his partners.
Barbara Henson - Special Award
West Coast District

Barbara moved from Michigan to Florida in 1988 with husband Mickey. She played in the Friendship League for several years, finally giving it up due to health reasons. In 1994, they went to Hendersonville, N.C. to learn to direct tournaments. Lou Haskill taught her the basics and she went on to work with many other tournament directors over the years. She directs tournaments in the West Coast District. Thanks to the people who helped her and supported her nomination for this special award.
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2013 HOF Awards

Jeannie Andrews - Player Award
Central East Coast Division - Vero Beach
Jeannie is from Richmond, VA where she was a CPA for Davenport & Company.  She started shuffling in 2007.  Jeannie made Pro the same year playing with Chuck Stansburge.  Chuck encouraged Sheri Weese and her to play State Tournaments.  Jeannie qualified for the FSA Masters that year and every year since.  She won the Masters in 2010 and co-won in 2011 with her good friend, Judy Taylor.  Jeannie wants to thank her partners over the years, especially Sheri Weese with whom she scored 81 of her 200 points.  She is currently the FSA Treasurer and the USA-NSA SE States Regional Director.   

Dorine Bessette - Player Award
Northern District - Daytona
Dorine is from Springfield, MA and came to Florida in 1992.  She started playing shuffleboard in 1993 and made Pro in 1996.  Dorine wants to thank Joyce Harless and Jean Smith from her early days of playing.  Also, thanks to her friend, Edna Triplett, who she played with at least the last 5 years and had a good time doing it.  Dorine and her husband, Al, have been married 52 years and have 2 children, 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Glen Peltier - Presidents Award
West Coast District - Clearwater
Glen started his shuffleboard career in 1982.  He was an amateur only one year making instant Pro with Junior Kinney.  Glen thanks Jane O Bird for giving him his first big break when she was a top player.  He has more points than any male that has ever played the game (1250+). Glen has qualified to play in the FSA Masters 25 consecutive seasons. He has held executive positions in the West Coast District, the FSA and the CNSA.  Glen was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame - Player in 1995, the USA-NSA Hall of Fame - Player in 1998 and the CNSA Hall of Fame in 2006.  He wrote  a book with a DVD of "Shuffleboard Stategy" and has a video of "Winning Shuffleboard."  Glen's two goals include being the best player he can be and teaching at all levels trying to introduce new people to the game. 

Ed ONeal - Special Award
Southern District
Ed moved to Sebring, FL in 1998.  He served as  Avon Park Shuffleboard Club Treasurer during the 2000-2001 season.  Ed made State Amateur in 2001 and Pro in 2003.  He became a Tournament Director in 2001 and currently directs in the Southern District.  Ed developed the Tourn-A-Mation program to run tournaments on a computer.  From 2001-2009, he produced a Central District Calendar and Club Directories for Avon Park, Sebring and Lakeland.  From 2002-2009, he was the Central District Webmaster and KOR.  Ed became the FSA KOR in 2008 and FSA Preview Editor in 2009.  In 2009, he received the Central District Hall of Fame "Special Award."  In 2010, Ed took over the layout and design of the Preview.  He also developed the NSA Record System Software.

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Judy Ross - Player Award
Southern District - Landmark
Judy and husband, Cyril, have been married 49 years and have 3 children, 3 grandchildren and a B&B in Nantucket, MA. They became ‘snow birds’ in 1991 and soon learned to play shuffleboard. In 1996, Judy placed in her first shuffleboard tournament. She has loved the challenge of the game ever since and has been very active in leading, teaching and encouraging others. Judy has qualified for 15 District Masters and has 10 first place finishes. She won the National Amateur Ladies Singles in January, 2003 and became a Pro in October, 2003. Knee injuries and surgeries limited her play until October 2005. Since then,Judy has played in many tournaments and earned her Southern District’s Hall of Fame in 2009. Judy played in the Florida State Masters from 2010 through 2013. Judy would like to thank all her many partners over the years, especially her good friend, Dianna Allen, with whom she won the National Doubles in 2012 and scored 114 points towards her Florida State Hall of Fame.

Ken Offenther - Player Award
Southeast Coast District - Park City
Ken Offenther won the World Singles Championship at St. Pete in Oct. 2013 in a field of 88 players. Although he has been a Pro since the early 1990s, he has been playing the state schedule for just 6 years since his retirement. In the SECD, he has played in 15 Pro Masters winning 5 times! In North Carolina with the help of Stan Williamson, he won 2 national tournaments in a 3 day period. Ken has already played in 3 Florida State Masters finishing 2nd in 2010 at Vero Beach after winning his first 10 games. If you ask him his favorite moments in his shuffleboard career, he will first speak of his pride in playing for the US 3 times in the World Singles events and of his participation in Stan McCormacks 100th Anniversary committee where Ken researched, wrote and presented over 50 speeches honoring shuffleboard greats from the past and present. Ken also did the definitive research on the top 50 men and women points totals that will appear in the Preview forever giving us a permanent measurement of our great players! Ken blesses the day he drove thru Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale and rediscovered shuffleboard.

Nicole Huot - Player Award
West Coast District - Town Shores

Nicole and husband, Andre, came to Florida from St. Lazare, Canada in 1992. She was a volunteer for the Canadian-France-American Club (Director for 4 years and Treasurer for 8 years) from 1994-2002. Nicole started shuffling in the community league and eventually started playing in tournaments. She made instant Pro in 2006. Nicole and Andre formed a shuffleboard club in their community of Town Shores and brought them into the West Coast District. She still teaches new shufflers in her community. Nicole served as Secretary-Treasurer for the West Coast District for 3 years. She and Andre started the movement to add a Masters Tournament to the West Coast District and worked diligently to make it happen. Nicole won the 2012 National Singles at Bradenton. She played in the FSA Masters in 2008 and 2009 and qualified but declined to play in 2010, 2012 and 2013. Nicole placed in 68 tournaments with 24 partners to achieve her 200 points.

Shirley McCullough - Player Award
Southwest Coast District - Tailer Estates

Shirley raised 6 children and all are college graduates. She owned a beauty salon for 35 years and enjoyed talking to her customers. Shirley’s 93 year old sister, Rita, wanted her to make the "FSA Hall of Fame" before she died and she did it. It took 14 years, which might seem like a long time, but went by real fast because she had so much fun. Shirley traveled to Australia and Germany to shuffle and made many nice memories. She lost 2 of her best friend partners, May Becker and Faith Belott. Marlene Colburn, Marilyn Everett and others helped Shirley get her points. She says that shuffleboard is a fun game for seniors because you meet so many nice people. Shirley met her husband, Gene, on the courts and he encourages her. She loves her family and fellow shufflers.

Colleen Austin - Special Award
Southern District - Lee County

Colleen and husband, Dave, started shuffling in tournaments in 2002. She was on the LCSC Board for 4 years (3 as Treasurer). Colleen produced LCSC Photo Directories, Southern District Calendars, certificates and photos. She has been the SD Keeper of Records since 2006. Colleen worked with the FSA Hall of Fame Banquet Committees in 2007 and 2011-2014 by doing posters, programs, tickets and displays. She has provided FSA Roll of Champion certificates and Masters programs and certificates. Colleen was the USA-NSA Webmaster and Keeper of Records for 4 years and submitted a logo design which is now in use. She was inducted in the SD Hall of Fame - Special Award in 2011. Colleen was a member of the *100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard in Florida" Committee (designed 2 banners, MVP pin, sticker and calendar) and also received a MVP pin. She did the USA bios/photos for the 32nd World Singles Championship in St. Petersburg in 2013 and made 225 edible tournament logo cupcake toppers. Colleen recently designed a "Gold Medal Winner" pin for the ISA that is now in use. She has formed many friendships in this sport that she loves.

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Diana Allen - Player Award
Southern District - Riverwoods Plantation
Dianna is from Ohio and has been married to Sam for 44 years.  They have two great sons, two wonderful daughter-in-laws and five super grandchildren.  They came to Florida in 1997.  Dianna started shuffling and placed first in the District Amateur Masters in 2003.  She became a Pro in 2006.  Dianna has played in 12 consecutive District Masters and five State Masters.  She won her “Once in a Lifetime” NSA Pin in 2010.  Dianna started the Saturday League at Riverwoods and has been the Captain for six years and has served as Vice President.  She has served as the Southern District Secretary for nine years and the USA-NSA Florida Delegate for two years.  Dianna would like to thank all the partners that helped her reach this goal, especially Judy Ross.  She has met so many wonderful people playing shuffleboard; it’s a pleasure to play.  Dianna looks forward to shuffling all summer and hopes to have many more years to play.  Although she never thought she would make it, she feels she has been very blessed to receive this honor.

David Earle - Player Award
Central District - Zephyrhills

David is married to wife, Glenna.  He began shuffling about 14 years ago and was fortunate enough to live in a park where an excellent instructing Pro, Marshall Leigh, took him under his wing.  David was hooked in a very short time.  He started playing in local area tournaments and then in the Central District, as well as some State Tournaments in his second year.  David moved forward quickly and reached Pro status in 2004.  He was Winters Park President for a year before moving to Forest Lake Estates.  David is currently the President of the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, Co-President of the Saltwater Club in Nova Scotia and the Past President of the FSA Central District.  He was Secretary of the International Shuffleboard Association for a year.  David has played in several International events and went 10 and 0 at the Team tournament in Germany.  He has his name on the FSA Singles, Doubles and Masters trophies.  David is a member of the Central District Hall of Fame as both Player and President.  He was given a MVP Pin during the 100 year celebration.

Jerry Everett - Player Award
Southwest Coast District - Paradise Bay
Jerry hails from northern Maine where he enjoys summer activities at his lakeside cottage.  He and wife, Marilyn, of 40 years have two children and three grandchildren.  Following military service and college, Jerry owned and operated a car wash in Augusta, Maine and sold his business in 1978.  He became a nationally certified alpine instructor and later an Examiner for the certification process, which became a 30 year career in ski teaching/ coaching (some becoming Olympic athletes).  Jerry began playing shuffleboard in 2000-2001 and won the Amateur Masters in 2001.  Later, he played in six consecutive District Masters and three Florida State Masters, which he won in 2014.  From 2006 to the present, Jerry with the help of his wife has trained and maintained a team of referees for the SWC District. Each year these dedicated people referee the Amateur Masters and have refereed two State Masters Tournaments.  He feels fortunate to have had so many great partners who have helped him along the way.  Jerry is honored to be included in the Hall of Fame with such wonderful and famous players.

Joyce Marquis - Player Award
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

Joyce and her husband, Mike, from New Hampshire have been married for 41 years.  They have two sons and two grandchildren.  They became snowbirds in 2003 and promptly began shuffling in their community.  By 2005, Carlene & George Bowen introduced them to tournament play.  By the middle of the first game they knew they were hooked.  Joyce was the Southwest District Treasurer for six years and State Delegate for three years.  She is now the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club Treasurer.  Besides shuffling, Joyce’s favorite pastimes are kayaking and photographing animals.  Joyce would like to thank all her partners for helping her reach this goal. It has been a fun time in her life.  Thank you to all the people who donate so much to the game.
Glenn Monroe - Special Award
Central District - Lakeland

Glenn Monroe is originally from the small town of Caledonia, located in western Michigan, south of Grand Rapids.  He moved to Detroit in 1966 to study at Wayne State University.  He joined the Detroit Police Department in 1970 and retired from there in 1996.  After two years with the University of Detroit-Mercy, where he served as the Deputy Director of Public Safety, he moved to Florida with his wife, Donna.  Soon thereafter, he began playing shuffleboard at the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club.  He spent four years as the club’s president, during which time he was also trained as a tournament director.  He subsequently served eight years on the board of the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Central District (two years as president).  In 2008, he was appointed to the post of F.S.A. State Tournament Director, a post that he continues to proudly hold.  Glenn also serves as Director of Shuffleboard for the Florida Sports Foundation and National Tournament Director for the U.S. National Shuffleboard Association.  He has directed four International tournaments:  United States (2009 & 2013), Germany (2010) and Canada (2011).  Glenn was elected to the Central District Hall of Fame in 2010 and the International Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame in 2013.
Phil Rebholz - President's Special Award
Central East Coast District - Ft. Pierce

Phil is from Indiana and married to wife, Linda.  He began playing shuffleboard in Florida in the 1980’s although he did not play in state tournaments until about 2001.  He has served as President of the Central East Coast District and was inducted into the Indian River League Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.  Phil was awarded his FSA Master’s jacket in 2004.  He won first place in National singles in Battle Creek, Michigan and in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Phil won first place in National doubles in Zephyrhills, Florida.  He was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame as a player in 2012.  Glen Peltier asked Phil to run for second Vice President around 2006 when Jim Bailey was President.  Phil was in charge of tournament scheduling and served on various committees.  He moved to first Vice President and then to President in 2012.
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Colleen Austin - Player Award
Southern District - Lee County
  Colleen was a RN for 29 years. She and husband, Dave, retired and moved to Tamiami Village in North Fort Myers in 2000.

  Colleen played or qualified to play in each Southern District Masters  since becoming a District Am except this season. She became a Pro in 2006. Colleen played in the 2012 FSA Masters and won. She placed 8th in the 2013 World Singles Championship in St. Petersburg. Colleen won the 2015 Florida State Doubles Championship with her partner.
  Colleen was on the LCSC Board for four years (three as Treasurer). She was the Southern District Keeper of Records for eight years. Colleen worked with the FSA Hall of Fame Banquet Committees in 2007 and 2011-2016. She was the USA-NSA Webmaster and Keeper of Records for four years and submitted the logo design that is now used. Colleen was a member of the 2013 "100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard in Florida" Committee (designed two banners and MVP pin) and was awarded a MVP pin. She provided the USA shufflers' bios/photos for the 2013 World Singles Championship Book. Colleen helped design an ISA "Gold Medal Winner" pin this is in use.
  Colleen was indicted in the SD Hall of Fame - Special Award in 2011 and the FSA Hall of Fame - Special Award in 2014.
Helen Biaggi - Player Award
Southern District - Lee County
  Born and raised in a country village in England, Helen immigrated to Canada in 1970 with her husband, Graham and two sons, Adam and Jason. As a snowbirds, she was first introduced to shuffleboard in Fort Myers and started tournament play in 2006. Helen qualified and played her first District Masters in 2007. She has since qualified for the next eight Masters and played in all but one, due to health issues, placing first in a total of three. In 2008, Helen won the Florida State Amateur Singles. Helen made Pro in 2009, playing with Wally Thyssen. With Sue Minnich in 2009, she earned her first Pro point. In January 2010, Helen married Steve Biaggi on the shuffleboard courts at Lee County. In 2011, she attended her first Hall of Fame banquet when her friend, Landy Adkins, invited her and Steve to sit at her table. Little did Helen know that five years later, she would be inducted as a player.

  The following season was an exciting time with 11 main event placements and a total of 53 points, making her eligible to play in her first State Masters. Helen has both qualified and played in four State Pro Masters. Ellen Davis and Helen won the Florida State Doubles in Clearwater in 2012. Two years later, she won the Florida State Doubles again, this time with Nicole Huot. In 2013, Helen won the National Singles at Trailer Estates, receiving a National Pin. A second National came in 2015 in a doubles tournament at Lakeland with partner and good friend, Joan Buck.
  Helen serves on the Southern District Board as Treasurer and has done so since 2011. Helen is grateful for the honor and would like to that all her partners who always made her look good. A special thanks to Landy Adkins, as they earned 45 points together, including her 200th point at Avon Park in 2015.
Stan McCormack - Special Award
Central District
  Stan served in the Canadian Air Force (RCAF) for 12 years. He graduated from Carlton University with a major in Political Science and a minor in Labour Law. Stan served in the Public Service of Canada until the age of 53 and then retired.
  Stan and wife, Lois, celebrated their 60th anniversary last March. They began wintering in Florida in 1995 and became active in shuffleboard in Avon Park. They have shuffled in several ISA Tournaments and been on Inaugurals to Brazil, Germany, Ireland and Russia.
  Stan served as Avon Park Club President from 2001-2003 and 2005-2006. During this time, he worked with Dave Minnich, FSA President, to obtain the first State Tournament for Avon Park and worked with Don Norris, NSA President, to attract the first Amateur NSA Tournament for Avon Park.
  Stan was the Scugog (Blackstock) Ontario Shuffleboard Club President in 2005-2006. He served as CNSA President from 2008-2010 and the Inter Provincial Concept was successfully launched and continues. "TheShuffler.org" was started in 2002 (terminated in 2010) and launched the first Virtual Hall of Fame. "TheShuufler.net" was started in April 2012 and continues today with over 2500 articles written.
  Stan was the 2013 "100th Anniversary of Shuffleboard in Florida" Chairman. The objective was to stimulate shuffleboard activity and the committee financed several novice tournaments throughout Florida. He was awarded a MVP Pin for all his work in shuffleboard.
  Stan is a member of the 2007 FSA-Central District Hall of Fame, Special Award; the CNSA Hall of Fame, 2008 President's Award and 2010 Special Award; the ISA Hall of Fame, 2008 The Shuffler Award and 2013 Special Award; and now the 2016 FSA - Special Award. Stan was inducted into the US NSA Hall of Fame, Service Award, in 2016. Without the significant contributions by many other writers, the level of success of theshuffler.net would not have been possible. Stan wants to express his sincere appreciation to the FSA Board for this honor bestowed on him.
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Gus Bondi - Player Award
Central District - Zephyrhills
Gus and Marie have been married for 61 years. He was a draftsman at General Electric until 1958, went into the refuse business for 22 years, sold the company and went back to GE to work in the plastic production plant. Gus retired in 1993 and moved to Florida. He lives in Zephyrhills.
     Gus began shuffling in 1999. He became a Pro in 2003. Gus won his first FSA State tournament in 2004. He won the Central District Pro Masters in 2006. He has shuffled in Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the USA. Gus has shuffled in Arizona, California, Florida, Ohio, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Washington and North Carolina where he won a National Doubles Championship and received a National pin. He played for the USA in two International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) Team Tournaments that won gold in 2006 (Lakeside, Ohio) and in 2010 (Germany) and won silver in 2012 (Seattle, Washington).
     Gus was Vice President and President at the Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club from 2002-2005. He was Treasurer, Vice President and President of the ISA from 2003-2008. Gus was Vice President of the National Shuffleboard Association (NSA) from 2009-2011 and President from 2011-2013.
     Gus has received five bronze and five silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. He was inducted in the Central District Hall of Fame in 2011. Gus received a MVP pin in 2013. He received a USA National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame Player & Past President Award in 2015.
Ray Buck - Player
Southern District - Lee County
Ray and Joan have been married for 49 years. He was a school administrator, teacher and financial representative in Pennsylvania. Ray came to Cape Coral in 1999.
     Ray started shuffling in 2001 and became a Pro in 2005. He played in the Southern District Masters as a District Am in 2003 and won as a State Am in 2004. Ray played in 11 District Masters as a Pro and won four of them. He played in three FSA State Masters in 2014, 2015 and 2017 and was alternate in the 2012 and 2016 tournaments. Ray placed second in the National Walking Singles at Trailer Estates in 2006. He played for the USA in the ISA Team Tournament in 2012 in Seattle, Washington and won a silver medal.
     Ray was Vice Presidents and President of the Southern District Board from 2003-2016. He is currently the Alternate State Delegate.
     Ray has received two bronze, three silver and one gold FSA Roll of Champions pins. He was inducted in the Southern District Hall of Fame in 2009 as a Player and in 2016 as a Past President.
Marlene Coburn - Player
Southwest Coast - Trailer Estates
     Marlene and Carson have been married for 35 years.
They both retired from General Motors in Flint, Michigan in 1984. Marlene moved to Trailer Estates in Bradenton for the winters and spent summers in the Smokey Mountains in Franklin, North Carolina.
     Marlene started shuffling in 1992 and was in the Petticoat League until she became a Pro in 1999. She played in nine Southwest Coast District Masters in a row.      Marlene has received three bronze and one silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. She made the Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame in 2016.
Sharon Upson - Player
Northern District - Hawthorne
Sharon and Mel were married for 48 years. She was a Secretary most of her working career with her last job at Yoplait, USA as a Secretary and Purchaser.
     Sharon started coming to Florida in 1984, moved to Leesburg in 1987 and became a resident in 1988.
Mel passed away September 19, 2006. Sharon started shuffling and became a State Amateur in March, 1993 and an Instant Pro in November, 1993. She played in 17 Northern District Masters. Sharon played in the FSA State Masters in 2016 and 2017.
     Sharon was the Secretary and Secretary/Treasurer for Leesburg Shuffleboard Club for eight years and was the Treasurer for the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club for five years.
Sharon has received one bronze and three silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. She was inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame in 2011. Sharon is honored to be the second lady from Hawthorne to be inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame.
George Adkins - Special Award
Southern District - Port Charlotte
George and Landy were married for 37 years. He served in the Air Force and then dedicated 35 years of service to Ford Motor Company. As a Korean War Veteran, George was a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
     George had a passion for shuffleboard. He made Pro in Florida in 2002 and made Expert in Ohio in 2004. George played in many district, FSA, NSA and ISA tournaments.
     George served as Alternate State Delegate, State Delegate, 3rd Vice President, and President of the Southern District Board. He served on the FSA Rules & Regulations Committee for 12 years and the Constitution & By-Laws Committee for 10 years. George served on the Ohio Shuffleboard Association Rules and Constitution Committees. He was the USA NSA Treasurer for the last six years.
George was inducted into the Southern District Hall of Fame as Past President in 2007. He received the Ohio State Hall of Fame Service Award in 2015. George received the USA National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame Service Award in 2015.
     George passed away on September 16, 2016. He will be missed.
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Glenna Earle - Player
Central District - Zephyrhills

     Glenna and David have been married for 50 years. They are from Nova Scotia, Canada and live in Forest Lake Estates in Zephyrhills. She retired from teaching music in 2001.
     Glenna started shuffling in 2003 and became a Pro in 2008. She has had 13 1st place wins in FSA State Pro Tournaments. Glenna has placed in 75 State Tournaments to reach 200 points. She played in nine Central District Masters, six as a Pro. Glenna played in the 2013 State Pro Masters and came in 3rd place.  She played for Canada in 2008 in the ISA Team Championship in Australia winning a Silver Medal and won a Gold Medal in 2010 in Germany. Glenna won two "Golden Cues" in 2011 at Dieppe, New Brunwick, Canada and in 2013 at St. Petersburg, Florida in the ISA Singles Championship.
Glenna has received three bronze, one silver and three gold F.S.A. Roll of Champions pins. In 2015, she was inducted in the CNSA Hall of Fame ‑ Player and the ISA Hall of Fame ‑ Player.
     Glenna was the Forest Lake Estates SBC Vice President for five years. She served as David's assistant during his nine years as President of the ZSC. Glenna was Vice President of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.  She co-founded the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club of Sackville, Nova Sotia with David in 2010 and serves as its co-president.
Tara Glodman - Player
Southeast Coast District - Boynton Beach

     Tara and Jay have been married for 25 years. They are from New York and live in Lake Worth. Tara retired from Director of Marketing at London & Leeds Development Corporation (6 years in Washington DC & 3 years in Manhattan).
     Tara became a Pro in 1996. She has played in 22 South East Coast District Masters (20 as a Pro ‑ winning one). Tara won the 1996 State Amateur Singles Tournament.
     Tara has received one bronze and two silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. She was inducted ino the SECD Hall of Fame ‑ Player in 2004.
     Tara has been the SECD Alternate National Delegate and Alternate State Delegate and is now the Sunshine Lady.
Dave Kudro - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

     Dave lived in Ohio and worked for 37 years for the U.S. Postal Service (30 years in Postal Management). After retiring, he moved to Bradenton, Florida in 2012 where he met his significant other, Terri Smith.
     Dave started shuffling in 2009 and became an Instant Pro in 2010. In 2013, he won the Florida National Doubles with Mel Erb and also in 2015 with Jerry Everett.  Dave won the State Doubles in 2014 with Mel Erb and in 2017 with Jim Miller. In 2014, he won the Tournament of Champions Men's Walking Singles. Dave won the Southwest District Masters in 2015. He has played in the FSA State Pro Masters the last five consecutive years. Dave has 20 1st place wins in the State Pro Tournaments.
      Dave has received two silver and four gold FSA Roll of Champions pins.
      Dave has been the FSA 3rd, 2nd, 1st Vice Presidents and is currently the FSA President.
Linda Marshman - Player
Central District - Winters Park

Linda and Bob have been married 53 years. They have three children, six grandchildren and one great‑grandson. Their two sons are the 6th generation to run the family dairy farm. Their daughter is a kindergarten teacher. Linda taught Physical Education for 25 years. They came to Zephyrhills in 2003 and enjoyed riding their Harley motorcycles until they stated shuffling.
     Linda became a Pro in 2008. She won the Florida State Amateur Singles in 2008. Linda won the 2009 Florida National Singles and she and Nancy Sclafani won the State Doubles the same year. Linda won 1st place in the Tournament of Champions in 2014. She has played in two FSA State Pro Masters placing 8th and 3rd.  Linda won the Florida National Doubles with Joan Cook in 2017. In 2013, Linda and Bob played for the USA in St. Petersburg, FL in the ISA Singles Championship.  In 2014, she went to Norwich, England to help start shuffleboard there.
     Linda has five bronze, two silver and one gold FSA Roll of Champions pins.
     Linda helps teach beginning shuffleboard at ZSC when needed. She has been Treasurer of Winters Park SBC for the last five years. Seven years ago, Linda and Bob started a SBC in Oxford, New York which is still active today.
Nancy Sclafani - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

Nancy and Michael have been married for 22 years. They are from New York and moved to Zephyrhills in 2003 and in 2010 moved to Ellenton. Nancy retired from Pathmark Supermarkets after 34 years as a Customer Service Manager.
     Nancy started shuffling in 2003 and became a Pro in 2008. She played in the Central District Amateur Masters in 2006 and 2007 and the State Amateur Masters in 2008. Nancy won the State Doubles in 2009 with Linda Marshman. She played in the Southwest Coast District Pro Masters in 2012 through 2016 winning it in 2016. She played in the FSA State Pro Masters in 2013, 2015, and 2016.
     Nancy has one bronze and four gold FSA Roll of Champions pins. She is one point from being inducted into the SWCD Hall of Fame ‑ Player.
     In 2007, Nancy became a member of the original ZSC Board of Directors until 2010. She became the SWCD Keeper of Records in 2012.
Landy Adkins - President's Special Award
Southern District - Port Charlotte
Landy and George were married for 37 years before his passing in 2016. Landy is from Ohio and lives in Port Charlotte. She retired from teaching English.
     Landy became a Pro in 2003.
She played in five Southern District Pro Masters coming in 1st in two. Landy placed 1st in the 2010 FSA State Doubles. She played in or was alternate in 11 FSA State Pro Masters. Landy  won 1st place in the 2006 NSA MI Singles, the 2006 NSA NC Mixed Doubles, the 2009 and 2012 NSA OH NW Singles and the 2012, 2014, and 2015 NSA OH Doubles. She was on the 2010 ISA USA Team 1 (Germany) and the 2016 USA East Team (St. Cloud, FL) that won 1st place. Landy placed 3rd in the 2015 ISA USA Singles (Clearwater, FL). She was also on the 2006 (Lakeside, OH) and 2012 (Seattle, WA) USA Teams. In the 2006 Tournament, she went 11‑0 and is only one of two ladies to go undefeated.
     Landy has four silver and eight gold FSA Roll of Champions pins.
She was inducted into the 2013 SD Hall of Fame ‑ Special Award, the 2009 Ohio Hall of Fame ‑ Shuffler, the 2012 Ohio Hall of Fame ‑ Special Award, the 2011 FSA Hall of Fame ‑ Shuffler and the 2013 NSA Hall of Fame ‑ Shuffler. Landy received a MVP pin during the 2013 Florida 100 year shuffleboard anniversary. Landy is or has been the Port Charlotte SBC Secretary and Vice President, the Southern District Alternate and State Delegate and National Delegate, the Ohio Shuffleboard Association Vice President and President, the FSA Vice Presidents and 1st female President and the USA/NSA Secretary and Vice President.
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Glenda Brake - Player
Central District - Zephyrhills
   Glenda grew up in Newfoundland, Canada, and worked as a School Teacher for half her career and a Telecommunications Manager for the other half.  She and husband, Clar, have been married 43 years. Glenda and Clar both liked curling and so shuffleboard was a natural fit for them.  In 2010, she started playing in Forest Lake Park and eventually joined the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club. Glenda played for a year as an amateur and then started playing in Pro tournaments receiving instant Pro twice in 2012.
   Glenda won the Central District Amateur Reiny Ladies Masters in March, 2012 and won the District Pro Ladies Masters in 2016. She placed first in the District Top 8 Ladies in 2016 and 2017.
   Glenda has played in 3 FSA State Masters and received her white jacket in 2015. She won the State Sponsored N/W Singles in 2016 and the Doubles with Diane Beardsley in 2018.
   Glenda was inducted into the Central District Hall of Fame in March, 2018 receiving a red jacket. She has received 3 gold and 2 silver FSA Roll of Champions pins. To reach 200 points, she placed in 72 FSA State Pro Tournaments achieving 16 first place wins.
   Glenda has played in Canadian and International tournaments at New Brunswick, Norway and England. She is currently the 2nd Vice President of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.
Allen Dronsfield - Player
Northern District - Leesburg

   Allen is from Hawaii and worked as a Welding Contractor for 25 years and then as a Specialized Trucker for 25 years. He lives in The Villages with his wife, Jan, of 3 years.
   Allen started shuffling in 2011 and became a Pro in 2013. He is a member of the Leesburg Shuffleboard Club. Allen has won the Northern District Masters 3 times. He has also won the District Tournament of Champions 3 times. In 2015, Allen came in 3rd in the 34th ISA World Singles Championship. He has played in 4 FSA Pro Masters and won in 2017 and 2018  and received a white jacket.  In 2017, Allen won the FSA State Sponsored Walking Singles.  He won the N04 National Doubles in 2018.
   Allen was inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame in 2016. He has 4 gold FSA Roll of Champions pins and 25 first place wins in FSA State Pro Tournaments.
   Allen was the 2nd Vice President in the Northern District in 2013. He was the President and Court Master at the Leesburg Shuffleboard Club in 2015. Allen is currently the club liaison with the city of Leesburg.
   Allen's other interests include fishing, golfing, surfing, diving & spearfishing, bird hunting, upland game and water fowl, American & International skeet shooting, pool snooker shooting, softball and snow skiing.
Susan McLaughlin - Player
Northern District - Hawthorne
   Susan is from New York and now resides at Hawthorne at Leesburg. She has been married to Gary for 30 years. Susan had a career as a Registered Nurse.
   Susan started shuffling in 2007. She is a member of the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club and became a Pro in 2010. She won the National Amateur Ladies Singles in 2009. Susan played in the Northern District Masters Amateurs Division 2007 through 2010. She played in the Pro Division 20011 through 2015.  Susan played in 3 FSA State Masters in 2012, 2014 and 2016. She has 10 first place wins in FSA State Tournaments.
   Susan was inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame in 2016. She has 3 silver and 3 bronze FSA Roll of Champions pins.
   Susan was the Vice President of the Leesburg Shuffleboard Club in 2009 and was the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club Treasurer in 2014.
Pam Nurnberger - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton
   Pam is from Michigan and was a High School Secretary for 26 years. She and husband, Ron, have been married 13 years and live in Bradenton.
   Pam started shuffling in 2010 and became a Pro in 2012. Pam won the Michigan Amateur Doubles in 2011 and twice won the Michigan Ladies Pro Doubles. She won the Southwest Coast District Amateur Masters in 2011 and played in 3 District Open Masters and won in 2014. Pam has been in the District Top 16 Ladies Points 8 times. She won the FSA State Singles in 2017 and 2018. Pam won the 2019 Orange Blossum Tournament. She played in 4 FSA Pro Masters and won in 2018. Pam had the most FSA Masters Points with 75 in 2018. She has 21 first place wins in FSA State Tournaments. Pam has 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze FSA Roll of Champions pins.
Ron Nurnberger - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton
   Ron is from Michigan and was a Coach, Teacher, Principal and Superintendent. He and wife, Pam, have been married 13 years and live in Bradenton.
   Ron started shuffling in 2010 and became a Pro in 2012. Ron won the Michigan Amateur Doubles in 2011 and won the Michigan Mens Pro Doubles in 2016.  He played in the Southwest Coast District Amateur Masters in 2011 and played in 4 SWCD Open Mens Masters. Ron has been in the District Top 16 Mens Points 4 times. He won the 2017 Orange Blossum Tournament. Ron played in 3 FSA Pro Masters and once as an alternate. He won the N01 National N/W Singles Tournament in 2018. Ron has 11 first place wins in FSA State Tournaments and has 2 gold and 2 silver FSA Roll of Champions pins.
   Ron is a Past President at Seabreeze Mobile Estates Shuffleboard Club. He is the President of the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club. Ron was President of the Southwest Coast from 2014 - 2017.
Terri Smith - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

   Terri is from Michigan and lives with her life partner, Dave Kudro, in Bradenton. Before retirement, she was a Medical Billing Manager and an Office Manager.
Terri started shuffling in 2008 and became a State Am in 2010 and a Pro in 2011. She won both years in the Northern District Amateur Masters. Terri placed 3rd in the 2013 ISA World Championship (only USA lady in the top 4). She won the Southwest Coast District Pro Masters in 2015. Terri won the 2015 National Singles in Hendersonville, NC. She won the 2017 National Singles and Doubles in Lakeside, OH and the singles in Bradenton, FL. Terri has played in the FSA Pro Masters for the last 4 years and won in 2016 and 2017.
   Terri was first place on the Ohio Roll of Champions with 73 points in 2014. She has 4 gold and 1 bronze FSA Roll of Champions pins. In 2017, Terri placed first on the FSA Roll of Champions with 63 points. She has 16 first place wins in FSA State Tournaments.
Linda Rebholz - Special Award
Central East Coast District - Ft. Pierce

  Linda has been married to Phil for 17 years. They live in Indiana in the summer and Fort Pierce in the winter. She was a Medical Assistant and then an Administrative Assistant to lawyers and a judge during her career.
Linda has done and is still doing volunteer work throughout her life. She has volunteered for the Council for Children's Services and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Linda is currently volunteering at Parkview Wabash Hospital in Indiana in the summer. She has been on the Boards of the American Red Cross and the local county nursing home. Linda has also sung in her church choir.
   Linda is a substitute shuffleboard player for the Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club traveling team when needed. In 2002, she became the Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club Treasurer. When Linda gave up this position, she received the President's Award for her service. In 2010, Linda started reporting for "The Shuffler" and continues to do so. She has been a FSA Central East Coast District State Delegate. Linda was the FSA Hall of Fame Chairman for the CECD in 2010 and 2017 and the 2017 Masters Chairman. She became the FSA State Secretary in 2010 and continues in that position.
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