2000 to 2009  -  F.S.A. HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES

2000 HOF Awards  
  SKIP McCOY  -  Player
Little Charlie Creek - Central District
Skip McCoy entered one Pro tournament in the 1989-90 season and placed 2nd in the Florida State Pro Singles at Leesburg - becoming an Instant Pro to be reckoned with. An exceptional board player, he can clear and score with equal ease. Often referred to as the ‘Worlds Finest Player’ he believes skill alone does not make a Champion. Good sportsmanship is essential to deserve the title. Skip has qualified for 9 Masters tournaments and played in 8. He has won every major singles and doubles title in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina. and the North American Singles in Michigan. He has earned 434 FL Pro points and is quick to point out that FUN is the name of the game; partners are chosen accordingly. Skip has won 11 National titles and was elected to the National Hall of Fame this year. Congratulations, Skip. for earning Florida’s most prestigious award — membership in the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Hall of Fame, as Past President in 1996 and as a Player in 2000. 
  MAURICE BAKER  -  Player
Lakeland - Central District
Maurice Baker became Instant Pro in 1985, winning 1st place with Charles Bone at Hollywood. Maurice won some of the most prestigious tournaments such as the Florida State Singles, Florida State Doubles, and a National Tournament. Maurice has also won the honor of playing in the Masters several times. He has played on the Canadian International team 4 times. Maurice Baker’s home has been the Central District since 1987, and both he and Muriel have shuffled for 10 summers at Lakeside, Ohio. Congratulations. Maurice, on your membership into the Hall of Fame! 
Winter Haven -
Central District
Austin McDonald, retired Master Plumber, made Pro in Oct, 1984. He has played out of the Central District from Lakeland and Winter Haven, qualifying for Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg on March 1st, 1999. He has had 137 main event wins in shuffleboard, won the U.S. National closed singles, the Florida State doubles, played in the Masters, played in 7 International tournaments, and was on the winning team four years in a row. Austin also won the U.S. International Pro Classic World Championship doubles in 1988 with partner Russ DeHart. Austin would like to thank the FSA and all the players who make his achievement possible. Congratulations, Austin McDonald, on your induction into the FSA Hall of Fame. 
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2001 HOF Awards 
Central District
As a young retiree, wondering what to do with my free time, I saw an article in Free Shuffleboard Lessons at the Lake Worth Shuffleboard Club. I thought, here’s my chance to learn what it’s all about. In a short while, I was an avid learner. And it was at Lake Worth that my shuffleboard career started. It was all over Florida and in all kinds of weather that I pushed those discs up and down the courts. I had finally discovered what those “Northerners” found so fascinating about this game. I believe that I’m the only native-born Floridian to be in the Hall of Fame and one of the very few playing the shuffleboard game. After being around the game almost all of my life, watching from a distance, it was certainly fun, at last, to be able to participate in all the fun games and tournaments - and to make a lot of friends from “Up North.” Mary Jeffers became a Pro in Oct., 1990; to date, she has 234 points. She was a silver medal winner in 1994-1 995 and a gold medal winner three times (‘96-97, ‘97-’98, ‘98-’99). She played in the State Masters three times. Her best year was 1997, earning 53 points. Mary was Florida State Singles Champion in ‘98-’99 and in ‘96-‘97. CONGRATULATIONS, MARY! 
Lakeland - Central District
Paul Prescott became interested in shuffleboard in the mid-80s, while visiting his parents, Robert and Edith (both pros who represented the USA to the International Tournament twice). Paul retired from the US Air Force in August 1989, and began to play tournaments in Florida that fall, making State Amateur by the end of the 1989-90 seasons. He made Instant Pro in Feb. of the 990-91 season by finishing first at Trailer Estates with Al Bolcato (another Air Force retiree) as his doubles partner. During the next nine years he accumulated a total of 219 points. He qualified and played in the Masters three times and was either a Gold or Silver medal winner in the Roll of Champions 8 times. He also served as First Vice President and President of the FSA, and was elected to the Hall of Fame as a Past President in 1999.We congratulate Paul Prescott on his induction to the FSA Hall of Fame as a Player, as well as a Past President. Paul wishes to thank all his partners. He could not have achieved this honor without them, he says. 
  PAT McCOY  -  Player
Little Charlie Creek - Central District
If anyone epitomizes what a Hall of Fame person should be, it is Pat McCoy. Pat not only qualifies on the court, but off the court as well. She is always cordial, fair-minded, and concerned for others and for the game of shuffleboard. Pat started to play shuffleboard in Naples, Jan. 1988. She placed in Consolation in her very first tournament and became a Pro in the l990-91 season. She was instrumental in helping with the difficult task of splitting the Southwest District into two districts: the Southwest and the Southern Districts. She was also Treasurer, Fundraiser, Publicity Director, and wrote newspaper articles under the name “Auntie Pat” for the new district. She has represented her district as National Delegate, State Delegate and Record-Keeper. Pat was an FSA Board member for 7 years and State Treasurer, '89-'90, and from '93-'96. She has played in 3 State Masters and in 2 Internationals. In 1993 she was voted into the Southern District Hall of Fame. She is already on the FSA Hall of Fame under the Special Awards category for her tireless work on behalf of shuffleboard and has now been voted into the FSA Hall of Fame in the Player category. Pat McCoy is well deserving of both honors. 
  BILL CLEVER  -  Special Award  - Native of Ohio  -  Patternmaker by Trade
Bill Clever started playing shuffleboard in1974, and won the Ohio State Amateur Singles in 1977. He became a Florida Pro in 1979. He played many summers in Hendersonville. It was there that he would send Tournament Results by E-mail to many of his friends which led to a one-page report on the Web rather than by E-mail. From this single page, the FSA.Web site became a reality. And known around the world. Bill wishes to thank the many who helped make this web site possible. Even so, though this took a lot of doing, the honor of this award makes it all worthwhile. My thanks to all - Bill Clever. 
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2002 HOF Awards  
  Jacques Bergeron - Player
Hollywood - Southeast Coast District
Jacques started playing shuffleboard about 13 years ago, when he joined the Hollywood Shuffleboard Club. In 1992 he started his pro career and the rest, as they say, is history. Jacques, in 10 years as a pro, has amassed more than 525 points, which include a believed to be men’s record 75 points in the 1994 season. Jacques has ranked first in points in a year, in 3 separate seasons and second 3 times. He has qualified for the Masters every year he has been a pro, with the exception of the first year. Jacques has placed in 15 National Tournaments, 13 in the main event and winning 5 of them. He has placed in 12 state sponsored tournaments, 11 in the main event and winning 4 times. Jacques is his district’s keeper of records, and its webmaster. He was elected to his district’s Hall of Fame in 1995. For his on the court and off the court accomplishments in shuffleboard, Jacques is certainly well qualified for induction into the FSA Hall of Fame. Congratulations Jacques. 
  Lary Faris - Player
Bradenton - Southwest Coast District

Lary Faris played his first game of shuffleboard in 1936 at Lakeside, Ohio. He was three and a half years old and beat his mother, who gave him 5 points for getting to the first lag line, and 10 for the second. He entered his first tournament when he was five and won his first junior tournament at 11 and first adult tournament at 15. He first played in Florida in 1969, winning the consolation in the National Singles at St. Pete. He became an instant pro by placing 4th at Gulf port in 1974, with partner Howard Hawkins. He began playing regularly in Florida winter tournaments in the 1990-91 season and reached 200 points in November 2000, placing 3rd in the National at Bradenton. For 13 years Lary has written a weekly column called “Shuffleboard Coach” that has helped many Florida shuffleboard players improve their games and become better players. Many await its publication each Tuesday in several Florida Newspapers. When asked about his top achievements, Lary highlights his 14 National championships (a record number) and his five singles firsts in Florida. He says winning the St. Pete singles two times in a row (1995 & 1996) and going undefeated in the International in Japan in 1988 are his top playing performances. He is proud of being a member of four major shuffleboard Halls of Fame: Ohio, National, International, and now Florida. When asked what comment he’d like included here, he said, “Be sure to thank all my partners. I’d be nowhere without them." 
  Dale Williams - Player
Oakside - Central District
Dale became a Pro in October of 1991. He has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments. Among them are sixteen first place wins, two Florida State Singles wins, a Tournament of Champions win, a National Singles and Doubles win. He has participated in two Masters Tournaments. Dale has played in the International Tournament three times. He served as Central District President for two terms. Dale thanks all of his partners without whom he could not have achieved his 245 points. 
  Audrey Lafferty - Player
Lakeland - Central District
Audrey started playing shuffleboard in Texas in 1978. She came to Lakeland in 1979. She made instant Pro at Deland in 1982. She has amassed 718 points in New Jersey and has represented New Jersey twice at the International Tourna­ment in 1983 and in 1986. She won the National Doubles at Lakeside, Ohio in 1985. Audrey played in the Florida Masters in 1991. She qualified for the Hall of Fame at Trailer Estates in January of 2001. Audrey would like to thank all players who helped her achieve this honor. 
  Carl Eby - Player
Riverwoods Plantation - Southern District
Carl started playing shuffleboard in a small park in Naples in 1985. Moved to Estero at Riverwoods in 1988. This is when he and his good friend Dick Miles ventured to Punta Gorda to play in their first tournament, the Southwest Coast District tournament, where they came home with a FIRST PLACE. That was the beginning of many more tournaments. Carl has the great honor of being the first player in the Southern District to be inducted into the Southern District Hall of Fame as a player. he played in every District Masters from the time the Southern District was formed until 1997. Carl enjoyed playing with a lot of different players in the State. It wasn’t necessary for him to always play with the top players. His partners were varied and many, as he always liked to have fun along with playing well. He was a silver medal winner in the Florida State Roll of Champions in 1993-94. A gold metal winner in 1994-95. silver metal winner in 1995-96, gold metal winner in 1997-98. Played in the Florida State Masters in 1995, 1996, and 1998. He was also on the winning USA National Team in 1995. Won the National Open Singles at Lakeside, Ohio in 1993, 1995, and 2000. Carl and his partner were Florida State Doubles Champions in 1994 and 1995. He and his partner also won the National Doubles Champions in Bradenton in 1998 and 1999. Carl has always been cordial, fair-minded, and shows great sportsmanship towards the game he loves so much. We congratulate Carl Eby on his induction to the FSA Hall of Fame as a Player, as well as Past President. Carl would like to thank all of his partners for the privilege of play­ing with them, and thank the FSA for all the work that goes into keeping this great organization running.   
  Maureen Sanders - Special Award
Maureen Sanders has been active in shuffleboard for many years. She made Pro in 1980 and has 55 lifetime points. She was successful in capturing the Florida State singles held in Leesburg in 1983. Maureen has also played in three internationals. She served as State Delegate in her district from 1985 to 1992 and was the assistant tournament director for several years. Maureen has given up many opportunities to play in order to run tournaments so others could play and enjoy the sport. She and her husband Cliff have sponsored the Central District Pro masters for the past 12 years and helped sponsor the State Masters being held in Betmar in April 2001.   
  Carl Eby - President’s Award
Carl Eby served as FSA President in 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 before having to resign due to health problems. Carl continues to be on the Advisory Board of the FSA. Carl was in the Fast Food Restaurant business from the age of 20 and continued in business for 35 years. However, in the winters the Restaurants were closed and he spent time here in Florida where be came to love the game of shuffleboard. Carl was always willing to help in all the organizations he was a member and this was no different. he became 3rd Vice President of the southern District in 1990-91, 2nd Vice president in 1991-92, and first Vice president in 1992-93 and 1993-94, and made out the District Tournament schedules for these two years. Became President of District in 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97. Served a total of seven years on the District, he also took on the job of first Vice President of the FSA in 1996-97, continuing this position in 1997-98, and 1998-99. These three years he made out both the State Amateur and Pro Tournament Schedules for the season. While doing all of this he also became a very accomplished player. We congratulate Carl on his President’s Award, a feat well earned.  THANK YOU! 
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2003 HOF Awards 
  Ann Hersom - Player
Golf Lakes - Southwest Coast District
Ann started playing shuffleboard in 1988 at Golf Lakes Shuffleboard Club in Bradenton, FL. Her first big win was in 1991; she won the Southwest Coast District Masters setting a record of 19 wins. In 1993 she became a pro and went on to accumulate over 200 points in 5 years. She played in the State Pro Masters 6 times. Ann has accumulated almost 200 more points since then. She served as secretary for the Southwest Coast District for 3 years and served as the State Treasurer for one and a half years. She is now the Keeper of Records for the State Shuffleboard Assn. Ann is the State’s Webmaster and also hosts the Shuffleboard E-Mailers Website. Ann has played on the International Team 5 times and served as Captain 2 years. She was very proud to be induct­ed into the National Hall of Fame at Lakeside, Ohio in 2001. Being inducted into the State Hall of Fame is a dream for which she worked very hard to attain. She wished to thank all her partners for putting up with her “lefty” hand playing. She says, “Without my partners I would not be entertaining the joys of being a Hall of Famer. Thank you each and everyone. 
  Kathy Thede - Player
Colonial Village - West Coast District
Kathy started playing shuffleboard at Winter Garden, FL - K.O.A. campground in 1980. In 1985 she moved to Port Richey, FL. joined the New Port Richey shuffleboard club and started playing in tournaments. Traveling to Clearwater quite often she and Don decided to move closer. They chose Colonial Village in Largo as their residence in 1989. Having a number of pros in the park sure helped a lot. She made Instant Pro in March of 1990. Some of her accomplishments are:
•  1st National Singles - plus several other singles in 1st Place.
•  Placed 1st in Masters in 1997.
•  Finished in Mixed doubles at Winter Haven for 5 years.  — 2 being 1st Place Main & a second in Main.
•  Earned 3 Silver and 1 Gold medal.
•  Total points earned - 228
A thank you to all the partners who helped me achieve this honor. I have enjoyed every minute of it. 
  Bob Douthit - Player
Zephyrhills Tourist Club - Central District
Bob Douthit, “Shuffle Bob”, has been playing Shuffleboard for 25 years. He made instant Pro while on vacation 10 years ago and won 1st Place in the first tournament after he retired. Bob is a member of the National “Hall of Fame” having won six National Championships. He is also in the Ohio “Hall of Fame” as the all time points leader with 1053. Bob has earned 251 points in Florida having won numerous state tournaments including the Florida State Doubles Championship. He qualified for the “Masters” four times and played twice. He also made the Roll of Champions six times. Bob wishes to thank all of his playing partners. 
  Ann Wedel - Player
Golf Lakes - Southwest Coast District
Ann Wedel before starting shuffleboard enjoyed pitching horseshoes. She is a Michigan Ladies State champion 3 times, Ladies Class B world champion and is in the Michigan Horseshoe Hall of Fame. She started playing shuffleboard in a RV park in Bradenton, FL in league play and was told about district tournaments. She and Walt thought they would see what this was all about. They enjoyed the competition and heard about State tournaments so gave that a whirl too. In 1989 she made instant pro. She has won the Southwest Coast District Masters 2 times and tied once. Won the Florida State singles once and placed in several other state tournaments. She qualified to play in the Florida State Masters 3 times and won 1st place once. She has played in National tournaments in Ohio and Florida with 5 single and 4 double 1st place wins and has placed in several other National tournaments as well. She has played on the USA Ladies team in 4 International tournaments. She was inducted into the National Hall of Fame in July of 2002 in Lakeside, Ohio. She has won the Michigan State Singles and Doubles and is the Michigan State Secretary. She enjoys promoting and the competition of Shuffleboard. Ann wants to thank all her partners for helping her to receive this great honor. 
  Marjorie Taylor
Park City - Southeast Coast District
Marjorie started playing shuffleboard in Park City Fort Lauderdale Fl in 1984 S.E.C.D She made instant pro in Hollywood Doubles in 1991. She has amassed many awards in Ontario, Canada. Have won the National Doubles in Trailer Estates Have represented Canada's team for 10 years in International Tournaments with the eight years World Champions out of Marjorie Taylor out of ten. She was first lady president in Chatham Horizon Club, Ontario, Canada. She represents the first lady to achieve this honor of the Florida State Hall of Fame out of Southeast Coast Division. She played in the Florida State Masters in 1999, 2000 & 2001 and was Co-Champion in 2001. She qualified for S.E.C.D. HOF in 1999. She qualified for the Florida State Hall of fame at Holly­wood Doubles in 2001. Marjorie would like to thank all players who helped her achieve this honor in a gracious manner. She would also like to thanks the FSA for the work that goes into keeping this great organization running. 
  Myrna Eby - Player
Riverwoods - Southern District
Myrna started playing shuffleboard in a small park in Naples in 1985. Moved to Riverwoods in 1988 and played in the newly formed Southern District where she served as Treasurer for 10 years, and played in every District Master through 1999, and qualified in 2000, but declined. Myrna became a pro in 1992 and got her 200 points in 1999. She was inducted into the Southern District Hall of Fame as a player in January 2001. Myrna was the first lady to receive this honor in the Southern District with 37 main event wins. To receive this award you must have 35 main event wins in the District. She qualified to play in 5 State Masters and chose to play in 2. Myrna won in 2 Florida State Doubles and 2 National singles, along with one North American Singles. She played at Lakeside, Ohio, in the International in 1995. Myrna has always been a fun loving person, fair-minded and always show sportsmanship and courtesy on and off the court. We congratulate Myrna Eby on her induction to the F.S.A. Hall of Fame as a player. Myrna would like to thank all of her partners for being so kind to play with her, and thank the F.S.A. for all the work that keeps going into this organization for the great game of shuffleboard. 
  Joan Cook - Player
Betmar - Centra District
Joan made pro in 1992. She has placed 1st 33 times and has played in four internationals winning three championships. She is a seven times National Champion and a four times State Champion. She won the Ohio State singles in Ohio in 1996 and the Ohio State Doubles in 1997. Joan has played in the Florida State Masters seven times winning in 1998 and she was co-winner in 2003. She has won the District Masters four years in a row and was twice F.S.A. Roll of Champion winner. Her best season was 2001-2002 earning her 76 points. She accumulated over 200 points in the past three years and would like to thank all of her great partners for without them she could not have achieved her 465 points. She was secretary in her district and was on the auditing committee for the past two years. She would like to thank the F.S.A. for all the work that goes into this organization. 
  Ruby Bladorn - Player
Lake Shore - Central District
When Ruby went after something she always accomplished it. Once she achieved her goal she set her sights on her next challenge. Ruby played in the first tournament that was held in Las Vegas at the Sands Resort. She was Florida State champion in the senior’s division two times. Once in 1994-1995 and again in 1996-1997. Ruby played in the Florida State Masters four times and was co-winner once. With Joan Cook as Ruby’s partner they earned 101 points. Ruby made pro in October 1991. She made her 200 points at City Island with Joan Cook at the other end. This was done on her birthday October 28, 1998. Ruby was a “N.S.A.” Champion. She was co-president for six years at the Red Coconut Trailer Park of Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Ruby served as president of the Eight League Parks for six years. She was president of the Lake Shore Mobile Home Park in Sebring, Florida for seven years until the time she had to quit due to health reasons.
She helped teach the game of shuffleboard to the players at the Red Coconut.“If you can remember me as I remember you..., My new friends are silver, but my old friends are gold.” 
  Richard Buchanan -  Player
Lake Region - Central District
Richard “Buck” Buchanan grew up and worked in Hermitage, PA. He was a high school athlete and married the Homecoming Queen. He retired and came to Florida to fish, but found he liked shuffleboard and has had an outstanding career. He won his first Florida points in 1992 and reached 200 in just 7 years. He has 17 Florida  firsts and was high point man in 1999 with 61. He has 3 Gold medals and 3 Silver and has played in four “Masters”. He was the Florida state amateur champion in 1991 and has won two state championships in the pros. He has won 6 national titles, has 14 national placements and is 10th on the all time National point list. In international play he has represented the USA 3 times and was undefeated in 1995 and has won 31 of 33 matches. He served for 2 years as District President, 3 years as National President, and is currently International President. Buck is now a member of four shuffleboard halls of fame: Ohio, National special award and player award, International and now Florida. Buck made points with 33 different players and thanks them all for helping him accomplish this goal. 
  Don Bladorn - Special Award
Lake Shore - Central District
Don Bladhorn was a great shuffleboard player and showed true sportsmanship. He made pro in 1990. Don won the Florida State Men’s Senior Singles in 1995-1996. He won the Florida State Doubles with Glen Peltier in the 1995-1996 season. He played in the Masters twice. Don played in the first tournament held in Las Vegas at the Sands Resort. Don served as co-president of the Red Coconut Trailer Park at Fort Myers Beach for six years. Don loved the game of shuffleboard. You would find him not only teaching people the skills of the game but also the proper etiquette of the game. Don not only loved the sport but the friends he made along the way. He leaves you with a smile! 
  Ed Johnston - Special Award
Lakeland - Central District
Being Keeper of Records (KOR) for the F.S.A. for even one season is a tough, time-consuming volunteer job. Ed was our KOR for five full seasons from 1994 through 2000. He developed the first fully computerized database to handle all FSA records and devised the current system of entering records into the Preview. Now it is much easier to research the player status lists to determine when players made state am and pro and if/when they made instant pro. He helped develop and then designed the current F.S.A. formats for our “Bye Chart” and our “Prize Money” table. Ed started fun shuffling in 1990 when he first moved to Florida and started tournament shuffling during the 1991-1992 season. He made state am that first season and made pro the following season. In 1992, he placed first in the Central District “Reiny Schleier” amateur singles championship tournament. Ed and his wife Donna played as members of the U.S. team in the International in Japan (1999) and in Australia (2001). They run a popular open-to-all shuffleboard program, three days a week, for six months each summer at Wood Brook Estates in Lakeland, Florida. Ed has been so busy in volunteer positions involving his managerial skills and computer expertise that he has played very little tournament shuf­fleboard at the state level since 1998. 
  Judy Ford  - Bio. not available. 
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2004 HOF Awards  
  Lee Jordan - Player
Clearwater - West Coast District
Lee, a retired lawyer-businessman from Montana shuffled as an amateur for a little over one season, made instant pro by winning the sixth state tournament of the next season, then won his first pro Masters a few months later; and the state point race the next season. His often-interrupted shuffling career emphasized “going on the board early and often”, reluctantly “clearing the board” only if a large lead was acquired; a tactic made successful by showing up at tournaments with very strong stoical partners. This strategy enabled him to acquire the points necessary for the Hall of Fame after about six seasons of shuffling. His fondest memories are of the many wonderful people he encountered during his shuffling journey. 
  Ellen Davis
Clearwater - West Coast District
From the beginning of Ellen Davis’ Pro career she has been a star player. Her 400 plus points says it all. She has won every major title and is always a threat on the courts. Playing in 8 Masters tournaments, she has won 3 and has been co-winner in two others. Her quiet demeanor and pleasant personality have made her a favorite partner on the circuit. Her many wins in Florida, Hendersonville North Carolina and Canada show she is very competitive and a winner. Ellen has often been mentioned to be the “complete” player. The FSA proudly welcomes Ellen Davis into the Hall of Fame. 
Richard Minton - Player
St. Petersburg - West Coast District
Richard started his shuffleboard career as a Park League player. In 1993, he decided he would like to compete in tournaments. He quickly earned his points to become a State Amateur, then in 1994 - 1995, he earned his pro points. In both his first and second years as a Pro he won the National Non-Walking Singles at Bradenton. Richard went on to play in two Master’s Championships and was also selected to play for the USA team in interna­tional competition. Coming into the 2003 -2004 season, Richard has amassed 233 Pro points.
Richard has also served on the board of the St. Petersburg SBC and as President of the Hendersonville, N.C. SBC.
Richard would like to give thanks to all his partners during his HOF career.
Dave Minnich - Hall of Fame Presidents Award
Bradenton - Southwest Coast District
Dave is completing his term of three and a half years as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association and as such has been inducted into the Hall of Fame as a past President but that’s not the whole story. Dave retired to Florida after owning his own business where, if he didn’t make the right decisions he didn’t eat. It wasn’t long after picking up the game of shuffleboard that he got involved as an Executive, which just came naturally to him. He was the park leagueDave is completing his term of three and a half years as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association and as  team’s captain and was soon elected President of the park club. He joined the Clearwater club and was soon on the board of directors where the West Coast District (WCD) noticed him and put him on as a Vice President. A Month later, after the WCD President and Keeper of Records resigned, Dave picked up both jobs with no idea what was involved. Under his three-year leadership the District flourished. One of the many inno­vations Dave implemented was the concept of area tournaments, which got the WCD league-playing amateurs involved in Tournament play without the threat of losing their amateur status, something he is most proud of to this day. Near the end of his term as WCD President, the Florida Shuffleboard Association asked him to come aboard as 2nd VP, which he did, while maintaining his job as Keeper of Records for his District. The next year he moved up to 1st VP and served a year and a half before the President resigned for health reasons. Dave took over in a difficult period because so many great Shufflers were becoming eligible for the Hall of Fame and the rules wouldn’t let them all be inducted at the same time. But. under Dave’s leadership the rules were changed and he inducted 27 very deserving people during his three and a half year term. Dave’s ability to run efficient meetings without harsh words between partici­pants is legendary and yet not the most amazing thing about the man. The most amazing thing is his ability to play Shuffleboard with a constant buzz of business and problems going on around him. Dave is a fierce competitor and outstanding player as attested by his ability to qualify for his 5th straight Masters and his accumulation of over 200 points for which he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a player next season. Congratulations Dave and thank you and Sue for all you’ve done for all of us.
Mike Vassolotti - Player
Clearwater - West Coast District
Mike started his Shuffleboard career on the East Coast and had a very successful career as an amateur, setting an all time record for amateur “Masters” points with his partner. He won the Amateur “Masters” and the State Amateur Doubles. After becoming a “Pro” Mike moved to the west coast to better enable himself to play the pro circuit. He found immediate success as a pro qualifying for the “Masters” in his first season. Mike has qualified for the “Masters” in each of his seven seasons. He has been the Champion or Co-Champion four times and elected not to play twice. Mike got to 200 points in just four seasons, faster than anyone in modern times ever has. He also reached 300 & 400 points faster than anyone else. Along the way he has won four National Championships, three “Roll of Champion” Champi­onships, The Florida State Doubles and the Tournament of Champions. Mike says good partners made it all possible and he wishes to thank them all.
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2005 HOF Awards
Earl Ball - Player
Betmar - Central District
Earl qualified for the “Hall of Fame” in just five seasons! To win and place in all those tournaments Earl had to have fine partners. Earl wishes to thank them all. Earl had a distinguished Amateur career punctuated by two North Carolina State Championships and the Florida Central District Amateur “Masters” Championship. He ar a became an instant Pro in 1999. He and his partner, also, won the 1st National Championship of the new Millennium, Earl added the Tournament of Champions Crown, scored 42 points for the season and qualified for the “Masters” which he’s done each season since. He holds one FSA “Masters” Co-Championship. He also is the third player to qualify for the Central District HOF and holds two Central District Pro “Masters” Championships. He has four National Championships to include the rare mix of Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles Championships along with the distinction of going undefeated in the International Games held at Clearwater. Earl promotes and teaches the game with passion, be it at the Club or Worldwide! He has held offices at the Club, District and State level, writes articles for the newspapers and the World Wide Web. The Florida Shuffleboard Association welcomes Earl to the “Hall of Fame”.
Dave Minnich - Player
Bradenton - Southwest Coast District

Dave began his saga humbly as a park player after stumbling over a group of friendly shufflers on his home park courts Since that time he has never looked back and has become the embodiment of Mr Shuffleboard in Florida In the nine years he has been shuffling as a Pro Dave quickly became the shuffler sought out for guidance and consultation. In earning the points necessary to qualify in the Player category, Dave amassed well over 240 points. During his quest, Dave partnered with over 67 different shufflers, placing among the top eight tournament finishers over 46 times and, counting his excellence at the Singles game, placed among the top eight finishers over 53 times. He has 13 main event firsts and has qualified to play in five FSA masters tournaments. Dave is truly unique in his style of play and expert analysis of every situation in a game, rarely making a mistake in his tactics or strategy, all the while being the complete gentleman. Dave is not only a recognized expert among Pro shufflers in Florida, he has been a top 8 finisher in 22 National tournaments, most recently as the 2004 Eastern National Doubles Champion with his partner. He has also played in an International tournament, where he tied for the best record on the USA Men’s team. Dave is also unique in other ways, having freely given back to shuffleboard more than he has received. This is evidenced by his induction into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2004 as a Past President of the FSA [See 2004 write up] and his stints as Keeper of Records and President of the West Coast District. He is especially known for the sage advice about shuffleboard strategy and tactics and, if asked, about life in general. Dave considers his positive influence and help to numerous up and coming shufflers among his greatest accomplishments. Congratulations Dave, on a most deserved accomplishment in earning your selection into the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Hall of Fame in the Player Category.
Mary Button - Player
Clearwater - West Coast District

Mary was introduced to shuffleboard while on vacation in Daytona Beach and found that she really enjoyed the game. She pursued shuffleboard in Ontario, Canada and in Florida. She became a Canadian expert in 1992 and played as an amateur in Florida 1993-1995. Mary became a pro in Florida in October 1995 and went on to win the Florida State singles championship twice and the national doubles championship twice. Mary has played in three Master’s tournaments. One of the amazing things about Mary qualifying for the FSA Hall of Fame is that she has amassed her 212 points with very little traveling. Mary plays mostly close to Clearwater tournaments. Mary has played on the Canadian National Shuffleboard team in the International games for ten years and in 1998, in Goderich, Canada, she won all her games in that years International games--an amazing feat. Mary was also inducted into the Canadian Shuffleboard Hall of Fame in 2004. Mary would like to thank her partners, her opponents and the FSA for giving her the opportunity to attain this honor. Without them, none of this would have been possible.
Diana Morrison - Player
Lakeland - Central District
Diana made the FSA Hall of Fame in less than 5 years. She won a silver medal the first year and 5 gold medals since. She has played in 5 State Masters. She has won 2 Florida State Doubles and 2 Florida State Singles Championships. She has also won 7 National Championships.
Her highlights are as follows:
•      Making Pro with the great Skip McCoy as her partner.
•       Being partners with Pat McCoy when Pat made her 200 points.
•       Being partners with Ginny Czewski and Marion Lohbusch when Ginny and Marion won their National Pins.
•       Being partners with Annie Mazzola (Deland) when Annie earned her first pro points.
Her biggest thrill came in a Mixed Doubles tournament in Winter Haven with 85 teams when she won 1st place - Main event with her best friend, Lofty Haskim. Diana had an amazing run of success in Hendersonville last summer. She took 1st place in the North Carolina singles and doubles and took 1st place in the Eastern National Singles and Doubles. She has won the Eastern National Singles 4 times in the last 6 years. Diana plays out of Lakeland, FL and wishes to thank all of her partners for helping her achieve her goal
Buzz & Betty Downing - Special Award
Golf Lakes - Southwest Coast District
Buzz and Betty Downing have spent many years dedicating their retirement years to Shuffleboard. Buzz and Betty are from Golf Lakes in the SWCD and have been running Tournaments for over 19 years. Buzz and Betty run District, State, and National Tournaments for the State of Florida. They also run Tournaments at Lakeside, Ohio and the State of Michigan. They are very busy folks. They both recently have taken on extra jobs. They held Tournament Directors Schools at St. Pete and Clearwater. They are both a “Book of Knowledge” when it comes to the rules of Shuffleboard. They both try to convey this knowledge to all as they run the tournaments. Buzz says, “Rules are to be followed to insure a well run tournament.” Buzz and Betty have helped many a new beginner with tips, rules, and encouragements. You can find them both at all the tournaments even when they are not working.
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2006 HOF Awards - No inductees.
2007 HOF Awards
Nicole Archambault - Player
Central District - Avon Park
Nicole became a Pro in 1994 and played in her first District Masters. She finished first. This was in the Northern District. Nicole and her hus­band moved to Central District. In the following 12 years Nicole won 1st  place 7 times, 2nd place 3 times and 3rd place twice. Nicole played on the Canadian Ladies team in the ISA in Hendersonville in 1997 and in Lakeside in 2006. In March 2005, she was the first lady inducted into Central District Hall of Fame. We are honoring Nicole tonight for accumulat­ing 200 points in Florida State tournaments. Her list of wins is long; Nat. Walking Singles - Bradenton -1998 & 2000, St. Pro Open Singles - Bradenton — 1998, Co-champion State Masters - Sebring — 1999 and the Florida State Doubles - 2004 - with Diana Morrison. Congratulations Nicole, this is a well deserved honor.
Rev. John Brown - Player
Southwest Coast District - Trailer Estates
Rev. Brown’s shuffleboard career started in 1946 when he began shuf­fling under the tutelage of Uncle Hansel Brown, who later was one of the founders of the Florida Hall of Fame. John began playing seriously in the Winter National Doubles tour­nament in Florida in 1994 and two years later won the 1996 National Men’s Amateur Non-Walking Singles held at Winter Haven. That same year he earned his Pro status and has never looked back. In the late 1990’s he twice won the Canadian Open Doubles in Ontario. Then, in the mid 2000’s, John won the sum­mer National USA Doubles twice. In 2006 and 2007 he won back to back Men’s Walking Florida Tournament of Champions. John continues as a shuf­fleboard instructor and has written a shuffleboard col­umn for the Bradenton Herald for the past ten years. Also he has appreciated the opportunity to play 5 times on Team U.S.A. He enjoys the game and great­ly appreciates all of the partners he has had.
Grant Boshart - Player
West Coast District - Pinellas Oark
Grant qualified for the “Hall of Fame” in just five seasons. He became an instant Pro playing with Mary Button in the “Presidents Cup” mixed doubles. He went on to win 24 Championships in that first 200 points including (3) National Singles Championships as well as the “Roll of Champions”. He realized his 200th point by winning the Championship in Hollywood with Earl Ball on the other end. Grant has also been inducted into the Ontario Shuffleboard “Hall of Fame” and has won the Canadian National Singles and Doubles as well as the Ontario Singles and Doubles. Grant wishes to thank Karl Matchett for introducing him to the no two pro district tournaments giving him a chance to show his potential leading to all the great partners that helped him accomplish his goal of the “Hall of Fame”. Thank you to all of my partners.
Roberta Day - Player
Central District - Lake Region
After retirement in late 1992, Roberta and Ralph decided to visit Central Florida where her mother resided. They liked the area and made it their winter home. In 1994, Roberta’s Aunt, Ginny Brewster, introduced her to the game of shuffle­board. She joined the Winter Haven Club and was on her way. Roberta won the Central District Masters as an Amateur and followed up the next year winning as a State Amateur. She has played in the Central District Pro Masters numerous times winning first place once. She also has many National Championships including singles and doubles. Throudh the 2005-2006 Season, Roberta has qualified for the Florida State Masters the last five seasons and played in four of them, coming in second three times. Her goal now is to win the coveted first place and join the ranks of the players that have already achieved that honor. Without the support of her many partners, especially her number one partner, her husband Ralph, these goals would never have been met. Roberta has also given her time as assistant tournament director in the Central District, is currently serving on the Central District Executive Board as first Vice-President and will move up to become the first woman president of the Central District.
Shirley Griffin - Player
Central District - Zephyrhills
Shirley began her shuffleboard experience playing in park leagues in Largo, FL. She joined the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club and was a member for almost ten years. Her play there led to playing amateur state tournaments and she became instant pro with her partner Anna Stutzmann at City Island in 1987. She played in four Masters Tournaments and played in four International tournaments, two in Canada, one in Lakeside, OH, and one in Clearwater. She also is in the top ten in points in the National Shuffleboard Assn. Shirley and her husband Charles, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997, spent their summers traveling in their motor home to play tournaments in Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ontario and Las Vegas, where she came in second in the ladies singles. She retired for two years then returned to the game in 2005 and accumulated the remaining six points she needed to enter the Hall of Fame. Shirley thanks all those who helped her attain her points.
Ann Hersom - Special Award
Southwest Coast Division - Golf Lakes

In 1987 Ann and her husband Ed moved to Florida. Ann has been burning up the courts ever since. Ann gained her Pro status in 1993 and then started teach­ing others the game. The Southwest Coast District had good fortune when in 1994 Ann became involved at the District Board Level and became the Secretary and served for 5 years. In 1999 Ann became the State Treasurer and served for one year. 2000 dawned and the job of State KOR and Webmaster was her next challenge. She held the job until 2004 when she became the State Treasurer again, and holds until this day. Ann never believes in just doing one job, as well as working at the State level Ann gave her talents to the SWCD as their KOR and Webmaster. Somehow Ann found time to play Shuffleboard and in 2001 was inducted into the National Hall of Fame, In 2003 Ann was inducted into the State HOF and on top of that managed to find the time to play 5 years at the International level. During Ann’s illustrious career she played in the Pro Masters 6 years in a row. To this day Ann is a for­midable opponent on the courts She will always be involved with the sport that she loves whether working behind the scenes or promoting the great game of shuffleboard. Ann well deserves her second induction into the Hall of Fame in the coveted Special Awards Category. 
Myrna Eby - Special Award
Southern District - Riverwoods Plantation

Myrna started shuffling many years ago and proceeded to get involved with the new district being formed. She served as treasurer of the Southern District for ten years. Also learned how to be a tournament director and did this over many years, along with helping in other Districts and even on the State Level. She followed Carl, her husband to the State Board when he became President and was secretary of State for six years. She always put the interest of shuffleboard ahead of personal thoughts. Her interests lead her to conduct some small tournaments in Southern District to get new amateurs involved in the sport. Myrna would like to thank the people with whom she served under for all of their help and understanding while she was in office. “It takes a lot of people to make an organization of this size to work, and I am truly thank ful for the District and State Boards. Thanks again for this great honor.”
Clarence Wright - Special Award - Past President
Clarence, from a small town in the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, served two years in the Korean War after graduation from high school. After discharge, he worked in the build­ing trades until his forced retirement due to health, triple by-pass and hip replacement. He came to Florida in January 1987 to be able to walk without ice and snow. Clarence watched people playing shuffleboard but was not inter­ested at first. His friends kept after him and he decided he would try it and that was only the beginning. He joined the Frostproof club in 1988 and became treasurer in 1989. He loved the challenge of the game and joined the Avon Park club for the competition. He served one year on the board of directors at Avon Park after which he moved to Sebring in 1991, where he still resides. In 1995 Clarence became President of the Summer League, which was played in only three locations. During his term he reorganized the league as it is today. Because the Central District Officers were not willing to move up in positions the nominating committee decided it was time for new blood and asked Clarence to become President. After much thought and discussion with his wife Shirley he agreed. He served his full three year term with all new board members and the help of past presidents. After his three years as Central District president he was elected State delegate, a position he also held for three years. During his third year Clarence agreed to step in as the State 1st Vice President and one year later he was elected FSA President. With the help of all the board members he served the full three years. Clarence’s wife Shirley said that is enough and he agreed; but, Avon Park was having trouble with membership declining and Clarence was asked to take the job as president of the Avon Park Senior Activities Club. After much discussion with his wife Shirley, he accepted that position, which he holds today.  
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2008 HOF Awards

Jim Bailey - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton
Jim grew up in a small farming community in upstate New York. Following graduation, he spent 4 years in the Marine Corps and after an honorable discharge began working for Kodak. Retiring after a career of 30 years, Jim and his wife Ninfa started wintering in Palmetto, Fl, close to his folks. In 1996, a good friend, Dan Sullivan, asked Jim to play shuffleboard in the senior games. Jim knew nothing about this type of competition but said he would give it a try, winning the gold medal and qualifying to represent Florida in the National Senior Games. He and Dan, who also qualified, played in those games, held in Tucson, AZ, where Jim won the gold in singles and he and Dan won the Bronze in doubles. Jim was hooked!
Jim joined the Bradenton SBC where he took his licks while learning the sport of shuffleboard. Thanks to Walt Wedel and Sam Barnett (his tutors) Jim was on his way to the HOF. Over the years, Jim has given back to shuffleboard in many ways. He is on numerous shuffleboard organization boards and actively participates in National shuffleboard matters. Jim is currently the FSA President and 1st Vice President of the NATIONAL Shuffleboard Association.Jim wants to thank all his partners, for without them he would not be in this prestigious circle.

Stan Williamson - Player
Northern District - Coronado
Stan Williamson is the 1st male from the Northern District to be inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Association “Hall of fame”. To become a ‘Hall of Fame” player you must have fine partrners and Stan wishes to thank all of those partners, especially, Earl Ball, his friend and partner in many of those tournaments. One of the games great players; he is the games greatest shot maker and premier entertainer. He has played in three State “Masters” and was co champion twice and is a two time National Champion. Stan has won no less than 10 Northern District “Masters” Championships and holds the all time record for points scored in a season at 65. He is also one of only 10 players to ever win all of his matches in an International Championship Tournament. He had accumulated 237 points at the time of his induction.

Mel Erb - Player
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton
Mel grew up in Sugarbush, Ohio. After completing school he worked locally for 5 years then decided to strike out on his own. He started and ran a very successful painting and roofing business for a number of years after which he followed his heart and began a charter fishing operation on Lake Erie, becoming a successful Charter Captain. He and his wife Ann began spending their winters in Florida where he was introduced to shuffleboard, playing in his first tournament in 1996. After successfully competing in shuffleboard tournaments for only two years he won His District Masters in 1998 and since that time has become an avid shuffler, making Pro in 2000. He continued his outstanding shuffleboard efforts, wining the State Masters in 2001 and tying for first in 2005. Mel earned his 200 lifetime Master points in only seven years, reaching that plateau while shuffling in a tournament at his home club, Bradenton SBC.
Mel would like to thank all the friends he has made and his partners, for without their help he would not be in the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Hall of Fame.

Wilbur Estes  - Special Award
Central District - Lakeland
Wilbur’s nomination is to the “SPECIAL” Category:
Some definitions of SPECIAL: Unusual: superior; held in esteem; distinct, Indeed Wilbur has been seen as each of these and others during his long career serving the FSA. Wilbur has in the past and continues to this day to demonstrate the courage to address matters related to Shuffleboard in a forthright manner. Some may question this direct approach but one aspect of Wilbur’s behavior which is unquestionable is his dedication AND, his devotion to the Sport of Shuffleboard. Wilbur came to the rescue of the FSA so to speak: the Keeper of Records (KOR) of the day had just resigned and Wilbur was asked to take on the task. He had the foresight to recognize that the computer was the key to the success of the maintenance of accurate records needed to support the FSA. To make this statement in 2007 seems self evident, even redundant, however: in the early 1990s it was seen as a less than a progressive step by many Shufflers. Wilbur, with the help of his wife Pearle, demonstrated the strength of his conviction and spent untold hours in making the change from a manual time consuming paper oriented task to a system, although modified & substantially improved, continues to this day. The significance of the change to the computer cannot be overestimated. Wilbur took on the KOR duties and demonstrated the vision to make the FSA a more efficient and more effective organization. One other contribution by Wilbur: When Wilbur became The “Keeper of Records’ (KOR) the KOR had no “Voice” and no “Vote” on the FSA Board. He believed that this was an injustice and spoke eloquently to allow the KOR to have both a voice and a vote. During his tenure of office as KOR Wilbur defined the duties of the position. something which had not been done up to this time. Wilbur’s term of office may not have been long, but he certainly had a positive impact on the office that continues to this day!
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2009 HOF Awards
Darden and Jackie Nelms - Special Award
After retiring in 1995, Jackie and Darden emigrated from Annapolis, MD to Dunedin, FL to be with their children and Jackie’s aging parents. They quickly established themselves and began shuffling out of Clearwater SBC, becoming Pros in 1998. In 1999, Darden became the FSA Keeper of Records [KOR]. He instituted the FSA Number system which improved accuracy of shuffler records. Due to personal reasons he resigned after only one season. He was reappointed KOR in 2003, a position he held for the next six years. As KOR he updated and modernized FSA tournament and shuffler records and streamlined the administration of KOR duties. Darden also held the position of West Coast District [WCD] Webmaster from 2001 to 2006 and WCD KOR from 2002 to 2007. In 2003, Darden was asked to design and implement a new website for the FSA. As the FSA Webmaster, a position he held for six years, he modernized the site allowing users to search all shuffler records as well as tournament results from 1997 to the present. He also helped each FSA District establish individual, independent, websites. Throughout this period Jackie provided invaluable assistance with the implementation and administration of the FSA records systems and was instrumental in the new website concept and design. In 2004, Darden was appointed FSA Preview Editor, a position he held through publication of the 2008-2009 issue. With Jackie’s help he implemented procedures which have lead to a “paperless” publication process. This eliminated the expensive retyping of material, reducing errors and print setup costs. Additionally, printing costs were further reduced by obtaining bids from local printing companies.  These innovations resulted in a 48% reduction in publication costs from a high of $17,000 in 2003 to just over $10,000 in 2008, a period when costs for just about everything else rose. For the 2005 Preview, Jackie was instrumental in the design of a new cover concept honoring FSA shufflers and Districts. Since then these concepts can be seen on full color Preview covers. These results would not have been possible without the help, cooperation and assistance of the District Coordinators, Presidents, KORs and Tournament Directors. Working with these outstanding unsung shufflers, who give so much of their time and effort in support of the FSA, has always been a rewarding pleasure.  We would like to thank each of them for their help in achieving these goals.
Northern District - Coronado/Mainland
Edna moved to Daytona Beach in 1995 from VA. She was introduced to shuffleboard in 1996 and joined City Island Shuffle Club.  Edna made pro in 2000; she has competed in 10 District Masters and 3 State Masters.  She has 5 silver pins and 2 gold.  Edna played on the US International team in Coolangatta, NSW Australia in 2008 and in Clearwater, FL in 2002.  She has also enjoyed traveling the world on goodwill tours. Edna is a State Champion winning the ladies singles in 2002 at Hawthorne and a two time National champion winning the ladies singles in Hendersonville 2004 as well as The Mixed. Edna went over the top, that is gained her 200th point, at Ft. Pierce while playing with Marion Lohbusch who also made her 200th point.  It will always be a special memory for both.
Edna has achieved this milestone, HOF entrance, through love of the game; always willing to travel;  good health and the encouragement of many special friends and last but not least,  having had the privilege of playing with a lot of very talented people. She wants to thank them all. She feels truly blessed.
Northern District - Hawthorne
I retired to Melbourne, FL in 1991 to live at Port O Call.  Because of some persistent neighbours who were shufflers I began to play shuffleboard in 1996 AND made State Am in 1997. I played many summer tournaments in the Central District, liked the area and the competition and decided to move.  After looking into the Central District, Paul Prescott told us about Hawthorne.  This is how we ended up here.  My next step was to begin playing in State Am tournaments.   While playing with Earl Ball during the State Am Tournament in Hawthorne, we placed first.  Diana Morrison and I met and started playing in the State Am Tournaments. I made Pro in 1999 while competing in a Northern District Tournament of Champions.  Diana Morrison and I went on to play in the State Pro Doubles.  Wins included 1st in the Nationals; 1st in the Florida State Doubles, and qualified and played in the Masters my first year as a Pro.  In that event, I tied for 5th place.  I subsequently played in 2 more Masters and qualified in the 2007-2008 season. Among my highlights was playing for the US Team at the International Event in Clearwater, FL in 2002. Edna Triplett became a regular partner and during the 2007-2008 season while competing at Fort Pierce in March of 2008, we achieved the magic point level of 200.  The win at Fort Pierce was special to me as this was the District, Central East Coast District, where it all began. To be the very first player from Hawthorne to receive this award is a special honor for me. A special thanks to my husband for his constant support.  And thanks to my many partners and all the extra support they gave me during the 2007-2008 season.  
BEN COY - Player
Southwest Coast istrict
Ben was brought up in the little town of Columbia City, IN just 15 miles west of Fort Wayne.  He graduated in June, turned 18 in December, and joined the US Air Force.  He stayed 20 years, and then retired at the age of 38.  He then retired again from the US Post Office, moved to Florida, and after fishing a few years, was introduced to shuffleboard.
In 1991-92 Ben won the Amateur Masters due to the efforts of his very good friend Jiggs Harlock.  Ben also has 2 1st Place finishes, one in the National Singles, one in the National Doubles.  He also served 3 years on the State Board. Ben would like to thank Carl and Richard Eby; Mike Vassalotti, Max Clodfelter, Bill Bartrum, Dave Minnich, Walt Wedel, Earle Dunn, John Brown and Dick Whittaker.  With Dick they won 1st place, the win that gave Ben his 200 points!!  Ben would also like to thank his lovely wife Rita, herself a two time Hall of Famer. Ben would like to leave you with this thought: “May you live a long and healthy life, and may “God” bless you.
Central East Coast District - Vero Beach
I moved to Florida on December, 1, 1999. The community of Spanish Lakes Fairways is where I live.  Spanish Lakes Fairways is a very active community with its own Golf Course, Tennis courts, Softball field, Horseshoe. Bocce, Shuffleboard Courts, Pool tables and many other activities to keep any retiree busy. All of 2000 and half of 2001 I played all the above with the exception of Tennis and Shuffleboard.
In the summer of 2001 several of my Pool shooting friends suggested that we all join the Shuffleboard Club and play in their Tuesday morning League which would begin in October; I asked why would they want to play that game? The answer I got was that Shuffleboard would allow Husband and Wife to play as a team together.  Ok said I, as I had been looking for more activities my wife and I could do together. The 2001-02 season began and though my wife didn’t enjoy the Shuffleboard much; we played every Tuesday morning and we lost every match but one (1)!!!  In January of that year our community hosted a District Singles Tournament.  I played and finished 2nd. Several weeks later I was informed that by finishing 2nd in that tournament I was eligible to play in the Districts “ Medalist” tournament which was held at Fort Pierce.  As I had not played outside of our Community I decided to give it a shot.  I lost the first match and went into the consolation bracket.  I was so upset with myself for playing so badly that first match that I decided that if I could do No Better than that I would quit the Game.  Quite frankly, “I THREW ALL CAUTION TO THE WIND AND I WENT FOR IT”. I won the Consolation bracket. The Medal I won that day is still the most cherished to me and when I feel the game is not worth the effort after a Day of bad Playing I remember the feeling I had when I won that Medal. The next season 2002-2003 I not only continued to play in the Tuesday morning League, but I played on our community traveling league held on Wednesdays and I played in all of the District Tournaments as well. Early that season I jumped into a State Tournament and was quickly knocked out by Glen Peltier and Jacques Bergeron.  I knew then that in order to play with these guys I had to practice more, and I did.  From that day forward I played or practiced every single day until the next State tournament which was held in Trailer Haven.  I finished 2nd to Mike Vassalotti and George Shaver and became eligible for instant Pro which I opted to take the following October.  I went on to win the Amateur Masters that year, most Points and the Medalist. I truly was smitten by the Game. I’ve never lost sight that the game is to be fun and I still play it that way although I am considered to be intense during play. Every year since, I have earned enough points to make the State Masters and the day I don’t, I will not play in the masters just because another decides to Not Play. I caught the Fever of Shuffleboard in those early years and now to be inducted into The Hall Of Fame is clearly an Honor I had only dreamt of.
Central East Coast - Port St. Lucie
George Shaver started playing Shuffleboard in the mid 90’s beginning in the park and then moving into the Indian River League.  Along the way he discovered the Central East Coast District Tournaments and found he enjoyed the competition.  His game made steady progress as he moved up through the ranks to become a Pro.  He has played several CECD “Masters” tournaments and won or was Co-Champion at least four times.  He started playing at the State Pro level at the turn of the Century and became one of the States top traveling Pros.  He played in a couple of State Pro “Masters” and was Co-Champion at Oakside in Zephyrhills in 2006.  George has always been a big help on the traveling Pro circuit; he’s always first to grab a broom to help the local Club people get ready for a tournament and has bailed out many a Tournament Director by jumping in and helping with anything that needed to be done.  George has earned the honor of being inducted into the “Hall of Fame” and even though he won’t be there he will be so honored by Glen Peltier.
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton

Pat and Dick moved from Michigan to the Bradenton area in 1978 to be near her mother and father, avid shufflers, who lived in Paradise Bay Estates, Bradenton. The first time Pat put a cue in her hand she was hooked on the game. She and her mother teamed up in the Amateur division. It was a very unique experience as Pat and her mother both qualified for the District Masters in 1982-83. After Pat became pro and played for a few years, it was time to go back to work. She put her love of shuffleboard and the time she spent with friends on the courts on the back burner. As the time passed, Pat looked forward to her retirement, starting to play again and most importantly, making new friends and renewing old friendships. Pat was champion of the Pro State Masters in 1985, and came in 2nd in 1986 and 8th in 2007. Along with her State accomplishments she has accumulated six National championships. Pat wants to thank all of her partners for helping her fulfill her dreams of making the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
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