1990 to 1999  -  F.S.A. HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES

1990 HOF Awards 

Jane continues to be one of the dominating players on the Ladies’ Pro circuit. Up to the present time she has amassed the amazing total of 413 points! Jane has won just about every major tournament and/or championship, including the F.SA. Masters, with her latest achievement being 1st Place in the 1990 Masters, held at Lake Worth. Friendliness and congeniality are Jane’s trademark, and she always has a “story” to relate to cheer her many, many friends. Jane has the youth to be in contention for a long time to come, and has the potential of being one of the greatest lady shufflers of all time. There is very little doubt but that Jane ‘belongs” in our shuffleboard Hall of Fame!
Leesburg - Northern District
Probably one of the most well known and well liked players on the Pro circuit, Bob is well-deserving of Hall of Fame honors. Not only has he excelled as a player (accumulating 291 points during his Pro career), but Bob has also been one of our most dedicated contributors to our State program. He has been very active in administration, having served both in the District and in the State, including several years as State Vice President, Chairman of the Rules Committee, and briefly as President of our State Association. Bob also is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on rules and as such has been a great help to our State board. His long career in shuffleboard is a classic example of dedication and sportsmanship.
Herb is another welcome addition to our roster of Hall of Fame players. His point total to date is an impressive 264 points on the all-time point list. In addition to a spectacular playing record, Herb has contributed greatly to our sport by his involvement. He often provides our opening ceremony invocation and on numerous occasions has honored us by singing our National Anthem to the accompaniment of his guitar. Herb has been a Masters participant several times, tying for 1st Place in 1989 at Bradenton. Herb has been a credit to our sport, has always exhibited good sportsmanship and everyone will agree that he is most certainly a worthy opponent to face on the courts. Ill health forced him to withdraw from the 1990 Masters at Lake Worth at the start of the 7th round. We all wish him a rapid, complete recovery!   
Probably no one is better known in shuffleboard than Willie Wolf, but behind the scenes is another member of the Wolf family who has contributed significantly to our shuffleboard program. She is Arlie Wolf, who has been an asset to our sport for as long as Willie has. Arlie started her shuffleboard career in 1966 and for many years played in Pro events when accompanying Willie. When not playing, she busied herself keeping score, both in District and State events. She also canvassed for Preview ads for over 20 yeas and served as an assistant Preview Editor several times. Arlie has also been a good Tournament Director in the West Coast District. Doubtless, she is worthy of the SPECIAL AWARD because of her dedicated involvement in shuffleboard for well over 25 years.
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1991 HOF Awards

Mt. Dora - Northern District
BOB JONES qualified for membership in our Hall of Fame in the 1989-1990 season by amassing 209 points in his career. Friendly, congenial, Bob is one of the finest gentlemen players on the Pro circuit and should be no stranger to anyone who participates in state events. Probably the finest tribute to Bob comes from his very frequent partner, Charley Bone, who played with him in more than 140 tournaments over a 7-year period. Charley says their agreement was that each match consisted of two games, one at the head and the other at the foot. Over their long “partnership” never a harsh word was spoken. Charley adds that Bob “wasted” his youth on the pool tables and croquet courts, or he’d have been an even more formidable shuffleboard opponent. Congratulations, Bob! Welcome to the select circle of the World’s Greatest Shufflers!
Orange City - Northern District
If you know KATHY MATH ER, you know that she is determined, knowledgeable, competitive, sometimes feisty, and one who wants to win and doesn’t like to lose. A winner never does! Kathy is a real shuffler, interested and willing to work for her club, her district, and always ready to play if time permits. She and her husband, Lee, always make a good team whether on the courts, playing cards, or serving as they did as President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Northern District for three years. She is a good referee and has conducted referee schools. Kathy is now 2nd Vice President of her district and, in less than 15 years, she is one of ten active ladies with over 200 points, has played in the State Masters three times, has been one of the top 15 ladies for three times, won in District Masters, and won the Florida State Doubles with Pauline Kinney. Kathy has earned her place in the Hall of Fame.
Lakeland - Central District
George passed the “200 Point Milestone” in Florida shuffleboard by earning 8 points during the 1989-90 season. Though he hasn’t been a regular competitor the past few years, he is one of the most well known players on the Pro circuit. Originally dubbed “Nature Boy” because of his penchant for playing shoeless, and sometimes shirtless, George soon learned that shuffleboard protocol dictated, “No shoes, no shirt — no shuffling!” But the nickname has stuck with him. George has been a “total” shuffler who has competed not only in Florida but in Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, and elsewhere. And he’s been a winner wherever he played! George Cofrin’s total of 209 Points qualify him as a worthy recipient of Hall of Fame honors! We extend our congratulations to him.
TYLER and KAY MacMASTER are our 5th “couple” recipients of the F.S.A. Special Award. Both have been remarkably active in shuffleboard on the County, District, and State levels. Tyler has served as both District and State Tournament Director, as State Delegate, and has chaired numerous committees. Kay has served as District Secretary-Treasurer several times and has been an able assistant to Tyler in most of his shuffleboard endeavors. Most noteworthy is the MacMasters’ five-year sponsorship of our F.S.A. Masters Tournament, being responsible for having it played in the five districts besides the West Coast for the first time ever. They also sponsored the Roll of Champions medals for the past six years. Worthy “Special Award” recipients, Tyler claims they have “retired.” We doubt it but wish them both well and congratulations in any event!
Clearwater - West Coast District
LEONARD GEROME needs no introduction to anyone who has played at Clearwater, or most any place in the West Coast District. He’s been directing tournaments there since the early ‘70s and has taught many shufflers his directing techniques as well. He is now in his 11th year as State Delegate on the F.S.A. Board. He has chaired the Tophy Committee, the Hall of Fame Committee (his current task), and has served his club, his district, and the state efficiently and diligently. Leonard has the distinction of serving under five District Presidents and six State Presidents to date, and is still going strong. He is a most worthy recipient of our FSA Special Award. P.S. Leonard’s able assistant in directing WCD tournaments is his devoted wife, Mary.
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1992 HOF Awards 
West Coast District
- St. Petersburg Club
Jerry Anderson started playing the game when in his 20’s. He had his first placement in a Statewide tournament in the 1950-51 season, winning 4th in the Gasparilla Singles. Jerry has placed in 24 singles and 14 doubles events. He placed 3rd in the Masters in 1970. He is the only active player still playing who played on the “All American Team.” Jerry has a total of 230 points and still hopes to add onto these points. He has an orchestra and plays for dances most every night of the week. This keeps him from playing the game of shuffleboard too far away from St. Petersburg, for if he does he can’t get back in time to play for his dance assignments. Jerry has been overlooked for many years as a candidate for the Florida State Hall of Fame, and we congratulate him for being elected as a member of a select group known as the Florida State Hall of Fame.
Central District
- Lakeland Club
Vicky Klym became an instant pro in the 1981-82 season when she placed 3rd in the Holiday House Doubles Tournament at DeLand. She has been a very consistent shuffleboard player in both the District and State tournaments. Vicky has been an outstanding and respected player in the Central District. She has always shown good sportsmanship on and off the courts. You will generally see Vicky wearing a smile. She has accumulated a total of 243 points in the eleven years as a pro and she has played in the Masters six times, being eligible in 1990 but due to illness did not play. Vicky has received five gold, three silver, and two bronze medals in her eleventh years as a pro. A big welcome to Vicky for being inducted into the Florida State Hall of Fame.
West Coast District
- St. Petersburg Club
Rosaire Biron began shuffling in 1978 at Daytona Beach and became an instant pro at the Yuletide Singles at St. Petersburg in the 1980-81 season. He has accumulated 475 points in the eleven years as a pro (he did not play the 1990-91 season) and is actively pursuing more. He was eligible for the Masters in all eleven years, won four 1st and three 2nds. He has won twelve 1st place singles, of which three were National Opens and three F.S.A. Opens, plus 28 Doubles 1st places. Devoted to promoting the game, Rosaire served as St. Petersburg Club Vice President, in which capacity he spent many weeks marking and numbering almost 100 sets of discs and improving them for tourna­ment and fun play. His decisions on the Board were always in accord with the interests of shuffleboard players. Rosaire is considered a welcome addition to the growing number of players and executives who comprise the Florida State Hall of Fame.
Sam Allen, Owner of the Allen A. Shuffleboard Company has been working with shufflers for many years. In fact, he took over the business from his Dad when he retired. Sam is always working on something to make the equipment better and in turn, make the game more enjoyable to play. ARCO discs is one of his accomplishments. In the State Hall of Fame at Sebring you can see the many sets Sam had molded before he came up with the discs that are now used worldwide. The Swivel Cue Head is another great achievement we can give Sam credit for, Fiberglass cues, larger runners on cue heads and the fiberglass joined cue are some more of his accomplishments. We or shufflers owe Sam Allen a great Thank you for making the game we enjoy more enjoyable with his great ideas. Welcome Sam, to the Florida State Hall of Fame 
West Coast District
- Clearwater Club
Ada started playing shuffleboard in 1944 in Raymond, Maine, when becoming a sports counselor at a woman’s camp. In 1945-46-47. She ran three to four tournaments at the camp each summer. She joined the Clearwater Club in 1977 and served on different committees. In 1981 she started to assist in District and State tournaments as a Director and ran some tournaments in different leagues. In 1983 she elected as West Coast State Alternate Delegate, a position she still holds. She served the State on the Public Relation Committee and became Chairperson of this Committee in 1984, again a position she still holds. Ada is known best for her writing in the many papers that cover the sport of shuffleboard. She has been doing this faithfully for many years. Ada is a promoter of the sport of shuffleboard in her play and in the columns she writes. We give her a special welcome for being inducted into the Florida Hall of Fame.
Central District
- St. Cloud Club
Bill joined the St. Cloud Club in 1965. He was elected President of that Club in 1977 and served in this capacity for seven years. In his first year as Club President he got the city interested in renovating the Club rooms and making new offices and installing new lights for the courts, all completed in 1979. A dedication ceremony was held which included members, officials of the Club, and city officials. He was elected to the Central District as 3rd Vice President for 1979-81, elected 2nd Vice President 1981-83, then 1st Vice President 1983-86 from 1986-89 he served the Central District as their President. Bill was then instrumental in getting the State to hold Statewide Tournaments at the St. Cloud Club. In 1985, the Central District appointed him as District Tournament Director, an appointment he still holds. The State appointed him State Tournament Director in 1989 and this position he still holds. Welcome, Bill, to the Florida State Hall of Fame.
Central East Coast District
- Riverland
Wesley Marousch began shuffling some twenty years ago and was elected the Central East Coast 11th District President for the 1982-83 season. He served this position for three years. In the 1985-86 seasons, Wes was elected to serve as Third Vice President and served in this position for three years. He was then elected as President of the F.S.A. for the 1989-90 season, and here again he served for three years. During Wes’s term in office, the following things took place: His first year in office saw the Southwest Coast District being split and the Southern District formed. This added two more on the State Board for a total of eighteen. In 1990-91 the cost of putting out the PREVIEW had gone up where the cost of the ads were not covering the cost. Here the 50 cents per player was added to all players playing in a Center Spread tournament, and this money was to help defray the cost of the PREVIEW. District was also given the option of adding the 50 cents to their District tournaments to raise extra revenue for their District. Deleting the over-the-backstop rule was approved at the Annual Meeting in 1991-92, with the provision that it may be replaced with a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board at any time.   Wes served the State well and had good cooperation from his Board. We give our 25th President of the F.S.A. a special welcome to the Florida State Hall of Fame.
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1993 HOF Awards 
Ft. Pierce - Central East Coast District

HOWARD CLUGSTONE began playing shuffleboard over 20 years ago. He has continued playing, as well as providing outstanding administrative and promotional service for the Central East Coast District and the Florida Shuffleboard Association. He served on the District Board from 1983 to 1988, including three years as President. Since then he has served as District Tournament Director and State Delegate. He served as Second Vice President and was on the Rules Committee of the F.S.A. Board during the 1992-1993 season. Howard is not slowing down — he completed in 16 statewide and 17 district tournaments during the 1991-1992 season. Not revealed in Howard’s playing record are the many hours that he has devoted to the training of persons involved in the operation of tournaments, both as referees and as tournament directors. Howard’s chart schools have been well attended and appreciated by players. Howard Clugstone is a true gentleman on the court. His calm play is an inspiration to the new player who comes in contact with him in a tournament. Howard qualifies in all categories for this Hall of Fame Special Award. He is a great administrator with a great love for the game, and for those who play it. Welcome, Howard, to the Hall of Fame. 
Trailer Estates - Southwest Coast District
Rita became an instant Pro in December, 1982, when she placed 2nd at the City of Palms Tournament in Ft. Myers. During the next 10 years she accumulated 236 points and placed 1st 17 times. In 1989 she won the National Singles at St. Petersburg, an accomplishment made all the more impressive by the fact that she won every match in two straight. Plagued by very poor vision at the time, she made up for this handicap through superb strategy, concentration, and deliberate methodical play. As an Amateur, Rita was Captain of the Petticoat League in Trailer Estates. Through the years she has continued to support the Southwest District by active participation in tournaments, and she rarely misses a state tournament. She spends her summers playing in Michigan, Ohio, Las Vegas, and Canada. She played in the 1985 International in Ocean City, N.J., and the 1988 International in Yokohama, Japan. In 1991 she won the Australian Invitational Tournament. Rita’s accomplishments on the Florida scene support her claim to the title of a World-Class Shuffleboard Player. She has won five gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. She has proved her championship status in five Masters Tournaments. Rita’s skill on the court is matched only by her good sportsmanship and willingness to help others. The Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame is proud to welcome Rita Cronkhite to this elite community of excellence.
St. Petersburg -
West Coast District
Mary Eldridge first started playing shuffleboard at Sebring in December, 1964. After moving to St. Petersburg in May, 1965, she continued to play as an Amateur. She became a Pro in November, 1966, when she won 4th place in the Mae Barber Singles. In 1968 she and Mae Hall won the National Doubles. Mary’s first singles win came in the 1969 Masters. She played three tournaments the next year before moving back north. She resumed playing again in 1971, but retired from play in 1976. She returned to Florida in January, 1991, and has proved to be a true legend in the making. She has amassed an amazing 488 points on the Roll of Champions! She has won 1st place in singles 16 times and 1st place in doubles 20 times. She has played in the Masters nine times — winning the championship five times!
Mary Eldridge is an excellent representative of the players as 2nd Vice President of the FSA. Her love of the game, willingness to help others, fine sportsmanship on and off the court, and her shuffleboard expertise made her a top choice for that position. These same qualities are the reason she is now included in the best of the best — the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
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1994 HOF Awards 
Southwest Coast District
Betty DeHart was well on the way to being an outstanding shuffleboard player until personal circumstances warranted her retirement from active play. However, she has continued to be one of our strongest advocates of the game, and has remained active in a supportive role. Betty is the first to comfort those who are ill or who have suffered the loss of a loved one. She has regularly purchased cards and obtained the signatures and notes from all of us who have good intentions but sometimes fail to follow through. She is the first one to let others know she cares and is there if needed. This has not been a designated responsibility, but rather, one of love.
Betty could usually be found keeping score, or doing anything that was helpful to those of us fortunate enough to play in tournaments. She tends to minimize her own playing skill, but is the first to give the novice player encouragement. She has a quiet way of teaching without the appearance of teaching. After talking with her, players walk away feeling better about their game, and often more knowledgeable. A very private person, Betty has never been one to talk about herself. Her primary concern is the welfare of others, on and off the courts. It is with great pride that we welcome this lovely lady, Betty DeHart, into the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.
RUSS DeHART - Player
Southwest Coast District
RUSS DeHART moved to Florida in 1980 and began playing shuffleboard a year later. From the onset, Russ appeared to have a “Natural Ability” and he moved easily to State Amateur status and then Pro in 1983. Plagued with vertigo, severe back problems, and other health concerns, his participation in tournaments was restricted for a few years. However, he easily qualified for his first Masters in 1988. Subsequently, he played in the 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992 Masters tournaments; and he earned 218 points before heving to retire from active play. During Russ’ brief tenure as an active player, he played a few of the summer Ohio tournaments. He placed in six National singles and doubles at Lakeside before his back pain became too severe to continue. Russ believes he was extremely fortunate because of the excellent partners he played with in Ohio and Florida. He is sorely missed by those partners, who consider themselves lucky to have played with him. Russ and his wife, Betty, were part of the special comraderie that evolves among tournament players who follow the circuit. Those close relationships are missed by them and by all who enjoyed their companionship.
GRACE is the word that best describes Russ. Always gracious in his dealings with others, on and off the courts, he may also have been one of shuffleboard’s most graceful players. His smooth approach, delivery, and follow through were a study in elegance. CONGRATULATIONS, Russo You are an outstanding representative of the F.S.A. Hall of Fame.
Zephyrhills  -  Central District
When THELMA SPRINGER became a Pro in 1983, it was difficult for her to find partners as the was relatively unknown on the Pro circuit. She and her husband, Jim, were the only Pro players from the Lake Placid Shuffleboard Club. However, it wasn’t long before her outstanding ability was recognized and she was in demand as a partner, and seen as an awesome threat by opponents. Few players have Thelma’s uncanny knack for winning a “lost” game when it appears to be “all over but the shouting.” Witnesses are often amazed to see this tenacious lady persevere to victory where defeat appears inevitable. Equally surprising is her apparent determination to ignore the elements and human frailty. Rain, sleet, wind, and unbearable heat go unnoticed. While a match is in progress, she appears immune to exhaustion or physical ills. She simply refuses to acknowledge the presence of such distractions — therefore, they don’t exist. This enigma called Thelma even seems to extend this mind-set to her appearance, which is always picture perfect regardless of circumstances. Thelma has an impressive record of 17 first-place wins in singles and 15 in doubles. She won the Tournament of Champions twice; the National Singles twice; the National Doubles twice; and the Florida State Doubles once. She was champion of the Pro Ladies Division in 1991. She qualified for the Masters three times, and played twice. To date, she has acquired 236 Pro points. Thelma won the Michigan State Singles twice and the Doubles three times. She was top woman player in Ohio nine of the last ten years. She was inducted into the National Hall of Fame in 1993. In short, she is the epitome of the word WINNER. CONGRATULATIONS, Thelma, on your nomination and induction into the F.S.A. Hall of Fame!
Bradenton  -  Southwest Coast District
DICK WHITAKER began playing shuffleboard as a District Amateur in 1981-82. All his wins were in the main events: four first places; two seconds; one third; and four fourths. As a State Amateur he placed second three times, third once, and fourth once. Possessed with remarkable skill, he has accumulated 240 points as a Pro with relative ease. Generally speaking, if Dick enters a tournament, he usually makes it to the winner’s circle. At the time of his nomination to the Hall of Fame, his career revealed 46 first-place wins, 25 seconds, 12 thirds, and 16 fourth places. Although Dick credits his frequent partner, Russ DeHart, with much of his success, he is a very formidable player in his own right. Few players are willing to risk a game of wits in board play with Dick, as his skill is complemented with the cunning of an expert chess player. Students of board strategy are in constant attendance when Dick is on the courts. Potential partners are plentiful as knowledgeable players would far rather play with him than against him! Dick and his wife, Pat, won in mixed doubles in 1985-86. He has qualified for the Masters six times and played four. He has placed on the Roll of Champions several years. His skill is recognized throughout the state, and his name is widely known to shufflers. We SALUTE Dick for his accomplishments and welcome him into the prestigious membership of the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.
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1995 HOF Awards
Lakeland - Central District
VINCE LAFFERTY began shuffling 15 years ago. He is still a very active player and has accumulated 48 points in the Florida State tournaments. Down through the years he has taught shuffleboard, as well as conducted Referees School. He has been a great promoter of the game for many years. Vince has always been willing to tackle any job — sweeping courts, waxing discs, refereeing, etc. He has served in the official capacity as President of Lakeland Shuffleboard Club, 1983-86, and then again in 1993-94. He also served as Vice President for 1988-91. He served as 2nd Vice President of the Central District Shuffleboard Association, 1983-86. He served as Vice President of the Florida State Association, 1990-92. He was the New Jersey Shuffleboard Association’s 3rd Vice President in 1984 and its President in 1985-87. He was also Tournament Director for 1991-93. He accumulated 283 points in the New Jersey tournaments. Ocean City, N.J. hosted the International Shuffleboard Tournament while Vince was President of the New Jersey Association. CONGRATULATIONS, Vince, on your nomination and induction into the F.S.A. Hall of Fame!
Clearwater - West Coast District
GLEN PELTIER became an Instant Pro on October 31, 1984, at the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club. Hall of Fame candidates must have accumulated at least 200 points; Glen easily surpassed that requirement by amassing an amazing total of 500 points at the time of his induction on February 20, 1995, at Lake Worth. He ended the 1994-95 season with 72 points (70 in Main events and 2 in Consolation), easily leading the Gold Medal winners as a very popular champion. Thus, he will begin the 1995-96 playing season with a total of 521 lifetime points! Glen played his first Masters tournament in 1986 and has continued playing in the F.S.A.’s most prestigious event every year since that time. He has won the Masters four times — his most recent win in the 1995 Masters. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face and is considered by many players as Shuffleboard’s Ambassador of Good Sportsmanship. During Glen’s Pro career, he has missed only one state tournament, and he also plays in most West Coast District tournaments. When he isn’t playing the sport he loves, he teaches individuals and groups, or is involved in projects related to the game. An ultimate champion, Glen eagerly shares his wealth of knowledge with players who are anxious to improve their game. He says that shuffleboard has given him so much happiness that he feels a great debt of gratitude and will do anything he can for the sport he loves. The shuffleboard community is proud to add the name of Glen Peltier to the roster of Champions in the F.S.A.’s Hall of Fame.
Orange City - Northern District
ELEANOR BROUGHAL maintains a special style on or off the shuffleboard courts and is held in high esteem by the Orange City Shuffleboard Club of the Northern District and to all shufflers as well. Eleanor presents herself in a unique way and remains poised in a cool, calm and collected manner. Her losses, as her records indicate, are few. A constant “in self control dignity” best describes her. She began shuffling in the 1982-83 season, winning three and a half points to State Amateur, No stopping this outstanding lady of determination in refinement! In 1983-84 she gathered 4 points to the status of Pro with successful ease. In 1985-86 she earned 25 points, and in 1986-87 she earned 24 points. She captured 45 points in 1987-88, and held title with most points won for the Ladies in one season. However, in each year that followed, her shuffleboard accuracy racked up 151 points to a 245-point total, and these points were earned within eight years. The record shows Eleanor played in the Masters for SEVEN years, took first place TWICE, and won the Florida State Singles THREE times! There is this to add to Eleanor’s record of wins — she held position as one of the Top Ten players for EIGHT consecutive years. She is a “sharp ‘n accurate” shuffler who, on or off the courts, promotes shuffling through encouraging words and a smile. We all are overwhelmed at her record, which stands for itself. CONGRATULATIONS, Eleanor! This honor of being elected to the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame you have well deserved. Thanks, and Great Shuffling!
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1996 HOF Awards
Southwest Coast District
HOWARD RAYLE began shuffling 25 years ago at Lakeside, Ohio. He has continued playing as well as holding down many administrative duties. In Florida, he has accumulated 114 points and played in the Masters in 1989. He was Vice President of the Ohio Shuffleboard Association from 1978 to 1982, and was President from 1982 to 1986. He was President of the Southwest District Florida Shuffleboard Association from 1991 to 1994, and served on the Florida State Board from 1991 to 1994, most recently serving on the Constitution & By-Laws Committee. In 1993, he was Chairman of the Hospitality & Banquet Committee. In 1993, Howard was elected 4th Vice President of the International Shuffleboard Association and was re-elected for another two-year term in 1995. In 1993, he was installed as President of the National Shuffleboard Association, Inc. and still holds that position. Howard is one of three people in Ohio who has been inducted into the Ohio Hall of Fame both as a Player and again in the Executive Award. He was also inducted into the National Hall of Fame in the Player Award in 1991. He is still a competitor in playing the game and attends most state tournaments. His biggest aim is to promote shuffleboard wherever he goes. Congratulations, Howard, on your nomination into the F.S.A. Hall of Fame.
Clearwater - West Coast District
JUNIOR KINNEY made Instant Pro in October 1984, at the Bradenton SBC. He played in most of the state tournaments for the following 10 years, playing in four Masters and two Interna­tional tournaments. He has been on the State Board and an offi­er for the Clearwater SBC a number of years, spending numerous hours there. He enjoys meeting new shufflers and makes everyone welcome at the club. He and his wife, Pauline, will be inducted in to the Ohio Hall of Fame at the Banquet in 1996 at Carey, Ohio. Junior has 228 points to this date in Florida. He is very grateful to have shuffleboard as part of his life. Shuffleboard is not just a game to be played to Junior. He makes it a sport to be enjoyed by countless people. Junior Kinney has opened the doors of the Clearwater Club not only for the State and District tournaments, but to the countless Leagues in the area. The Clearwater Club has been a bustle of activity every day with Daily Tournament play.
Clearwater - West Coast District
Only the members of the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club knows how hard PAULINE KINNEY has worked, or the pleasure she has brought to her club — countless hours over many years working and managing the kitchen, arranging several dinners and the entertainment each year. She is always upbeat in her attitude, and puts smiles on many faces. On the courts, Pauline is known as a fast, accurate shooter, always capable of beating the best. She has always played with new players and is constantly encouraging them. She is considered the perfect partner, never critical and always offering encouragement. Pauline became Instant Pro in 1984 in Clearwater. She qualified for the Masters five times, but only played in two. She has won the Florida State Doubles, and Doubles and Singles in the National. Pauline has 269 points to this date. Both she and her husband, Junior, will be officially placed in the Ohio Hall of Fame in June, 1996, and they deem it a great honor.
SKIP McCOY - President
SKIP McCOY will be remembered as the PLAYERS’ PRESIDENT. His early experiences as a park and league player were enjoyable, but were often marred by disruptions caused by poor interpretation of game rules. His enthusiasm began to wane until he became involved in State-sanctioned tournaments, and he discovered shuffleboard is governed by universally accepted written rules (FSA Rules & Regulations). He soon realized that unpleasant behavior erupted when the rules were altered or disregarded. As his skills increased, so did his determination to see the sport he loved become so enjoyable that its popularity would continue to grow. He urged players to know the rules, put their suggestions and concerns in writing, and urge their state representatives to discuss them with the FSA Board. In June, 1988, Skip was one of six novice players from the Bonita Springs area who met Wes Marousch at a tournament in Springfield, Ohio. Discussion centered around the FSA Board’s efforts to split the old Southwest District. Skip said, “We can do that.” A year later, the Southern District was a reality! This “mover and shaker” has attended every Board meeting since Oct., 1988. When he became FSA President in March, 1993, he was well prepared for the task. He carefully selected his Executive Board and Advisory Committee and his confidence in them was rewarded. An ardent advocate of “keep it simple,” he insisted common sense and unbiased decisions, based on what was best for the players, should prevail. All communications from players received consideration, and voting was based on what was best for the game — not the individual. As his last official act, Skip signed a contract with the City of Sebring to house a shuffleboard museum at the Sebring Tourist Club. When Skip McCoy became President, he often heard, “There goes your game.” Nothing could be further from the truth. His wins during his final year as President include: the Eastern National Doubles; President’s Trophy; Florida State Open Singles; Tournament of Champions; both the Southern District and State Masters; and he led the Roll of Champions with 61 points. He has accumulated 219 points since becoming an Instant Pro in February, 1990. He played in the ‘92, ‘93, ‘95, and ‘96 Masters, and qualified in ‘94. An OUTSTANDING player, Skip McCoy has also been an OUTSTANDING President. Congratulations, Skip, on your induction into the FSA’s Hall of Fame — and on a job WELL DONE!
Clearwater -
West Coast District
Mary Lou is most deserving of this recognition of excellence, not only as an outstanding shuffleboard player, but as an outstanding individual as well. She approaches the challenge of a difficult match with the same child-like qualities of excitement and enthusiasm as she appears to approach everything that life has in store for her. Because of these qualities, Mary Lou wil be forever young. Mary Lou (Elliott) Bueché’s shuffleboard career began at the Port Charlotte Club in 1982. She became a Pro in 1985, and by the end of the 1995-96 season, she had accumulated a total of 240 lifetime points. She was champion of the Ladies’ Division in 1994-95 with 53 points, and she has played in the Masters four times. She has been a USA team member in three International tournaments. She has also placed first four times in National tournaments. The summer months find her and her husband, Richard, actively participating in shuffleboard in North Carolina, both in their local community and at Hendersonville. Mary Lou met her husband at a Hawthorne tournament in 1990. Two years later they were married on the shuffleboard courts at Clearwater! Mary Lou has been good for shuffleboard and, obviously, shuffleboard has been good to her. Congratulations, Mary Lou, and welcome to the F.S.A.’s Hall of Fame.
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1997 HOF Awards 
Little Charlie Creek - Central District
PAT McCOY first played shuffleboard in Jan., 1988. Friends convinced her to play in the Valentine’s Day Singles Tournament in Naples. Knowling little about the sport, she expected nothing and was amazed when a charting error resulted in a surprising win in Consolation. That first trophy marked the beginning of a lifestyle that left little time for previous interests. The McCoys played the Ohio circuit that summer, and Pat made instant Pro. Competition consisted of the top Florida Pros. She insists she learned to play shuffleboard while losing rather than winning. She ended the summer by winning the North American Singles in Michigan. In Ohio, Pat, Skip, and four Bonita Springs friends talked at length with Wes Marousch about the FSA’s frustrated efforts to split Florida’s Southwest District. The Southern District’s first official season was 1989-90, but it grew from a long year of very hard work that consumed the lives of the McCoys and their co-founders Wes and State Tournament Director Dick Roby offered constant support and guidance during the ‘88-’90 season. Pat agreed to be the FSA Treasurer, as well as fundraiser and Publicity Director for the emerging District. She was elected Treasurer of the District’s empty coffers in December and wrote weekly newspaper articles about State and SW District tournaments and the progress of the Southern District. Both Pat and Skip won the SW District Amateur Masters in 1989. The Southern District’s first year was a huge success. Pat won the State Amateur Singles in ‘90 and the McCoys each won the new District’s Pro/Am Masters that year. Pat also became a Tournament Director, while training others, and continued her weekly articles as “Auntie Pat.” She has represented the District as a National Delegate, Record Keeper, and State Delegate. She missed only one FSA Board Meeting in 8 years, and was a Board member for 7 years. She was the FSA Treasurer from March, 1993 til Oct., 1996, and was co-Editor of the FSA Preview for four years. She became a Florida Pro in ‘90-91 and has earned 135 points to date. She has played the Florida Masters twice and played for the USA in the 1995 International. Pat’s wins include National Singles and Doubles, Fla. State Doubles Champion, the President’s Trophy and the North American Singles in ‘88 and ‘96. Pat has given nine years of hard work to shuffleboard, but believes she has been well compensated in great fun and wonderful friendships. In 1993, Pat was voted into the Southern District’s Hall of Fame. She dedicated that award to all the individuals who gave tirelessly of themselves to make the Southern District so successful. She insists that no one accomplishes anything worthwhile without the help and constant support of a great many hard-working and talented people. Now she has been elected to receive the FSA’s prestigious Special Award, and modestly accepts the honor in sincere gratitude to all those who ask so little and give so much. Congratulations, Pat McCoy, on your induction into the FSA’s Hall of Fame!
Zephyrhills - Central District
CHARLES GRIFFIN started coming to Florida every winter in 1960; however, he didn’t try shuffleboard until Feb., 1985. He then gave up golf and made Instant Pro March 24, 1986 at the Fun & Sun in Clearwater. He also met his wife, Shirley, while playing in tournaments. He has held the positions of Delegate and Historian for the FSA, and is always willing to explain strategy and help anyone with their game. Charlie has 11 first place finishes — four of them are Full Moon Singles at Lakeland. He has qualified for the Masters four times, and won seven FSA Medals. He also was won the National Singles, National Doubles, Florida State Doubles, and the Las Vegas Singles in 1993. Charlie has collected and donated many items for the FSA Museum in Sebring, Florida. Congratulations, Charles Griffin, Jr., on your induction into the Hall of Fame Players 1997!
West Coast District
CHRIS STUTZMANN’s first contact with shuffleboard was in 1982. He made State Amateur in the 1983-84 season. In the next season, 1984-85, he made Instant Pro in Gulfport, winning the Doubles Tournament. He placed in 41 tournaments to accumulate 200 points toward the FSA Hall of Fame (in the 1995-96 season) which is an average of 4.8 points per tournament. Out of that 200 points, almost half (98) are in Singles. Out of the 41 tournaments, he placed first in more than 1/3 of them - 16 times. In the 41 tournaments, he placed 12 times in Singles, half of them firsts (6). In the 29 doubles tournaments, he played with 17 different partners, three of them ladies. He won the U.S. National Singles Championship in 1991 in St. Petersburg, the Tournament of Champions twice in a row (1993 & 1994). Chris played three times in the Florida Masters, and played three times in the International. Chris served 2 years as Vice President of the West Coast District. In 1984, he organized the Ontario Shuffleboard Association and stayed 10 years as its President. Congratulations, Chris Stutzmann, on your induction into the Hall of Fame Players in 1997!
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1998 HOF Awards 
BOB CRAIG - Special Award
Clearwater - West Coast District
BOB CRAIG started in shuffleboard in 1985, turned Pro in 1992. He has served as Vice President and Director of the Clearwater Club. He also served as President and Delegate of the West Coast District, then to the FSA Board as 2nd and 3rd Vice Presidents. He has also held the position of Chairman of the Hall of Frame and Trophy Committees since 1993. He assisted Herb Thomas in preparing the PREVIEW, and has done tournament directing, posting charts, and spends many hours canvassing for PREVIEW ads, which helps promote the game of shuffleboard. Bob spends prime summertime hours overseeing shuffleboard play at the Clearwater Club, with his committee, for about 30 handicapped players, with which he has been involved for seven years. Bob was a member of the U.S. Team at the Internationals held in California in 1996. Bob Craig is devoted to shuffleboard and loves to teach beginners in learning the game. CONGRATULATIONS, Bob, on your nomination and induction into the FSA Hall of Fame.
Central District
CATHERINE McCREERY has dedicated a big part of her life to shuffleboard and has traveled to Australia, Japan, Zimbabwe and all over Canada, and from coast to coast in the U.S. promoting the game. She made Instant Pro in March 1978 at the Fun & Sun tournament, Clearwater, placing 4th in the main with partner Bena Comi. Catherine has placed 1St & 2nd ten times, 3rd eleven times, and 4th nine times - all in the main and numerous times in consolation. She played on the International team for Canada 15 times, in the Florida Masters in 1982 and 1993, placing a tie for 3rd both times. Also she has been on the Florida Roll of Champions five times. She won the Florida State Doubles, 1981, with Nyvla Tucker. To add to her winnings, she has accumulated 110 points in Ohio. She served as Canadian National President for 4 years, also as Vice President of the International Shuffleboard Association. She is a member of the International Shuffleboard Hall of Fame, also the National Hall of Fame. She has been playing for a number of years, but don’t count her out ... you’re going to see her on the circuit and you’d better be ready if you want to beat her because she is still an excellent player and well deserving of this honor. Congratulations, Catherine, on your induction into the FSA Hall of Fame Player Award.
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1999 HOF Awards 
El Rey - West Coast District
DAVE STOTT started playing shuffleboard in Florida in 1986, having retired in 1982 in Michigan from his occupation as a tool and die maker. He turned Pro in 1988. Taking the game very seriously, he accumulated 267 points in 11 years of play. He played on the International Team in 1990, had an outstanding 92-93 season, and was the leader of the Men’s Roll of Champions Point System. Dave played in 7 Masters, Florida Shuffleboard’s most prestigious tournament. He won the Florida State Singles twice, and the Florida State Doubles twice. He also won National Singles and Doubles. Dave and Gloria qualified to be inducted into the Florida and National Hall of Fame in the same year, 1999, the first husband-and-wife team to accomplish this honor in the same year! Congratulations, Dave, on your induction into the Florida and Nation­al Hall of Fame in 1999. Dave thanks all his partners for his success on the courts.
Bradenton - Southwest Coast District
JOAN WHEELER made instant Pro in 1989 at the National Doubles Tournament at Trailer Estates. She has placed 1st 36 times and lost in quarter finals 42 times. Joan played on the winning U.S.A. International Team in 1992 and was undefeated. She has been on the Roll of Champions for the past 8 years and has played in the Florida Masters the past 7 consecutive years and in the S.W. Coast District Masters 7 times. Joan has won the Florida State Singles once, the State Doubles twice, the National tournaments 4 times, Michigan State Doubles 4 times, and the North American Singles once. She has accumulated 394 lifetime Points in her shuffling career. The 1996-67 and 1998-89 seasons were Joan’s best, earning her 71 points each year. This is more points than any lady Pro since the 1978-79 season! Joan designed the Award of Excellence certificate which is presented to the Roll of Champions winners and the State Masters players. These have been awarded since 1993. The Bradenton Club logo was also designed by Joan. She has served on the S.W. Coast District Board as the State Delegate or Alternate since 1992. Congratulations, Joan on your induction into the Hall of Fame!
El Rey - West Coast District
GLORIA STOTT started playing shuffleboard in 1986 at El Rey Mobile Home Park. She made Pro in Oct. 1988. In her first year as Pro she and Jane Thomas made a strong team. Gloria also credits Pauline Kinney and Vicky Klym for helping her get started as a Pro. She would also like to thank all her partners for their support. She played on the International Team in 1990 and has been eligible for the Masters eight times. Gloria has accumulated 359 Points in 11 years. Congratulations, Gloria, on your induction into the Florida Hall of Fame. This summer Gloria Stott will be entering into the National Hall of Fame.
HERB THOMAS - Special Award
West Coast District
HERB THOMAS started to shuffle in 1986, caddying for his wife Jane, now deceased. He made State Amateur in 1990, Pro in 1991. Herb was elected 3rd Vice President in 1990, 1st Vice President 1991-93. and President in 1994-1996. He now serves as State Delegate for the West Coast District. Some of his other achievements are: 1991-92, Chairman, Hospitality International Tournament, Clearwater; 1994-5, Chairman, Hospitality, Masters Tournament, St. Petersburg, Captain, Associated League W.C., 1999. But his largest job is as Editor of our PREVIEW, for which he apprenticed under the tutelage of “Mr. Shuffleboard” himself, Willie Wolf. Herb took over as Editor in 1993. He enjoys putting in long hours, working with the printer and his associates to make our magazine the “tops” it is today. Herb was inducted to the Hall of Fame Special Award in 1999. Herb says, what an honor, and thanks to all of you.
PAUL PRESCOTT - President’s Award
Lakeland - Central District

PAUL PRESCOTT served as FSA President from March 1995 through March 1998. He became interested in shuffleboard while visiting his parents, Robert and Edith, both Pros in their own right. He soon became a fanatic. In 1989 he was the 3rd Vice President of the Central District. Paul served in that capacity for 2 years, then as 1st Vice President for an additional 2 years. In 1992 he became President of the Central District. Two weeks after he became President, the FSA President, the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents all resigned. At the request of the new FSA President Skip McCoy, Paul became FSA 1st Vice President. Paul Prescott is an accomplished player. He made Instant Pro at Trailer Estates in 1991 when he and Al Bolcato finished 1st. He has accumulated 204 Points in 9 years as a Pro, played in the Masters 3 times, and has been a Medal Winner in the Roll of Champions 7 times. During Paul’s tenure as President, a number of innovations have taken place. He selected individual with various management and leadership skills to perform the administrative duties in the FSA organization, the record keeping and finances were computerized, a FSA Web page was established, and many other innovations that Paul introduced. We congratulate him on his Presidents Award, a feat well earned!
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