1980 HOF Awards 

Northern District - Winter Haven
Carl worked hard before he retired and when he became interested in the game of shuffleboard this hard work carried over from his early days. Carl served his club, district and state in many offices. He enters the Hall of Fame as the 19th State President to serve the Florida Shuffleboard Association. He served for two years. A friend to all and served his office well.
West Coast District - Clearwater
Lefty started his shuffling back in Detroit where he became a top player at Palmer Park in the early 1950's. His first win in the state of Florida was 3rd place in the Winter National Singles open division in the 1958-59 season. Lefty is the only man player to enter the Hall of Fame that has placed in more single tournaments than doubles. A true sportsman and gentleman.
Southwest Coast District - Bradenton
Walt became Interested in the game in the 1960's. Played as an amateur and as a pro. Walt took on the lob of listing all the players points when the state took over the point system. He is now keeping these records up to date with a title of Keeper of Records. Served as State tournament Director for 3 seasons and a job he still holds.
Central District - Lakeland
Jason started playing the game in the early 1960's. He gives credit to his game to some of the old Pro players at Lakeland. He won his first Pro Tournament in the 1962-63 season where he placed 3rd in the Winter National Doubles. Win or lose, he is always having fun, which shows for good sportsmanship.
Southwest District - Bradenton
Art started playing in the Amateur Division and won his first Pro tournament in the 1965-66 season by placing 4th in the Winter National Doubles. A good worker as he is always willing to referee when asked. Sportsmanship is part of Art's game. Truly a fine gentleman on and off the courts.

1981 HOF Awards 

Trailer Estates Club - Southwest Coast District
Mildred started her shuffling with the Palmetto Club as a amateur. She placed in her first Pro tournament in the 1965-66 season by winning 4th place in the Winter Nationals with her husband Art. Mildred is a willing worker by keeping score or refereeing at her home Club or when away. Win or lose, Mildred is always wearing a smile.
Mirror Lake Club - West Coast District
Therese started her shuffling at the Little River Club. Moved from Amateur to Pro’s in a couple of years. Joined Mirror Lake Club in 1971 and started playing in the Pro division. In the 1971-72 season she placed 3rd in the Full Moon Singles for her first Pro win. Therese can be seen refereeing when not playing at most tournaments. Always has a good word for her fellow shufflers and is liked on and off the courts.  
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1982 HOF Awards

Mirror Lake Club - West Coast District
Lou started his shuffleboard career in the Central East Coast District in 1960. Moved to the West Coast District and the St. Petersburg area in 1966. He served his Club (Mirror Lake) as a Vice President in 1969-70-72-73. He then became President of the Club in 1974 and 1975. In his District, he served as National Delegate in 1970, President in 1971-72-73. He served the State Association as 2nd Vice President in 1974-75-76. 1st Vice President in 1977-78. Then as President for the 1979-80-81 seasons. Lou was and is one of the best promoters of the game of shuffleboard. Lou is known throughout the state as he attended most every Statewide tournament while he served his 3 years as State President. Liked by all for his humor and wit. The Hall of Fame honors him as the 20th President to serve the Florida Shuffleboard Association.
Pinerest Mobile Park - West Coast District
Henry was owner and manager of Pinerest Mobile Park. In 1940 he built Pinerest’s first shuffleboard court when a tenant in the park which gave him $100.00 to build the court. After the war Henry became interested in the Statewide tournaments. However, his first placement was in 1952 when he placed 1st in the Summer Nationals at Traverse City. His first win in Florida was in 1953 when he placed 4th in the Winter Nationals at Bradenton. He placed in 74 tournaments, 61 in doubles and 13 in singles. Also, played in the Masters 5 times. Henry is the only player to enter the Hall of Fame that has won 60 placements in doubles with the same partner. A good sportsman and truly a fine gentleman on and off the courts. This in turn has made him many shuffleboard friends. The Hall of Fame is proud to have Henry as one of it’s members.
1983 HOF Awards
Central District - Lakeland
Kate has a total of 242 points. She started playing as an Amateur in Avon Park, won the State Amateur Championship in December 1 971, was still an Amateur when the National event started in Century Village on the 18th of February 1972 in which she placed first. Eligible to play in Masters four times.
Central District - Lakeland

Adele Pearson was introduced to the game of shuffleboard in Winter Park, Florida in 1949. She didn’t get serious about the game until 1958 and entered several Amateur Tournaments. She soon became a Pro by coming in third at “Peabody” with her husband, Bob, as a partner. In November 1962, she came in 1st in the Kow Kapital Tournament in Kissimmee, Florida for her first win. After her husband retired, Adele entered almost every Statewide Tournament and her many wins and placements, plus good sportsmanship qualities, resulted in her induction into the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
West Coast District - St. Petersburg
Al has been active in shuffleboard since 1959 when he joined the Mirror Lake Club. Has been a hard worker for his Club and has done some playing of the game, but mostly his time has been with the referees and scorekeepers. He took charge of this duty for his Club in 1963. In 1968 he was appointed by the President of the District to serve as an assistant to the tournament director in all District as well as Statewide Tournaments held in the West Coast District. In 1971 he was appointed again to serve his District in this job, with the title of Chief Referee. A job he still holds with the same title. Al is fair in his calls on close discs and decisions he makes, when they have to be made are always just and fair. When others cannot get a referee or scorekeeper for a court, Al always seems to come up with someone. His hard work and fair calls have made him many friends in the shuffleboard tournaments. The West Coast District is proud of the hard work Al has done and is doing.
1984 HOF Awards
Charles joined the Little River, Miami Shuffleboard Club in 1970 and was successful in capturing the Singles Championship at Little River in 1971. He played his first State tournament in Lakeland in 1972 and immediately became a pro with his third-place win in the Full Moon Singles. Since 1972 he has played in all but 9 State tournaments, which has made for 11 enjoyable years of retirement. His most memorable tournaments are his 5-year Orlando wins with partner Lyle Wood, his 3-year Deland wins with partner Ken Worden, his 2 President’s Trophy wins with partners Theresa Charboneau and Mary Moore, and the Florida State Singles and Doubles wins in 1982, with Doubles partner Arnold Lundahl. He has also had the pleasure of playing in 8 Dunbar Masters. Charles recommends Shuffleboard to everyone as a stepping stone toward a longer and happier life.
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1985 HOF Awards

Bradenton Shuffleboard Club — Southwest District
Nylva started her shuffleboard play at the Bradenton Club in the middle 1960’s. Her first placement as a Pro came in the 1970-71 season when she placed 2nd in the Orlando Invitational Singles. Nylva has played in three Master tournaments. She has placed in 55 tournaments through the 1984 season. Her 1st place wins show only seven, but her record shows 24 2nd place wins. We also found that in Doubles, Nylva has placed with 18 different partners. A friend on and off the courts with all her fellow players, Nylva is always willing to give a helping hand when needed. We say, “Good luck in your shuffleboard play, Nylva,” and we are happy to have you as a member of the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
Lakeland Shuffleboard Club — Central District
Ken starting playing in the Amateur Division and moved up rather fast after a few Amateur wins. His first placement as a Pro was 4th place in the Nationals in 1973. In his 3rd season as a Pro he received enough points to play in the Masters in 1973. In 12 years as a Pro, Ken has played in the Masters eight times. 64 placements were made in these years of play, with a total of 24 first placements. These records are through the 1984 season. Ken also served his District as a Vice President to the Florida Shuffleboard Association and is now their President. Sportsmanship is always part of shuffleboard and we can truly say that Ken rates high in this category. Always a good word to his fellow players, referees, and score keepers, he never leaves a tournament without thanking the Tournament Director. We are proud to have you, Ken, as a member of the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
Vero Beach Shuffleboard Club — Northern District
George became interested in the game of shuffleboard when he moved to Florida in 1957 and joined the Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club. He served the Central District as President of several Mobile Home Shuffleboard Clubs. In 1971 he was elected as 1st Vice President of the Central District, an office he held for three years. 1974, moving up to President of the Central District, again holding the position for three years. 1977-78 saw George as President of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club and also as 2nd Vice President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association. In 1979 George moved to Vero Beach in the Northern District. He served 1980 as President of the Vero Beach Shuffleboard Club, and 1979-80-81 as 1st Vice President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.1982-83-84, George served as the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s 21st President. When we speak the name President, George Jackson has held this title for more years than any one in the Hall of Fame. So, Mr. Past President, we are proud to have you as a member of our Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

1986 HOF Awards 

Central East Coast District - Ft. Pierce
Betty started her shuffleboard playing in the Amateurs in the early 1970’s. In the 1973-74 season Betty won 1t place in the Florida State Amateur Doubles. This in turn got Betty interested in tournament play. The following year she entered the Florida State Pro Doubles being played at Boynton Beach. Betty placed 3rd in that tournament, making her an instant Pro. In her 3rd season as a Pro, Betty received enough points to be eligible to play in the Master’s where she won 5th place. She has played in the Master’s six times. Betty has placed in 59 tournaments through the 1985-86 season, with a total of 14 first placements. Betty is generally wearing a smile and is a willing worker in helping to keep score. We welcome you, Betty, as a member of the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
Central District - Lakeland
Virginia became interested in the game of shuffleboard in the early 1970’s after retiring and moving to Florida for the winter months. She played in the Amateur Doubles with her husband Ken. Virginia tells that Ken started to play golf and she talked him out of the game so they could play the game of shuffleboard in Michigan. Virginia moved to Pro on points and shuffleboard as a team. In the summer months they play placed 4th in the Don Grace Tournament as her first placement as a Pro. Virginia has placed in 60 tournaments through the 1984-85 season; 6 first-place wins in singles and 11 first placements in doubles. Always willing to help out as a scorekeeper and willing worker in her home club, she always has a good word to all the players, win or lose. We are happy, Virginia, that you have been inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
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1987 HOF Awards
West Coast District - Sunset Mobile

Howard was a great promoter of the game of shuffleboard, a game he really enjoyed. He served his District as 1st Vice President in 1976 and again in 1977. He then was elected President of the District, a position he held for three years 1978-79-80. In 1981 Howard served as Alternate State Delegate. He then was elected by the Florida State Shuffleboard Association as their 2nd Vice President in 1982; he was then elected in 1983 and again in 1984 as their 1st Vice President. At the Annual meeting held in Lakeland, Howard was elected as President to the Florida State Association for the 1985-86 season. He was again elected to President at the Annual meeting at Clearwater, but had to resign between the time he was elected and the March meeting. The year that Howard served as President of the F.S.A. he made a lot of friends and was liked by all. His plaque was presented to him October 28th, just one half hour before he passed away. We are saddened by the loss of this great man, but happy to have him as a member of the Florida State Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
DAVID L. SPENCER - Special Award
Clearwater - West Coast District
Dave joined the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club in 1970. He was elected to Club treasurer in 1971; served on the Board of Directors in 1972; elected as Club President in 1973 and served two years. He served again on the Board of Directors in 1977; elected to serve as Treasurer in 1978. Dave was elected as State Delegate from the West Coast District in 1975 and held this office for three years. While a State Delegate he served on the Tournament Regulations Committee in 1975-78; was Chairman of this committee in 1977. Dave served as Alternate Delegate for two years. He served his District as District Tournament Director from 1980 thru 1982, and was appointed State Tournament Director in 1982-83-84-85-86. He directed many tournaments in the District and has also been asked to direct many Statewide tournaments outside his District. Dave has made a lot of friends over his short term as State Director. He always has the time for those that want to know how to interpret the rules.   He is fair in every way in his calls and never breaks the rules set up by the State Association. We are happy to have you, Dave, as a member of the State Shuffleboard Hall of Fame Special Award.
Clearwater - West Coast District
Helen began her shuffleboard playing in the late 60’s when she played as an Amateur, winning several tournaments in the Amateur division. Her first Pro placement was in the 1972-73 season, when she placed 4th in the General Telephone Company Singles tournament. Winning in singles as first Pro placement got Helen off to a good start and she was ready to take on any and everyone. Her record shows that she placed in 52 tournaments 11 of these were in the singles, 3 placements in the FSA. Singles, and once in the F.S.A. Doubles. She had 12 1st places, 10 2nd places, 19 3rd places, and 11 4th places. Helen also played in the MASTERS three times. Helen is a willing worker in her Club and is always willing to keep score when playing outside her Club. Helen, we are happy to have you as a member of the Florida State Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
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1988 HOF Awards

JOHN “Jack” CLUGSTONE - Special Award
Ft. Pierce — Central East Coast District
Jack Clugstone got started in shuffleboard when he joined the Ft Pierce Shuffleboard Club in 1970. In 1971, he was elected to serve the club as President, an office he held for three years. He then served for two years on the Executive Board. In 1972, Jack was elected from the CECD as their State Alternate Delegate, an office he held for two years. In 1975, he was elected President of the District, an office he held for three years. Jack organized the Northern League and became the first active Pro in the CECD. He was also instrumental in getting the first Statewide Tournament to the District - the Indian River Doubles. He again served on the FSA Board from his District as State Delegate in 1978-79-80. Because of Jack’s almost constant encouragement, urging, promotional spirit, and support of the game of shuffleboard in the District and State during the ten years of his activity,  he saw the CECD prosper. Declining health caused Jack to discontinue his shuffleboard activities in 1982. He is a very worthy candidate to the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame SPECIAL AWARD.
Hollywood M.P. — West Coast District
Hans Streib started playing shutfieboard in the Amateur Division. In the 1975-76 season, we see that he won a first place as a District Amateur. His second win was playing n a State Amateur and Pro District tournament, again winning first place. He then entered the Tom Bouldin Pro Doubles Tournament and came in third. This made Hans an instant Pro. In one year he moved from District to State Amateur and then to instant Pro. His second year he placed once in Doubles and twice in Singles, with one of the Singles being the Florida the State playing in the Open Division. In Hans' third year he was off and running and had enough points to play in the Masters, which he did for the next three years. Hans has a record that has yet to be beaten by any other man player, by winning 18 and losing but 3 games in the Masters. His record shows: 16 Singles placements and 26 Doubles; three first place wins in the Masters and a seventh. Hans is a kitchen player and this is really his game. You will see him down on the board whether he is ahead or behind. Win or lose, he is wearing a smile and you can see he is enjoying himself and the game. We are happy to have Hans Streib as a member of the Florida State Shuffleboard HALL OF FAME.
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1989 HOF Awards 

Ish joins the exclusive ranks of Hall of Fame members in tribute to his three years as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association and numerous years as Vice President. In addition to his dedication to progress in shuffleboard as the organization’s No. 1 officer, Ish has made many additional contributions to our game, among them his three years as President of the Northern District and also as Vice President in that district. Ish has always executed the duties of his office with knowledgeable expertise and was a capable and energetic worker for his home club, his district, and the parent organization as well. Ish also supplemented his administrative talents as a player and can boast of winning first place in the State-sponsored Pro Singles (Closed Division) at Ft. Pierce, as well as other placements in additional tournaments. Always a good sport, and ever a competitor, Ish can truly be said to have been a credit to the sport of shuffleboard. Nor were his contributions limited to Florida, as Ish was a key figure in North Carolina shuffleboard for many years. Ish Crawford is a welcomed addition to our honored membership in the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
Mt. Dora - Northern District
‘Charlie” is a member of the Mt. Dora Club in the Northern District since the late ‘60. His first win in the Pro Division was at Mid-Florida Lakes, a 2nd in the doubles. Later he placed first in the President’s Trophy Mixed Doubles at Peabody, Daytona. He won twice more the following year, a 4th and a 1st in the Florida State Open Singles. First place was no stranger to Charlie from that time on, as he was a dominant figure on the Florida Pro scene. This included Masters competition. By the conclusion of the 1986-87 season he had amassed a total of 345 points! His most phenomenal season was in 1983-84 when he totalled 68 points and the most awesome was the fact that ALL of his wins (9 of them) were for 1st place! Four of them were in doubles and five were in singles, and he closed out the season with 1st place in the Masters as well. Charlie achieved a coveted Masters berth five times, winning that event twice and placing high the other times. He has limited his court appearances in recent years because of problems with exposure to our hot Florida sun. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Charlie in seasons to come.
Ft. Pierce - Central East Coast District
Frank started his shuffleboard career in the early 70’s in the Southeast Coast District. He quickly established himself as an opponent to be reckoned with on the courts. In 1973 he won a third place at Ft. Myers to become an Instant Pro. In his fifteen years as a Pro player, Frank has been on the Roll of Champions evety single year! He has been a Masters player three times and has placed a total of 57 times in tournaments through the 1987-88 season, with a total of 17 first-place finishes. One of his most rewarding victories was first place in the ‘88 Masters at Ft. Pierce, his present home club. Frank won first place in the State Pro Singles for two consecutive years, 1988 and 1989. Living on the east coast entailed endless miles of driving to and from tournaments and often leaving home at 4 a.m. to attend was not uncommon. Fog, rain, and traffic were frequent deterrents, but his desire and dedication to the game was paramount. Frank maintains that he has been the pleased recipient of years of enjoyment and satisfaction playing and competing in tournaments, with the rewards far exceeding the many hardships. Exclusive of the 1988-89 season, Frank had a total of 233 points when nominated and he has added to that total since.
Lakeland - Central District
Mary has been involved in shuffleboard since the mid-60’s. She was a constant winner in local League play and thus became interested in tournament play. She became an Instant Pro at Clearwater in the Fun ‘N Sun event in 1971, taking 3rd place. Between 1971 and 1986, her playing record includes eleven 1st places, eighteen 2nds, thirteen 3rds, and eight 4ths in tournament place. Mary was in the Masters 4 times, tying for 1st place twice and tying for 3rd place the other two times. She has served her home clubs well. While at Clearwater, Mary was very active, teaching the game, by writing shuffleboard articles for the Clearwater Sun and the St. Petersburg Times, and also as a Club Officer. She served as the Club Secretary and also as Treasurer. Since moving to Lakeland, she has again become involved. Mary has been Treasurer of that club and is currently Assistant Treasurer. Her point total on Florida’s all-time list is 243, which qualified her for Hall of Fame honors. Mary Moore always brought along her genial smile and friendly nature when in shuffleboard competition, and was ever a worthy and welcome opponent!

Southwest Coast District
Just about everyone who is involved in tournament shuffleboard play knows R. H. “Dick” Roby. He’s directed hundreds of tournaments since 1976 and has been the Southwest Coast Disrtict Tournament Director since 1983. Dick is noted for his firm, fair, and expedient handling of al the events he conducts. One of his lesser known talents is Dick’s expertise as a player. He completed on the tournament circuit for 18 years, and the all-time point list shows he earned 172 for his efforts. Doubtless he would have easily reached the coveted 200 point level had he continued on as a player instead of turning his attention to the handling of tournaments. However, he did achieve a total of 42 Main Event placements, a fair share of which were singles. He was appointed as State Tournament Director in 1988 upon the retirement of Dave Spencer, and currently has been named to continue on in this capacity as one of the State Co-Directors by President Wes Marousch. In the Southwest Coast District, Dick succeeded Walt Wollemon, carrying on the tradition of great tournament personnel in that district. Dick Roby has devoted much time and effort toward furthering the best interests of Florida shuffleboard.

Clearwater - West Coast District
The Lentsch’s have been active in shuffling for many, many years. As players, Winnie has 72 points and Rollie has 75 points, which attests to their prowess on the courts as tournament players. However, their main claim to fame in shuffleboard is as tournament sponsors. They sponsored their first event in 1977, with the Lentsch’s All-Star Tournament, which included the same point allotments as the National event it replaced. Winnie and Rollie brought the President’s Mixed Doubles Trophy Tournament to Clearwater in 1978-9, adding an amateur division to it. For the 1981-82 season they also garnered the Tournament of Champions to their Clearwater Club from Winter Park. The Lentsch’s have been sponsoring Center Spread tournaments for the past 11 years. In addition to their tournament sponsorships, both have been active in their club’s affairs. Rollie served as Clearwater’s Vice President and later as the club’s President. He was also State Delegate for the West Coast District as well. Winnie has also been very active in the club’s affairs. She has served in many capacities, the most significant being in the club’s kitchen for all tournaments hosted there for many years. Both Winnie and Rollie Lentsch deserve this honor of Hall of Fame Special Award.
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